Persona 0 is a Japanese roleplaying video game, being the sixth installment in the Persona series. It is developed by Atlus and published by Sega, being released for Sega Orion on August 19th, 2020.


Set in Japan, a group of teenagers in a school known as Mizamato Prep try to figure out the truth behind strange happenings around their school.



  • 0 (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook) - the main protagonist and an outcast student in Mizamato Prep. His persona is known as Dantes as his Ultimate Persona is called Zeus. He is the Fool Arcana of the game.
  • Kappa (voiced by Wally Wingert) - a turtle-like creature who serves as an advisor to the group. His persona is known as MacBeth. His Ultimate Persona is called Phoenix. He is the Judgement Arcana of the game.
  • Hasumi Seki (voiced by Cherami Leigh) - a rather athletic and very positive student who joins 0 in his quest. Her persona is called Guinevere. Her Ultimate Persona is called Medusa. She is the Lover Arcana of the game.
  • Ishiro Chikichi (voiced by Robbie Daymond) - a goofball student who dabbles in art and and becomes 0's friend, eventually joining him. His persona is known as Davy Crockett. His Ultimate Persona is referred to as Hyperion. He is the Magician Arcana of the game.
  • Ora Hori (voiced by Max Mittelman) - a rather aggressive student who joins 0 in his journey. His persona is referred as Genghis. His Ultimate Persona is called Odysseus. He is the Devil Arcana of the game.
  • Mieko Mizuno (voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard) - an introverted and slightly friendly student who is befriended by 0 and joins him. Her persona is referred as Sacagawea. Her Ultimate Persona is called Venus. She is the Priestess Arcana of the game.
  • Ayame Tanji (voiced by Caitlin Glass) - a rebellious student who befriends 0 and joins him. Her persona is Tom Sawyer. Her Ultimate Persona is called Prometheus. She is the Chariot Arcana of the game.


  • Cho Kokushi (voiced by Ray Chase) - 0's uncle who is rather friendly and helps him with some dangers. He is the Emperor Arcana of the game.
  • Ren Chikichi (voiced by Melissa Fahn) - Ishiro's overprotective older sister who wants to keep him away from any kind of danger. She is the Temperance Arcana of the game.
  • Yumiko Yoshida (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - Mizamato Prep's head reporter who is very nosy and sticks her nose in other people's business. She is the Justice Arcana of the game.
  • Koichi Machida (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - a loner student who most people don't trust until 0 learns that he is actually kinda nice. He is the Hermit Arcana of the game.
  • Chikara Miyahara (voiced by Alexis Tipton) - a student who is heavily insecure with herself and has a strange obsession with 0. She is the Moon Arcana of the game.
  • Dr. Arito Sakita (voiced by Jamieson Price) - a doctor who, despite his constant work trying to save lives, has a very chipper and dorky personality. He is the Death Arcana of the game.
  • Hoshiko Shimanuki (voiced by Laura Bailey) - a teacher who is secretive but good meaning. She is the Empress Arcana of the game.
  • Ahito Watanabe (voiced by Sam Riegel) - a student who challenges his mind mentally being considered the man with the strongest willpower. He is the Strength Arcana of the game.
  • Misae Kamiyo (voiced by Erica Mendez) - a student who has a plucky look on life. She is the Star Arcana of the game.
  • Mitsuaki Abe (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) - an older student whose parents left him while he was young. He is the Hierophant Arcana of the game.
  • Hinari Kishino (voiced by Ashly Burch) - a teenager who is slightly interested in adventure. She is the Fortune Arcana of the game.
  • Sachika Konishi (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - a student who is a former criminal working for Kenko and tries to redeem himself. He is the Hanged Man Arcana of the game.
  • Fukura Hori (voiced by Richard Epcar) - a former author who now is an alcoholic and is Ora's father who despite his state means well. He is the Tower Arcana of the game.
  • Mayuki Isoyama (voiced by Kira Buckland) - a student who is constantly bullied due to being handicapped. She is the Sun Arcana of the game.
  • Igor (voiced by Kirk Thornton) - a mysterious man who runs the velvet room and introduces 0 and the other mains to the idea of Personas.
    • Fonz (voiced by Todd Haberkorn) - Igor's assistant who is fashioned as and acts like a 1950s greaser. He is the World Arcana of the game.


