Paw patrol The Movie is a 2018 animation film, based on the TV show, Paw Patrol. It is from the director of the creators of Rio and the studio that brought you The Spongebob SquarePants Movie.

Rated: G

Kids and Family/Adventure


  • Sammy Brown as Ryder
  • Hailey Steinfeild as Katie
  • Johnny Hanson as Captain Turbot
  • Josh Gade as François Turbot
  • Christopher McDonald as Mayor Humdinger
  • Matthew Lillard as Jake
  • Keegan Micheal Key as Mr. Porter
  • Kyle Allen as Alex
  • Deann Degruijter as Mayor Goodway

Cast of pups

  • Max Calinescu as Chase
  • Kallen Holley as Skye
  • Devan Cohen as Rubble
  • Samuel Faraciel as Rocky
  • Alex Thorne as Zuma
  • Drew Davis as Marshall
  • Berkley Silverman as Everest


Paw patrol /live action movie transcript

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