Pokémon Fire and Pokémon Ice are two primary paired Pokémon main games for the Nintendo 3DS. Fire and Ice follow the traditional trend of
Pokemon Fire
Pokemon Ice
starting with two characters. a male, and a female. The player travels around a new region inspired by Texas, New Mexico, and parts of Mexico called Texanus. This region features more than one hundred sixty two new Pokémon, along with Pokémon from previous instalments. They are the 7th generation of games. The Evil Team is Team Brawl, whose chief, Lord Blade, possesses the Swords of Justice, and Mega Lucario. The player can at last ride Pokemon from their team.

List of Pokémon


Magamare (fire-type)

volcono (fire/Rock-type) Evolves from Magamare

Cubush (Grass-Type)

Tigrass (Grass/Dark-Type) Evolves from Cubush

Jungliger (Grass/Dark-Type) Evolves from Tigrass

Mousear (Fire-Type)

Squirrefire (Fire/Fairy-Type) Evolves from Mousear

Capyburn (Fire/Fairy-Type) Evolves from Squirrefire

Drippo (Water-Type)

Hydrippo (Water/Ground-Type) Evolves from Drippo

Dripotamus (Water/Ground-Type) Evolves from Hydrippo


Merlire (Fire/Psychic-Type) Mascot of Pokemon Fire. Flame Body Ability

Merlice (Ice/Psychic-Type)) Mascot of Pokemon Ice. Ice Body Ability

Merlectric Electric/Psychic-Type) Volt Absorb Ability

Kingnob (Steel/Fighting-Type) Justified Ability. Can form a union with either Excaliburn or Icecalibur and Nobsteed.

Nobsteed (Steel-Type) Speed Boost Ability.Comes with the Key Item, Union Saddle.

Excaliburn (Fighting/Fire-Type) Flame Body Ability (Exclusive to Pokemon Fire). Comes with the Key Item, Union Gauntlet Fire.

Icecalibur (Fighting/Ice-Type) Ice Body Ability (Exclusive to Pokemon Ice). Comes with the Key Item, Union Gauntlet Ice.

Griffodin (Fairy/Flying-Type) Fairy Aura Ability

Minothor (Electric/Fighting-Type) Lightning Rod Ability

Leoki (Psychic/Dark-Type) Dark Aura Ability

Regisoil (Ground-Type) Sand Stream Ability

Regisoar (Flying-Type) Air Lock Ability

Regisear (Fire-Type) Drought Ability

Regisplash (Water-Type) Drizzle Ability

Regishine (Fairy-Type) Fairy Aura Ability

Regivoid (Dark-Type) Dark Aura Ability

Fossil Legendaries (a series first!)

Tyranizeus (Rock/Electric-Type) Volt Absorb Ability

Brachades (Rock/Dark-Type) Dark Aura Ability

Paraseidon (Rock/Water-Type) Water Absorb Ability

Mythical Legendaries


Blizzardus (Ice/Flying-Type) (Has 2 Fromes: Inacrnate Forme, and Therian Forme.) Snow Cloak Ability (Incarnate Forme) Ice Body Ability (Mega Incarnate Forme) Ice Body Ability (Therian Forme) Snow Warning (Mega Therian Forme) NOTE: His Therian Forme resembles a turtle.

Omegolem (Rock/Ground-Type) - Sturdy Ability

Venomobius (Poison-Type) Poison Touch Ability

Skullord (Ground/Ghost-Type) Pressure Ability

Draculus (Has 2 Fromes: Vampire Forme, Dark-Type, and Bat Forme, Dark/Flying-Type) Cursed Body (Both Formes)


Stegolem (Rock/Dragon-Type) Sturdy Ability

Stegomega (Rock/Dragon-Type) Evolves from Stegolem. Sturdy Ability


Zaptor (Rock/Electric-Type) Speed Boost Ability

Velozaptor (Rock/Electric-Type) Evolves from Zaptor. Speed Boost Ability


Petrikid (Rock/Ground_Tpye) Sturdy Ability. Can be Ridden. HT: 30'06" WT: 2204.0 lbs.

