Persona 4: Spirits In Pixels is the new DLC expansion for Persona 4 Golden. It is a complete overhaul of the game's Epilogue, and the prologue to the new game, Persona: World and Judgement.


The infamous phenomenon returns to brings back the chaos onto the TV screens, along with new broadcasts and silhouettes; all with a new twist wrapped in mystery. As the Investigation Team reunite to reveal the all-new secrets of the Midnight Channel, a contact between them and a faraway group of Persona-Users will be made to aid them in their search for the answers. But this time around there is a mystery that surrounds the apperance of Akihiko, Makoto, Pharos, Ryoji, Mitsuru, Aigis, Sho, Kenchu and Hiro being all in there. Hiro and Kenchu are new characters

Voice Cast

Most of the cast from Persona 4 to Dancing All Night are in but in exception of Xander Mobus and Elric Timothy Atchison, who are going to voice the newcomers in the DLC Expansion.

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