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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice *John Goodman (films, The Emperor's New School; Season 2, 16 episodes)
  • Fred Tatasciore (The Emperor's New School; Season 1, 13 episodes)
  • Bill Farmer (video game)
  • Christopher Swindle (Kingdom Hearts 4)
  • Dan Stevens (Tom and Jerry film)
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Personality Kind, gentle, fatherly, comical, polite, nice, brave, lovable, caring, sweet, innocent, compassionate, good-hearted, protective, level-headed, selfless
Appearance Obese, both black hair, brown eyes, green poncho, white shirt (briefly), brown skirt, black sandals
Occupation Village leader
Alignment Good
Goal *To save his village from demolition (first film, succeeded)
  • To foil Yzma (succeeded)
  • To foil Lucius DeGeralson (succeeded)
  • Protecting Llamarie from Mal, Evie, Ben, Uma and Audrey (formerly)
Home Peru
Enemies *Yzma
  • Kuzco (formerly)
  • Droopy (formerly)
  • Heartless
  • Lucius DeGeralson
  • Mal (formerly)
  • Evie (formerly)
  • Ben (formerly)
  • Audrey (formerly)
  • Jane (formerly)
  • Uma (formerly)
Powers and abilities
Weapons Bow and arrow
Fate Moves into Kuzco's palace with his family (as seen in The Emperor's New School)

Pacha is a portly villager from the countryside of pre-columbian Peru and the deuteragonist from Disney's 2000 animated feature film, The Emperor's New Groove.

He is the leader of a village in Emperor Kuzco's kingdom of Inca. His hut is located at the very top of the village's hills where the sun hits perfectly. He resides there with his wife; Chicha and his children; Chaca, Tipo, and Yupi and his first granddaughter; Llamarie (as seen in The Peasant's New Groove).

He spends most of his time herding llamas and being with his family, which implies that his political responsibilities as village leader were not too demanding and the villagers can overall look after themselves. However, his role as chieftain became greater when his village is targeted by Kuzco in order to level it for his "Kuzcotopia" summer palace, as all the people in his village would lose their homes, and as such he needed somehow to convince Kuzco not to do this in order to spare the village.

He is very lovable and caring. He takes his position as village leader very seriously and attempts to do what's right for his people. He can be best described as a family man, spending most of his time with them. Upon meeting Kuzco, he felt he was a spoiled brat but learned to forget that in an attempt to change the emperor's attitude around.


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