Paul (based on Paul ter Voorde) - Where he first appears in the enemy basement. But as known for now, he works for Tord in the red army. He was deceased along with Patryk.


Edd had known the real Paul for a number of years and was good friends with him, hence his constant involvement with the series. He can be generally recognized usually by his character's unusually large eyebrows and is normally seen with a cigarette. His first appearance was in Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 2 and he has appeared in several others since then. His job is at a military base. He may also have a co-job as a pilot.

The New Girl On The Block

After Eduardo, Jon and Mark are killed, Paul believes the red leader is gone and he was killed by a possessed girl along with Patryk.


After Tord was cured and went home, the red leader is gone. Paul was killed by a possessed girl along with Patryk.

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