PaRappa The Rapper Anime Dub Opening (Fanmade)

PaRappa The Rapper Anime Dub Opening (Fanmade)

An English dub for the PaRappa The Rapper TV series must be made (considering that it was a PS1 game and was spoofed in Robot Chicken), and it should be produced by Ocean Group, Studiopolis and Viacom. It is a dub of the 2001 Japanese anime series of the same name. It airs both on Qubo (beginning June 19, 2016) and Ketnet (beginning in 2011).

Cast Suggestions


  • Ma-san and Lammy might be voiced in the English version of the show, only.
  • Mac Major will be half-Scottish and half-Japanese.
  • As the original Japanese version of the series featured little to no rapping unlike the games, the English version will change some of the spoken lines to rapped lines.
    • In fact, this is the first Anime series to have Josh Keaton to play a role.
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