Outlast (live action TV series)
Genre: Horror
Created by: Red Barrels
Executive Producers Steven Moffat
Original Channel: Netflix

Outlast is a live action adaptation of the Red Barrels game of the same title. It will air on Netflix in 2018.

Outlast series 1 Poster



Season 1 Cast

  • Arthur Darvill as Miles Upshur
  • Spencer Wilding as Chris Walker
  • Mark Gatiss as Father Martin Archimbaud
  • Andy Serkis as The Twins
  • David Tennant as Richard Trager
  • Julian Bleach as Rudolf Wernike

WhistleBlower TV Movie

  • Bradley James as Waylon Park
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Eddie Gluskin
  • John Simm as Jeremy Blaire

Season 2 Cast

  • Matt Ryan as Blake Langermann
  • Kara Tointon as Lynn Langermann



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