PokePark 3: Weirdamageddon Is A Upcoming Game Released By Disney Interactive Studios And licensed by Nintendo Game Freak And Creatures Inc. The Game Will take place 3 months after the events of PokePark 2 Wonders Beyond. the portal that was made by a old,but smart Pikachu (not the pikachu in the previous game)

Bill physical form

was dismantled and a Rift was made. A Day Later Bill Cipher Possesed Blendin Blandin In order to get the Rift. Pichu Trusted Blendin(Possesed By Bill.) and Bill-Blendin Took Off His Goggles and Revealed Himself, And unpossesed Blendin. A WeirdaMageddon 2 Happened. The Gang (Lead By Pikachu from The 1st 2 PokePark Games) Are trapped in a Shadow Realm. It's Up To You (playing as Pikachu) to save earth from Bill (NOTE: Warren Spector, The Producer for Epic Mickey Confirmed this is a 2D Platformer NOT A 3D Adventure Game.)


  • The game is based off of "Weirdmaggedon", the 3-part series finale of Gravity Falls.
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