Otra película de mapache y un canguro, (Spanish: Another Movie of Raccoon and a Kangaroo) is a 3D computer-animated sports comedy film directed by Zack Isaac Sanchez. This film is produced by Zack Isaac Sanchez Productions and is distributed by Lionsgate.


  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as Ricardo, a 27-years-old adult kangaroo. He dreams of becoming a champion boxer until his points-of-view changes when he officially decides to fight him.
  • Eugenio Derbez as Gonzalo
  • Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo as Santiago
  • Ricardo Tejedo as Macho Libre, a lucha libre raccoon.
  • José Arenas as El Chocolates
  • Mariana Ortiz as Isabel, a beautiful kangaroo and Ricardo's love interest.
  • Humberto Solórzano as Abuşka, a Turkish worldwide championship boxer kangaroo.
  • Matías Quintana Ortíz as Marcelo, a male humanoid aquamarine skin, Hawaiian orange short with no shirt and black hair and Bikini Babe's son.
  • Elsa Covián as Bikini Babe, a female humanoid bikini woman and lifeguard who is Marcelo's mother and Ricardo's partner.
  • Octavio Rojas as Señor Chicharrón, a kangaroo who is an ex-boxer and Isabel's father.
  • Juan Carlos Tinoco as El Guardaespaldas


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