Collosteel (Steel/Ground Type) Sturdy Ability. Can be Ridden. HT: 55'11"


WT: 8816.0 lbs.

Yakride (Normal-Type) Moxie Ability (can be ridden.) HT: 7'03" WT: 506.2 lbs.

Veyakle (Normal Type) Moxie Ability (can be ridden.) HT: 8'05" WT: 724.5 lbs

Doquadrio (Normal/Flying-Type Dodrio Evolution) Same Abilities as Dodrio (Can be Ridden.) HT: 9'02" WT: 857.4 lbs.

Pegasear (Fire/Flying-Type Rapidash Evolution) (Can be Ridden.) Same Abilities as Rapidash. HT: 7'05" WT: 653.7 lb.

Taurtank (Normal-Type Tauros and Miltank Evolution) Cute Charm Ability

Gigaphan (Ground-Type Donphan Evolution) Same Abilities as Donphan (Can be Ridden) HT:6'11" WT: 925.1 lbs.

Carnabully (Fairy/Dark-Type Granbull Evolution) Same Abilities as Granbull

Gargoliath (Dragon/Rock-Type Druddigon Evolution) Same Abilities as Druddigon

Gurilasage (Grass/Fighting-Type Simisage Evolution) Overgrowth Ability

Gurilasear (Fire/Fighting-Type Simisear Evolution) Blaze Ability

Gurilapour (Water/Fighting-Type Simipour Evolution) Torrent Ability

Mega Evolutions

Mega Cresselia (Psychic/Fairy-Type) Fairy Aura Ability

Mega Darkrai (Dark/Ghost-Type) Dark Aura Ability

Mega Regigigas (Normal-Type) Huge Power Ability

Mega Regirock (Rock-Type) Regenerator Ability

Mega Regice (Ice-Type) Magic Guard Ability

Mega Registeel (Steel-Type) Filter Ability

Mega Tornadus (Flying Type) Speed Boost Ability (Incarnate Forme) Cloud Nine Ability (Therian Forme)

Mega Thundurus (Electric/Flying-Type) Static Ability (Incarnate Forme) Volt Absorb (Therian Forme)

Mega Landorus (Ground/Flying-Type) Sand Rush Ability (Incarnate Forme) Sand Stream Ability (Therian Forme)

Mega Lugia (Water/Dragon-Type) Drizzle Ability

Mega Tyrantrum

Mega Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon-Type) Moxie Ability (He and normal Tyrantrum can be Ridden throughout the region.) HT: 12'02" WT: 1507.5 lbs.

Mega Wailord (Water-Type) Water Absorb Ability. HT: 50'05" WT: 6612.0 lbs,

Mega Haxorus (Dragon/Fighting-Type) Moxie Ability

Mega Slaking (Normal-Type) Slow Start Ability

Mega Rampardos (Rock/Dragon-Type) Rock Head Ability

Mega Marowak (Ground/Ghost-Type) Intimidate Ability

Mega Braviary (Fighting/Flying-Type) Moxie Ability

Mega Mandibuzz (Dark/Flying-Type) Speed Boost Ability

Mega Hariyama (Fighting/Ground-Type) Huge Power Ability

Mega Dusknoir (Ghost/Dark-Type) Insomnia Ability

Mega Zoroark (Dark-Type) - Imposter Ability

Mega Collosteel (Steel/Ground-Type) Heavy Metal Ability (He and normal Collosteel can be Ridden throughout the region.) HT: 99'11" WT: 9999.9 lbs.

Mega Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon-Type) - Pure Power Ability

Mega Golurk (Steel/Fighting-Type) Iron Fist Ability

Mega Liepard (Dark/Ghost-Type) Shadow Tag Ability

Mega Stoutland (Normal-Type) Moxie Ability

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