Persona Journey is a Japanese [genre] anime based on the Persona series, being developed by TBD. It is produced by TMS Entertainment and it will premiere on Fuji Television on [late] 2020.

An English dub is produced by Viz Media and it will premiere on Adult Swim on TBD 2021.


Set in the famous Avalon Academy, a young student learns of Personas and forms a group of "knights" with the purpose of protecting everyone from a strange and mysterious conspiracy.



  • Hiro Okana/Arthur (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - a teenager who learns about the world of Personas and forms the "Knights of Avalon" to protect his city. He is known as the Fool Arcana.
    • Beowulf - a physical based Persona who is named after the hero knight Beowulf.
    • Odysseus - a fire based Persona who is named after the legendary hero in Greece.
    • Pecos Bill - a gun based Persona who is named after the legendary cowboy of the same name.
    • Helsing - a psychokinetic based Persona who is named after the vampire slayer Van Helsing.
    • Baldur - an ice based persona who is named after the Norse god Baldur.
    • Baron Samedi - a support based persona who is named after the Hawaiian figure of death.
  • Eren Arai/Lancelot (voiced by Xanthe Huynh) - a very friendly teenager who eagerly joins the Knights of Avalon earning the codename of Lancelot. She is known as the Lover Arcana.
    • Rosie - an electricity based Persoba who is named after Rosie the Riveter.
  • Fenrir/Merlin (voiced by Patrick Seitz) - an elderly wolf-like spirit who guides Hiro, as a result gaining the codename Merlin. He is known as the Emperor Arcana.
    • Hound - a bless based persona who is named after the Hound of Baskerville.
  • Manzo Nitta/Percival (voiced by Robbie Daymond) - a highly flamboyant student who once got everything he wanted and is now trying to redeem himself. He is known as the Tower Arcana.
    • Tartuffe - a curse based persona who is named after the con artist in the titular play.
  • Rin Okana/Gawain (voiced by Cindy Robinson) - Hiro's younger sister who is usually very happy and giddy. She is known as the Star Arcana.
  • Yuna Sawai/Galahad (voiced by Veronica Taylor) - a student who is the head of the cheerleading squad yet doesn't find herself to be perfect, like a cheerleader should be, being convinced by Hiro to join the Knights. She is known as the Empress Arcana.


  • Igor (voiced by Kirk Thornton) - the person in charge of the Velvet Room who TBD.
    • [assistant, female, gimmick ideas] (voiced by TBD) - TBD


  • Manitou (voiced by DC Douglas) - a demonic entity who claims to be the spirit of nature wanting to have humanity perish and to form a new order.
  • The Order of Manitou, consisting of:
    • Mari Nomoyo (voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) - a known humanitarian and social rights activist who one day goes insane from having a vision of Manitou forming a cult worshipping it.
    • Furitsu Nomoyo/Mordred (voiced by Quinton Flynn) - Hiro's best friend who was the first person who joined his Knights as Mordred before revealing himself to be Mari's son and partner. Before his betrayal, he was the Magician Arcana.
      • [fictional/historical traitor for his persona]



  • This is the first Persona anime to not be based on a game.
  • The series has Arthurian theming.
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