"The PAW Patrol Dogs Are Coming to the Big Screen In Theaters October 8, 2020"

PAW Patrol is a Canadian/American CGI–animated Movie created by Keith Chapman. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment in association with Nickelodeon Jr and Nickelodeon Movies, with animation provided by Guru Studio and from Scholastic Productions, It's Based on the TV Show "PAW Patrol". And it was also from animated drawing sketch from produced by Nickelodeon Jr.

It Was Announced On This Video --->, Idea By "PixarYesDoraNo L Ryan Rocks".


(Coming Soon 2020)


Sammy Brown as Ryder

Max Calinescu as Chase

Kallen Holley as Skye

Devan Cohen as Rubble

Samuel Faraciel as Rocky

Alex Thorne as Zuma

Drew Davis as Marshall

Berkley Silverman as Everest

David Lopez as Tracker

Nick Kroll as Bomb (a bernese mountain pup)

Maya Rudolph as Violet (a border collie pup)

Kyle Harrison as Henry (an Australian sheperd pup)

Deann Degruijter as Mayor Goodway

Christopher McDonald as Mayor Humdinger

Chance Hurstfield as Harold Humdinger


(Coming Middle 2020 or Early 2021)

About This Movie:

When Chris (Casey Hung) arrives at Adventure Bay with his 2 sisters and his friends, Ryder and his pups meets him, his 2 sisters and his friends and especially his father Mr. Keith (Dwayne Johnson) also meets a new mayor was Mayor Alexander (Ryan Reynolds) which he fell in love with Mayor Goodway (Deann Degruijter). Then later Mayor Humdinger (Christopher McDonald) and his nephew Harold Humdinger (Chance Hurstfield) was appeared in Adventure Bay with his army kittens, but Chris and his gang didn't like Mayor Humdinger and his nephew! So Ryder, the pups and his rest of the gangs would try to stop Mayor Humdinger and his nephew from destroying Adventure Bay and take over. Also the pups meet 3 new pups "Bomb" (Nick Kroll), "Violet" (Maya Rudolph) and "Henry" (Kyle Harrison).


Rated G

Cruel Humor

Emotional Thematic Elements

Some Action

Brief Language


(Info Coming in Middle or Late 2020)


  • It's Based on the TV Show "PAW Patrol"
  • This movie is going to be a little bit sadder and emotional than Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Warner Bros's The Iron-Giant and MAX.
  • The director will agree to bring back the original voices.
  • It intends to be the second Nickelodeon Jr show to have a movie in theaters after the live-action Dora The Explorer movie.
  • It's going to be the PAW Patrol's Movie.
  • The movie will feature a sad scene.
  • Bomb, Violet and Henry will make their debuts in this movie.
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