Pinocchio is 2019 live-action remake, fantasy, adventure and it is based on 1940's Pinocchio. It is being released on March 13, 2019.

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Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who is created by Geppetto and wishes to be a real boy. To become a real boy, he needs to be brave and unselfish by the help of The Blue Fairy and a cricket named Jiminy Cricket to become a real boy. As he starting to be brave and unselfish, he is going to get a lot of trouble by a con artist fox named Honest John and a cat named Gideon and along with Stromboli, Lampwick and the evil Coachman.


Nathan Mack as Pinocchio

Matthew McConaughey as Jiminy Cricket

George Clooney as Geppetto

Joe Pesci as Honest John

John Leguizamo as Gideon

Neel Sethi as Lampwick

Martin Short as Stromboli

Kate Hudson as The Blue Fairy


When You Wish Upon A Star Opening Theme By Matthew McConaughey

My Little Wooden Head By George Clooney

Give A Little Whistle By Matthew McConaughey and Nathan Mack

High Diddly Dee By Joe Pesci and John Leguizamo

I've Got No Strings On Me Sung By Nathan Mack

What Have I Done Sung By Nathan Mack and Matthew McConaughey

When You Wish Upon A Star Closing Theme By Matthew McConaughey and Nathan Mack

When You Wish Upon A Star Pop Version By Hayden Panettiere And Jesse McCartney


Trailer currently unavailable


  • There will be old and new songs from the 1940's Pinocchio and in 2019's Pinocchio


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