  • Mephisto (voiced by Travis Willingham) - a powerful demon lord who is the true master of the events.
  • Tobei Sayama (voiced by Ian Sinclair) - the game's human false villain who wants to ascend to a high level and to become a powerful being, trying to harness the Shadows for his own purpose. Later in the game, after his Shadow's defeat, he gains a Persona called Isis.
  • Isako Mizuno (voiced by Wendee Lee) - Mieko's abusive mother who treats her like garbage and is obsessed with keeping the image of the perfect mother.
  • Ritsuko Kanagi (voiced by Fryda Wolff) - an orphanage owner who raised Ayame and, due to her strict and child hating ways, fueled Ayame's hatred towards authority.
  • Kenko Imaeda (voiced by David Vincent) - a known criminal who is somewhat flamboyant and commits crime with a certain flare to it.
  • Reinosuke Sayama (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - Tobei's brother who is a wealthy socialité and a major asshole to everyone he meets.
  • Miyano Kishi (voiced by Amanda C. Miller) - a corrupt cop who was hired to frame 0 for murdering the previous antagonist Isako Mizuno.
  • Shigehiko Natori (voiced by Xander Mobus) - Tobei's bodyguard who is a man of few words and a former member of the Yakuza.


  • Shadow Hasumi (also voiced by Cherami Leigh) - the shadow version of Hasumi who is extremely nihilistic and believes free will is a lie.
  • Shadow Ishiro (also voiced by Robbie Daymond) - the shadow version of Ishiro who is shown to be has very dark and twisted humor, representing the fact that Ishiro uses comedy to hide the built up sadness inside of him.
  • Shadow Ora (also voiced by Max Mittelman) - the shadow version of Ora who is a lot more sadistic and brutal, taking his aggressiveness to a new height.
  • Shadow Mieko (also voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard) - the shadow version of Mieko who is more cold and somewhat calculating.
  • Shadow Ayame (also voiced by Caitlin Glass) - the shadow version of Ayame whose rebelliousness has been twisted into pure anarchy.
  • Shadow Cho (also voiced by Ray Chase) - the shadow version of Cho who is actually seemly normal and acts totally normal except for having an intense spark of hatred towards 0.
  • Shadow Ren (also voiced by Melissa Fahn) - the shadow version of Ren who is an Amazonian-like warrior with a bloodlust.
  • Shadow Yumiko (also voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - the shadow version of Yumiko who is fashioned as a successful news reporter.
  • Shadow Koichi (also voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - the shadow version of Koichi who is fashioned as a street biker and behaves like one too.
  • Shadow Chikara (also voiced by Alexis Tipton) - the shadow version of Chikara who is unhealthily obsessed with 0, even with her shadow version looking like a female version of him.
  • Shadow Arito (also voiced by Jamieson Price) - the shadow version of Arito who is a sadistic man who kills people with a strange sadistic pleasure.
  • Shadow Hoshiko (also voiced by Laura Bailey) - the shadow version of Hoshiko who treats herself like a queen and shows no respect for others.
  • Shadow Ahito (also voiced by Sam Riegel) - the shadow version of Ahito who has evolved his mental power to a state that is considered somewhat dangerous.
  • Shadow Misae (also voiced by Erica Mendez) - the shadow version of Misae whose pluckiness is now very unhealthy, acting like a six year old.
  • Shadow Mitsuaki (also voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) - the shadow version of Mitsuaki who has a high paranoia towards adults despising them.
  • Shadow Hinari (also voiced by Ashly Burch) - the shadow version of Hinari who is emotionless and soulless having no purpose.
  • Shadow Sachika (also voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - the shadow version of Sachika who is fashioned as a 1920s era gangster, wielding something resembling a machine gun.
  • Shadow Fukura (also voiced by Richard Epcar) - the shadow version of Fukura who is a supposedly successful author with extremely violent tendencies and always has a beer in one hand.
  • Shadow Mayuki (also voiced by Kira Buckland) - the shadow version of Mayuki who left her fears behind and is somewhat vicious.
  • Shadow Isako (voiced by Wendee Lee) - the shadow version of Isako who is a giant hag-like creature with a small blade.
  • Shadow Ritsuko (also voiced by Fryda Wolff) - the shadow version of Ritsuko who is an eerie puppet master with countless puppet versions of Ayame on strings.
  • Shadow Kenko (also voiced by David Vincent) - the shadow version of Kenko who is very flamboyant and treats everything like it's a play.
  • Shadow Reinosuke (also voiced by Matthew Mercer) - the shadow version of Reinosuke who is a twisted mix between a casino owner and a pimp.
  • Shadow Miyano (also voiced by Amanda C. Miller) - the shadow version of Miyano who is obsessed with authority and is very vicious.
  • Shadow Shigehiko (also voiced by Xander Mobus) - the shadow version of Shigehiko who is a giant brute and very sadistic.
  • Shadow Tobei (also voiced by Ian Sinclair) - the Shadow version of Tobei who, unlike most shadows, is a willing split as it is extremely powerful and dangerous.


The game keeps several elements from previous Persona games as it allows the player to interact with several people and eventually achieve a potential relationship with anyone you want, independently of their gender. Despite that, you have to do activities with them to earn their trust.

Persona 0: Diamond

Persona 0: Diamond is an extension to the game featuring a new story that acts as a continuation and a new party member.


  • 0's canonical name is Yashiro Akagi.
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