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Peppa Pig 2: Bella VS. Tara Tiger (also known as பேப்ப பிக் 2: பெல்லா வ்ஸ். தாரா டிகேர், in Tamil) is an upcoming 2019 American-Canadian-French-German-British-Spanish-Brazilian-Danish-Swedish-Norwegian-Finnish-Irish-Japanese-Korean-Chinese animated 3D hand-drawn comedy science-fiction superheroes drama family film. directed by Chris McKay, Steven Spielberg, Shawn Levy, Anthony and Joe Russo and Katherine Dillon.

Based off the Animated British Series of the same name.

This film is produced by Warner Animation Group (Warner Bros. Family Entertainment/Warner Bros. Animation), New Line Cinema, Paramount Animation, Animal Logic, Amblin Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Telefilm Canada, Lin Pictures, Lord Miller Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, Rubber Duck Entertainment, Astley Baker Davies, Access Entertainment, Alcon Entertainment, Participant Media, Media Rights Capital, The Weinstein Company, Fundamental Films, Prana Studios, BNP Paribas, Village Roadshow Pictures, 21 Laps Entertainment, 1492 Pictures, Walden Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Broadway Video, Skydance Productions, Reliance Entertainment, Mandalay Entertainment, Annapurna Pictures, Scott Free Productions, M6 Films, Rovio Animation, Jetix, HIT Entertainment, Hasbro Studios, Hopscotch Features, ImageMovers, WWE Studios, Allspark Pictures, The Kerner Entertainment Company, Mandeville Films, Screen Australia, China Film Group Corporation, Billionfold Inc., Frederator Studios, TF1 Films Production, Belga Films, Orange Studio and The Kennedy/Marshall Company. in association with Cartoon Network Studios, Cartoon Network,Corus Entertainment (Nelvana Limited and Treehouse TV), Asian Television Network (Jaya TV), Nickelodeon Movies, Sony Pictures Animation, Channel Five, Bardel Entertainment, France 2 Cinema, France 3 Cinema, Arte France Cinema, Yowza Animation, Mercury Filmworks, Collingwood & Co., Spin Master Entertainment, Illumination Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company (through Jim Henson Pictures), Universal Animation Studios, Universal Kids and DHX Media (Family Channel & Family Jr. & Cookie Jar Entertainment & Cinar). and It was Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. and Columbia Pictures and Tristar Pictures, and Sony Pictures Releasing and Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Lyca Productions and Entertainment One and EuropaCorp Distribution and Toei Company and Madman Entertainment and Global Road Entertainment and CJ E&M and Alibaba Pictures.

The film is scheduled to be released in RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX 3D, and IMAX Theatre and AMC Theatres and Cineplex and Odeon and Warner Village.

The film is scheduled to be released on May 8, 2019


The film goes between 2 different subplots, Bella trying to fight against a Tiger named Tara, and Moose trying to avoid being on MooseTube.

Peppa and George, TBA.


The film starts with Peppa, George, Rebecca, and Richard taking a seat at the theatre. They watch the movie since it takes place in their past. We see Bella in the studio filming Peppa’s New Show, And then Zee pops up being angry at Moose. She sings “Down At Our City” to preview what you expect.

Bella announces that she and her three Flamingo Friends, Tella, Nella, and Chella are going to perform at Moose’s Closet.


Live-Action Cast


  • Peppa Pig
  • George
  • Bella J. Flamingo
  • Moose & Zee
  • Suzy Sheep
  • Richard Rabbit
  • Hendra
  • Humphrey Hedgehog
  • Freddy Fox
  • Wendy Wolf


  • Tara Tiger
  • Cree and Evil Moose
  • Penelope Pug (Reforms at The End)

Character Cameos

In The End Of The Film, Bella calls everyone to watch the movie, then a lot of Nick Jr characters grab seats.

  • Blue (Blue’s Clues) - Seen at the Spring Festival eating A Cake with Danny Dog and Penelope Pug. Later seen at the End of the Film grabbing a seat at the theatre.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine - Takes Peppa and the Gang to the Cruise Ship where Bella will defeat Tara Tiger.
  • Ming-Ming (Wonder Pets): Seen as a Statue at the cruise Ship.
  • Feetface - Seen taking a seat at the theatre nd says "Hey look! Moose and Zee are watching the movie!".
  • Wubbzy (Silhouette Cameo) - Seen Taking a Seat at Moose and Zee’s Theatre at the End of the Film. His friends are seen taking seats as Daizy says Hello to Peppa, Moose, And Zee.
  • Mama Mirabelle, Karla, Max, and Bo: Animals
  • Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda: Fairy
  • Charlie Brown, Linus, Little Red-Haired Girl, and Lucy Van Pelt: During The Night Scene before Bella Trieste to fight against Tara.
  • My Little Pony, TBA.

Additional Voices

Planned/scrapped ideas


Before the first movie even came out, Katherine Dillon announced a Sequel to Peppa Pig: The Movie.


In 2018, Warner Bros. planned to adapted to book series into a film, but in early-2017, Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures bought the rights to the film. Later that same year, it was announced that Chris McKay will direct the film along with Katherine Dillon. Two months later, Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Roy Lee, Steven Spielberg as the executive producers of the film.


On November, 2018, the producers were searching for someone to write the screenplay. The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ready Player One, Diya. writer, Jon Watts, Megan Ellison, Steven Spielberg was hired to write the film, but was fired due to creative issues with RatPac. Later, the book's author, Chris McKay was hired to write the film and to also producer the film with Christopher Miller and Phil Lord and Ridley Scott and Dan Lin and Roy Lee.


US casting was done by Jamie Sparer Roberts. Canadian casting was done by Coreen Mayrs and Heike Brandstatter. British casting was done by Alex Kelly.

