PVZH (Netflix)
Plants vs Zombies Heroes (Netflix Original)
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Number of episodes: 45
First episode: Pilot: Heroes' Origins
Last episode: Gnome's Last Stand (Part 2)
Intro: The Hero Song
Adapted from: Plants vs Zombies Heroes (Mobile Game)
Original airing: July 15th, 2023
Producer PopCap
Author: TBA
Production Order


When a world-wide explosion turns plants and zombies into superheroes, it's gonna be quite a mess!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is a Netflix Original based off of the mobile card game of the same name. The story and characters remain the same, but the later seasons focus on Plants and Zombies doing things in their lives not involving fighting each other.


Similar to the game, Dr. Zomboss creates the Zombot Hero-Tron 5000 that turns a simple Browncoat into Super Brainz. However, Zomboss accidentally presses a button in his victory, that causes the transformation to span across the whole world, transforming all plants and zombies, which in turn, makes them fight each other more. After a victory from the plants, Zomboss retreats to regroup his heroes. Meanwhile, the Agents of LEAF decide to let Green Shadow be in charge, and its up to her to lead her new squad of superheroes to make sure the zombies don't get their way.


List of PVZ Heroes (Netflix Original) Characters


In Season 1, there are 10 episodes, all about 15 minutes long. Each episode is half Plant, half Zombie, and it's all about the 20 comic book cutscenes in the game, 10 Plant comics, and 10 Zombies comics.

In Season 2, instead of fighting, the Plants and Zombies are doing everyday things, and having their own problems, before they're needed for a mission. There are still 10 episodes, both split in half between Plants and Zombies. However, the last two episodes are combined, which makes it an almost 30 minute long movie.

In Season 3, the Plants and Zombies are back at fighting again, with 20 new comic books of their fights. It has 10 episodes as usual.

In Season 4, it's a slow day yet again, as the two teams are yet again faced with dilemmas of their own, while they wait for that alarm to go off. Has 10 episodes like before.

In Season 5, things take a turn, when out of nowhere, the Gnomes from Infinity Time attack, and now Plants and Zombies eventually work together to defeat the Gnome King. There are now only 5 episodes, with the last two, again, combining as a two-parter.


List of PVZ Heroes (Netflix Original) Episodes

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