This person, Oscar Hamilton, is NOT a real person; they are just a pure piece of fiction that is portrayed as a real person!

"If you plan for a future series, the best thing to do is to think of what comes in your mind and be creative with that thought."
―Oscar Hamilton

Oscar Xavior Hamilton (born on March 24th, 1959 in San Francisco, California; died on December 1st, 2018 in San Francisco, California) was an American animator, writer, producer, director, author and video game developer who was best known for creating the Collin the Speedy Boy series alongside Tadaki Fujiyama and the Inhumanity graphic novel series.


Early life

Oscar Xavior Hamilton was born on March 24, 1959 at San Francisco, California in CPMC Birth Center, California Campus. (More coming soon...)

Before Collin the Speedy Boy

Collin the Speedy Boy

In 1991, as Warner Bros. is still brainstorming a video game. Hamilton, along with Fujiyama, was given the opportunity to give an idea, which involved a human with the power of superspeed. The team approved, and thus, the speedy kid was almost born, just needing the name. After the name was chosen to be Collin. Collin the Speedy Boy was born. The first game was released on April 16, 1993, becoming a critical and commercial success. Hamilton originally planned the game to be one-shot, but due to the game's monster success, the game became a franchise. The sequel, Collin the Speedy Boy 2 was released on June 13, 1995 with similar critical response, but was more successful than the previous installment. The game spawned a long-running franchise, ranging from video games, TBD.

Other than Collin the Speedy Boy, he was one of the writers of Mark: Time Janitor.

Terminal cancer

On May 21, 2017, Oscar Hamilton confirmed he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and sadly announced that he would not live longer, but is happy to see Collin the Speedy Boy running. However, that didn't stop him from being involved in CTSB entries.

On November 28th, 2018, Hamilton announced that he would be visiting Warner Bros. Movie World for the last time on that weekend. The same day, he was confirmed that he is expected to pass away "sooner or later". However, on November 30th, his plans for visiting the Movie World was cancelled so he could spend his final time with his family. Before he died he came up with a concept for a project involving face paints.

Death and legacy

On December 1st, 2018, Oscar Hamilton died at age 59 in San Francisco, California, victim of terminal cancer. Since his death, Cartoon Network, The CW, Adult Swim, TNT, TBS, CNN, WB Games, HBO and Warner Bros. dedicated him via a message that says 

"We would love to thank Oscar Hamilton for helping us on everything, being a good worker at Warner Bros. Games and most importantly, bring Collin the Speedy Boy. Now, we are sad to hear that he has passed away. Rest in peace, Oscar Hamilton. You'll be missed".

The next day, an employee at Warner Bros. Games discovered a touching note from Hamilton he wrote a day before his death. Which said, "(reserved for Spyro)"


His death was commented with homages made by other artists and cartoonists, some of them previously working with him and others being close friends. Some famous celebrities also tweeted/posted good things on Facebook.

An official memorial lithograph made by Warner Bros. was inspired by the one made when Friz Freleng died in 1995, with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Collin, Tommy, Cooper, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Mordecai and Rigby looking at an empty desk with sadness while Bugs leaves a carrot on it.

WB Kids Radio did a dedication, starting with the speech, (reserved for Donaldo), and then played some sad songs and songs that were has favorites. Those songs are listed the following: I'm With You by Avril Lavigne, Rain by Madonna, Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra, See You Again by Wiz Khalifa TBD.

[Warner Bros. Park in California and Florida involved]

Tom Ruegger drew a picture where Collin, Tommy and Cooper join Bugs, Daffy and Porky in a hug while in tears as Bugs says "I miss Tex (Avery), Chuck (Jones), Friz (Freleng), Bob (Clampett) and Robert (McKimson) as much you'll miss Oscar, doc", also including a dedicatory saying "Thanks for filling our lives with your creativity, pal".

Stella McDonnell published on her Instagram account a drawing of Collin being comforted by Cooper and Tommy with a note saying "We'll miss you, Oscar".

Daniel Wright drew a picture with Jeffrey Morrison/Howler, with a sad expression, setting down a Collin plushie next to a grave while a message at the top says, "Rest in Peace, Mr. Hamilton".

