Photo Dojo 3D Tour is the followup to the Nintendo DSi game, Photo Dojo. The game features new editing features, a stage builder, and Streetpass.


.Dojo Mode: In Dojo Mode, you set how many enemy waves you want and take them down.

.Create Fighter: Here is where you make fighters.

.Create Stage: Here is where you make stages.

.Challenge Opponents: Send out a Streetpass signal. If any fighters are in range, you get to fight them! There is also an additional button on the touch screen to call for backup, where another one of your fighters help you temporarily. You can only use this 3 times per match. At the end of the match, you can report or save that person's fighter so you can battle them later.

.Tour Mode: Battle opponents from all over the world via Wi-Fi! The stage depends on the opposing player's country.

New Editing Features:

.Cut: You can cut out backgrounds from fighters.

.Import: You can import images or sounds from your 3DS into a fighter.

.Video: Your fighter's pose and victory stance can be an animated video, but you cannot cut out the background.

.Stage Builder: Add platforms, enemies, or obstacles from various Nintendo games into your stage.

Fighter Capacity:







Download Stages:

Players could download stages from their friend's cartridges via Download Play

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