Paramount Television Animation
Paramount Television Animation 2019 logo
Type Subsidiary
Industry Animation Television
Headquarders Los Angeles, California, United States
Products Animated television series
Direct-to-video films
Key people Lino DiSalvo
Owner ViacomCBS
Parent Paramount Television Studios
(Paramount Pictures)

Paramount Television Animation (PTVA) is an American animation studio that produces animated projects based on animated Paramount Pictures properties and original series. It is the television animation production arm of Paramount Television Studios and subsidiary of Paramount Pictures.


The company is dedicated to making animated television series and animated straight-to-video films, along with re-introducing past animated franchises such as Fleischer Studios' Betty Boop, as well as introduce new animated franchises, along with bringing live-action franchises and films, such as Star Trek; Mission: Impossible; and Grease, into the animation limelight.


The studio's key person is Lino DiSalvo, who is a former creative director of Paramount Animation. He also serves as executive producer to PTA.



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Television films

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Theatrical films

Paramount Television Animation logo (Blue Mountain)

On-screen logo of the blue mountain version.

The mountain in the print logo is reminiscent of the mountain from 1975 to 1987, before being replaced with the print logo shown in a white background used in original series such as Ryan & Beth.

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