Craig McCracken drew a homage where Collin is visited by the Powerpuff Girls as they pet him for his creator's death. A subtitle reads "Oscar Hamilton, 1959-2018". His wife Lauren Faust did a similar one with Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash and Zatanna (in her DC Superhero Girls design) embracing Collin and TBD.

Reccardi and Naylor drew a homage where Collin is seen hugging a disappearing Oscar.

María Alejandra Botín drew a picture of Kitrina hugging Collin.

Diane Schmidt published a drawing of Fluke looking at a constellation resembling Collin in the night sky on Twitter while the description said "Legends will be missed."

George Van Moore published a picture on his Facebook of Collin waving at a cartoon version of Oscar while shedding tears as Oscar was waving back in heaven.

Ed Boon published an animated GIF with Collin sobbing while the description said "RIP."

Genndy Tartakovsky made his homage by drawing Dexter and Samurai Jack sitting with Collin as they look up in the sky, seeing Oscar's spirit.

Famous YouTuber Jacksepticeye published on his Twitter account a tweet saying "R.I.P. Oscar Hamilton, you had a good and short life by keeping us the fans happy. May you rest in peace, forever".

YouTubers made several tribute AMV videos to Oscar Hamilton. Songs used include: Zombie (both Cranberries and Bad Wolves), Tattoo, One More Light, See You Again, TBD, TBD and TBD.

The Epic Rap Battles of History creators EpicLloyd and Nice Peter released a bonus rap battle between Oscar Hamilton (played by Lloyd) and Yuji Naka (played by Timothy DeLaGhetto) with a message at the end saying "R.I.P. Oscar Hamilton".

Another famous YouTuber and comic artist TheOdd1sOut drew Oscar in his style looking down on Earth with angel wings.

One of the Marvel artists drew Spider-Man and Black Panther with Collin at Oscar's grave.

A Mortal Kombat fan drew a picture of Sub-Zero comforting Collin while sitting on a log, looking at Oscar's grave. The words on the sky says "Thank you, Oscar".

Vincent Waller drew a picture of SpongeBob petting Collin while both of them were in tears, with SpongeBob saying, "It's okay, Collin. I know how you feel."

His grave features Collin on the top of his grave.

Seth Rogen tweeted on twitter saying, "R.I.P. Oscar Hamilton."

A fanart features Spyro, Crash, Mario and Sonic both comforting a sad Collin with the message "Thank you for bringing an awesome franchise to light, Oscar Hamilton. 1959-2018".

Cinemassacre released two videos and an art related to dedication of Oscar Hamilton: an AVGN episode where he reviews TBD (with the homage at the end), TBD and the art features AVGN comforting Collin, saying "I am so sorry for your loss." with a message saying "Thanks for an fuckin' awesome franchise. R.I.P Oscar Hamilton (1959-2018)".

MatPat has published an episode of Game Theory in memory of Oscar's death.

Channel Awesome released a Nostalgia Critic episode where he reviews TBD with a "In memory of Oscar Hamilton (1959-2018)".

A fan published an art of Pac-Man and Mappy comforting Collin.

Inspiring quotes

  • "The project itself will be un-wonderful if rushed, but if done with time, it'll be wonderful."
  • (catchphrase like Stan Lee)
  • "If you plan for a future series, the best thing to do is to think of what comes in your mind and be creative with that thought."


Personal life

He had a wife, being a writer, director and actress, Madison McDougal-Hamilton, being three years younger than him, and has raised three children named Alisha (born in April 8th, 2004), Michelle (born in February 9th, 2008) and Oscar Jr. (born in November 19th, 2010). He was married to her since September 6th, 1998.


He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2017, after a year of fighting the cancer, he passes away.

Faking Death Rumors

In July 26, 2019, there were rumors spreading that Oscar Hamilton faked his death for attention, even leading to some controversies. On July 28, 2019, however, his wife Madison confirmed the rumors are NOT true, and states "How could you fake a death if you have terminal cancer, and second, even if he was faking his death, he would not go to the doctor...".


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