Oscar the Dolphin is an American animated musical family comedy-adventure film in June 29, 2001

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  • Bryan Cranston as Oscar the Dolphin
  • Jill Tailey as Dil the Porpise
  • Tom Kenny as Garson the Orca
  • Jeff Bennet as Paul the Whale
  • Liam knight as Tiny the Goldfish
  • Albert Brooks as Sammy the Starfish
  • Adam Clayton as Sid the Seahorse
  • Evan Tom as Jack the Jellyfish
  • Doris Annie as Rick the Crab
  • Linda Nick as Geroge the Clownfish
  • Jack Bob as Chomp the Shark
  • Bart Brown as Bert the Barracuda
  • Leo Tim as Ernie the Eel
  • Sam Patrick as Perry the Pufferfish
  • Ollie David as Dr. Octopus
  • Becky Albert as Walter the Sea Turtle
  • Lola Ray as Fred the Stingray
  • Harold Adam as Mike the Squid
  • Riley Sally as Steve the Shrimp
  • Shelly Steve as Herman the Hammerhead Shark
  • Perry Johnson as Berry the Blue Fish
  • Jack Steve as Stan the Yellow Fish
  • Rosie Ella as Anabelle the Purple Fish
  • Adam Jack as Jeff the Lobster





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