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  • Winnie the Pooh, a bear
  • Tigger, a forest tiger
  • Darby, a person
  • Piglet, a little piggy


Pooh was 'Where are you going?'

Piglet said 'I am going to find some banana´s!!!!!'

They had been at it since they had woken up. Piglet had stayed over at Pooh after the birthday party on the previous night, and now the two friends were getting ready for breakfast - but 'Oh, no!' Piglet always had bananas for breakfast, and Pooh did not have any, as a matter of fact all he had for breakfast was honey. Yummy!!!

So they were arguing whether to go get some banana´s or not. Kanga went by and saw the two friends through Pooh´s house window. Kanga was 'What are you doing?' and the two friends explained the banana situation. Kanga said 'I wish I could help, but us kangaroos do not eat banana´s and we have already eaten today.' Pooh was 'Look, we only want to have breakfast!!' As the three of them continue to argue, Tigger went by the window and saw his friends 'May I join in your moving?' Everyone said 'Nooooooo!!!!' and Tigger ran away scared, thinking that his friends had lost their minds.

Darby, the last component of the Super Sleuths, went by and saw the scene developing. She quickly went home and got some banana´s for everyone, then hung them from a tree in front of Pooh´s house so that all could see them. Pooh was 'What are you doing?' Darby said 'If you want to get banana´s the three of you will need to work together!' and pointed up to the three there the banana´s were hung from. Piglet, Pooh and Kanga could not believe it - Darby had some banana´s but she did not give it to them. So the three of them worked together, first Kanga jumped up with Pooh and Piglet on her back, so that they could get to one of the lowest branches. Kanga said 'Are you safe up doing?'

Pooh put a rope around Piglet and threw him to the top branch where Darby had hung the bananas from, and they were able to tree Darby was 'Yes, l have to together!'