Perman is a popular Japanese manga series made by the same creators of Doraemon. It received two anime adaptions, one in the 60's and one in the 80's. Both anime adaptions are discontinued.

It received three English dubs, one in the early 2000's on TV2 Malaysia, one in the late 2000's-early 2010's on Nickelodeon India, and one in the 2010's on Disney Channel Southeast Asia.

Although, before those three English dubs were made, an English dub was produced by the channel Fox Kids Europe for its airing. This English dub started airing on 13 April 1997 on Fox Kids UK and Ireland. The Fox Kids Europe English dub's title was Perman: Kid Superhero! A different, alternative dub aired on YoYo TV.


Voice Cast

Cathy Weseluck as Maxwell (Perman #1)/ Additional Voices

Jillian Michaels as Tina, Maxwell's little sister/ Additional Voices

Susan Roman as Rosa/ Saban the Small Kid (pilot episode only)/ Perman #2/ Additional Voices

Andrew Hodwitz as Kebab (pilot episode only)/ Birdman/ Additional Voices

Steven Kynman as Kebab (1997-2001)/ Perman #3/ Chatter (Perman #4)/ Saban the Small Kid (2001)/ Additional Voices

Michael E. Rodgers as Saban the Small Kid (1997-2000)/ Additional Voices


Just like the 1997-2005 English dub of Doraemon, the dialogue has been toned down to make it suitable for younger children.

All of the characters' names have been changed.

The soundtrack was changed.

Scenes involving moderate violence and/or violence against children are omitted.

Cigarettes and/or cigars have been changed to either candy canes (sweetie sticks in Europe) or lollipops. Pipes also blow bubbles instead of smoke.

Weapons, including guns, knives, and/or other dangerous weapons have been changed to either water guns, toy hammers, or other tamer weapons.

Scenes involving nudity are either toned down and changed or omitted.

Japanese signs have been changed to English.

The amount of episodes are out of order.

The dialogue has been changed to sound comedic and nonsensical.

All of these edits has gained controversy and/or criticism by older viewers.


Perman: Kid Superhero! has received mixed to negative reviews due to the controversial edits and censorship. Although, it was praised for its voice acting, comedy, and direction.


There is an entirely different theme song exclusive to this version. The song is called "Perman the Kid Superhero!" and it was performed by Michael E. Rodgers.

Susan Roman and Michael E. Rodgers both starred in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Steven Kynman (UK) and Andrew Hodwitz (US) would later voice the titular character in two different English dubs of the CGI series of Fireman Sam.

Sabu's English dub name, Saban, is based on the surname of Haim Saban, the founder of Saban Entertainment.

Sabu and Kabao's English dub names, Saban and Kebab, sound similar to their Japanese names.

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