Pikmin 2 is the 2021 computer-generated animated comedy action nature film that is released on July 5, 2021. It was directed once again by Chris Wedge. It was a sequel to the 2018 film, Pikmin


  • Bill Hader as Captain Olmar
  • Samuel Vincent as Captain Alph
  • Ellie Gouldng as Brittany
  • Bill Nighy as Pikmin Charlie
  • Tom Kenny as Bulbmins
  • Chris Wedge and Kelly Clarkson as Pikmins
  • Drake as Lord Nimblub.
  • Kevin James as Snap Kill - the main antatongist
  • Russell Brand as Lord Bulborb
  • Nelly as Disco Bulborb


Pikmin 3, Pikmin 4 and Pikmin: Last Adventure are the sequels.ikmin 3 releases in August 6, 2021

Pikmin 4 releases in August 2023

Pikmin 5 (final installment) releases in September 2026


  • Kelly Clarkson's song, Letting it Grow, will play during the credits
  • The instrumental of Goodbye by Glenn Morrison makes a appearences in this sequel.
  • This is another film to have the Sony Pictures Animation logo to still be shown after the Columbia Pictures logo and just before the Nintendo logo.
  • Again, Bill Hader plays Captain Olimar and Samuel Vincent plays Captain Alph.
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