Plush Angry Birds: Reborn, or PAB: R is a continuation of the Plush Angry Birds YouTube series after the creator, MarioManDX discontiued it. The new series will be made by sullyfilmsproduction, and will launch December 2012. It is also the second and third seasons of the show.

Plush Angry Birds: Reborn
Will air on: YouTube
Launch Date December 27
No. of episodes 16 (comfirmed) 22 (uncomfirmed)
No. of seasons 2

All Hail Mustache
The Ice Bird
So Much for Stealth
Fear the King!
This Red, That Red
What the Heck, Bird?
A Bad Piggie Suprize!
Angry Birds the Series/Plush Angry Birds: Worlds Collide! (Special)
Bomb is Missing!
Day of the Green Pigs!
The Great Pig Pursuit!
All Hail Helmet!
The Reign of Helmet, pt.1
The Reign of Helmet, pt.2
Angry Space
The Pig Bang!
King Pig's Secret Bird Guide (non-episode)

List of Plush Angry Birds: Reborn episodes

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