Pokémon 2: Ultra Beta and Ultra Gamma(known internationally as Pokémon 2: A Adventures in Puccali) is an upcoming American-Japanese-Mexican computer-animated action adventure fantasy comedy-drama film. It is directed by Craig McCracken, the film is being written by Jorge R. Gutierrez and Adrian Molina. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, with animation by Ánima Estudios. Featuring the reprised roles of Owl City, Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Danny DeVito, Tina Fey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Gordon, Anna Faris, Jenny Slate, Dee Bradley Baker, Demi Lovato, Anton Starkman, Jessie J, Jason Ritter, Margot Robbie, Jack McBrayer, Mariel Sheets, Emma Stone, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Rosie Reyes, Jessica Paquet and Marc Swint, It is the forth installment in the Pokémon film seriesfranchise and the sequel to Pokémon We Choose You!(2019), it will be released in cinemas on December 13, 2021 by Columbia Pictures,


Spanish Cast

  • Alejandro Urbán as Ash Ketchum
    • Miguel Ángel Leal as a 10-years-old Ash Ketchum
  • Gabriel Gama as Brock
  • Patricia Hannidez as Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother.
  • Xóchitl Ugarte as Misty
  • Danny DeVito as Pikachu
  • Diana Pérez as Jessie
  • José Antonio Macías as James
  • Gerardo Vásquez as Meowth
  • Mildred Barrera as Nurse Joy
  • Claudia Contreras as Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy's best friend.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Popplio
  • Mariana Ortiz as May
  • José Juan Hernández as Max, Bonnie's boyfriend.
  • Leyla Rangel as Dawn
  • Bruno Coronel as Cilan
  • Susana Moreno as Iris
  • Verania Ortiz as Serena, Ash's love interset.
  • Moisés Iván Mora as Clemont, Bonnie's brother.
  • Jocelyn Robles as Bonnie, Clemont's sister and Max's girlfriend.
  • Jennifer Medel as Lillie
  • Karla Vega as Sophocles
  • Pamela Cruz as Lana
  • Araceli Romero as Mallow
  • Kristoffer Romo as Kiawe
  • Daniel Lacy as Professor Kukui
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