Pikmin II is a Japanese anime film.


Captain Olimar's company, Hocotate Freight, is left with a debt of 10,100 pokos. Now Olimar returns to the Pikmin planet to find treasure that could save his company from going out of business.


Japanese Voice English Voice Character Description
Kazumi Totaka James Franco Captain Olimar An astronaut who lands on a planet full of Pikmin.
Kazumi Totaka  ? Louie Olimar's co-worker at Hocotate Freight.
 ?  ? The President The owner of Hocotate Freight.

Plot Elements

  • Hocotate Freight is in a 10,100 poko debt.
  • Louie, Captain Olimar's co-worker, lost a shipment of golden pikpik brand carrots to a space rabbit.
  • Olimar and Louie decide to go back to the Pikmin to search for treasure to pay of the debt.
  • Olimar uses the Pikmin to help him find the treasure.
  • Olimar and Louie finds lots of treasure, paying off the debt.


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