Live-action filming

Principal photography began in August 2018 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Additional shooting was done in Vancouver Film Company, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Toronto Film Studios in Toronto, Ontario Canada, The opening scene was shot in London, England.


the CGI And 2D animation will be handled by Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animal LogicRough Draft Studios, and Yowza Animation, Bardel Entertainment, Toon City Animation, Film Roman, Jam Filled Entertainment, Boulder Media, Top Draw Animation, Mercury Filmworks, while the visual effects are handled by WETA Digital, Industrial Light & MagicBlur StudioPrana Studios, Rodeo FX, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Base FX, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Renegade Animation and Reel FX Animation Studios. The film will use TVPaint Animation, Scratch, Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects as the 2D animation and effect software, Blender, Cinema4D, and Adobe After Effects as the CGI animation, and 3D effect software, Autodesk Maya as the CGI layout and rigging software, and ZBrush for the CGI modelling and sculpting, Pixar's Renderman will supply as the rendering and lighting software.

In order to make the film look realistic, but not creepy, the CGI and 2D animated elements would have to be composited onto the final image.

However, the Live Action segmens were taken out, and can only be found in the Blu-Ray Version.


Storyboarding for the film will be handled by Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, TVPaint Animation (which also handles the 2D animation software), Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Scratch, and Paint Tool SAI, as the storyboarding software.


MediBang Paint Pro, Microsoft Paint, TVPaint Animation, Scratch, Corel Painter, and Paint Tool SAI will serve as the matte painting, visual development, character design, and 2D layout of the film. Autodesk Mudbox, The Foundary Modo and ZBrush will serve as the modeling softwares.

There are other software that will be used to make this film, including the discontinued Autodesk Softimage as the CGI animation, compositing, rendering, and lighting software, The Foundry Nuke as the animation camera and compositing software, Houdini Effects as the visual effects software, Adobe After Effects as the visual effects and compositing software, The Foundry Mari as the texture painting software, and Pixar's Renderman as the rendering and lighting software. Medibang Paint Pro, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Paint, Corel Painter, Krita, Moho, and Paint Tool SAI will also serve as the matte painting, visual development, design, 2D layout, and 2D animation software.

Editing and compositing


Visual Effects

The visual effects and composting will be handled by Rhythm & Hues Studios,TrixterAnimal LogicMikros ImageSony Pictures Imageworks, Rising Sun PicturesWETA DigitalWETA Workshop, Digital FactoryMac GuffRodeo FXTrixterMoving Picture CompanyIndustrial Light & MagicBase FX, Method Studios, Prana Studios and Blur Studio. since all 4 of them are indeed visual effects companies. The lighting, texturing, hair and fur grooming, simulations, and rendering will be handled by visual effects artists, composers, lighting artists, rendering artists, animators, and digital ink and paint artists using Houdini, Adobe After Effects, Blender, and Nuke.

CGI environment and animation

Coming soon!

Green screen effects

Coming soon!


The animation styles and techniques will be somewhat similar to that from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Warner Bros. Animation (Warner Bros. Family Entertainment/Warner Animation Group), DreamWorks Animation, Illumination Entertainment, Nelvana, Twentieth Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Film Roman, and Toei Animation.

Post production

Coming soon!


This movie is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.

Sound Effects

Coming Soon!


On July 13, 2018, producers were looking for someone to compose the film's score. By the end of the month, Marks Mothersbaugh announced that A.R. Rahman will compose the score along with Emma Watkins as the editor.


  • Down At Our City - Zee D. Bird
  • Multicolor Flamingos In Strike - Bella J. Flamingo, Tella, Della, Chella, Moose A. Moose, and Zee D. Bird
  • Muddy Puddles - Peppa, George, Suzy, Richard, Wendy, Freddy, and Hendra
  • Stars Over All - Tara Tiger and Bella J. Flamingo
  • The Believe in Spring Argument Song - Moose A. Moose and Zee D. Bird
  • Be Your Own You - Bella J. Flamingo, Tella, Della, and Chella
  • Sometimes I Wonder - Wendy Wolf




This film was released on VHS when the movie was sold out on theatres, and was put on DVD months later.

Home media

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Box office

The film became a box office success as it grossed $700 million worldwide compared to its $135 million budget.

Critical response

Peppa Pig 2: Bella VS. Tara Tiger received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences worldwide. The film got a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes saying Peppa Pig 2: Bella VS. Tara Tiger is a wonderful, awesome, and professional way to start a fantastic crossover series. In other words, this is as awesome as heaven!"


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Television Series/Sequels

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During filming, Katherine Dillon confirmed a sequel is in development.

On early-2018, it was later confirmed that Manning, Austin, Christie, Wilson, and Dillon will reprise their roles for the film, burn Austin would not be in the TV Show, due to money.

Four new characters were comfirmed for the film and for season 2 of Bella in the House.

??? will be voicing the new villain, Tara Tiger, John Stewart will be voicing a wise old goat who used to be a hero, Tiberius O’Goat, Lili Beaudoin and Diana Kaarina will be voicing Wendy Wolf, Ben Murray will be voicing Freddy Fox, RB-Man will be voicing A Hedgehog named Humphrey Hedgehog, Annie Rose will be voicing Moose’s girlfriend, Hendra, and Melanie Harrison will be voicing Delphine Donkey.

Just a month after the 2nd Movie Came Out, Katherine Dillon said that there would be a third movie, but it would be Direct to Video.


Trailer Transcripts

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Movie Transcript

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Video Games

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  • RB-Man. The co-director, producer, executive producer, writer, editor, music, and designer, of this film.
  • MovieLover9000: The co-director, producer, executive producer, writer, editor, and designer of the film.


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Planned or scrapped ideas


  • TBA


Coming Soon...

Running Gags

  • TBA





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