Is a first stop motion animation movie of Comic Adventures Animation.


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    From the Creators (Comic Books): Spy Boys and Mystery Man


    In Oripolis, City of Origami World. Mr Scissors to destroy the city. Dragon is a ordinary tale,  Lion believed to the wild ride adventure. To stop the villain.

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    A origami mastermind, to

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    save the world.


    Joshua Rosal as Origami Characters, Mr Scissors, Narrator.


    ·         Aardman Presents

    ·         Comic Adventures Animation

    ·         Lionsgate Pictures


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                    • Produced by Joshua Rosal
                    • Models by Satoshi Kamiya, Robert J Lang, Stephen Weiss and more!
                    • TBA!
                    • TBA!
                    • Teaser Trailer, Trailer#1 and Trailer#2 coming soon due in 2018 june! 
                    • Dragon: What code to open the last door? Hurry!
                    • Snake: It's 234510
                    • Horse: Ok! I try 234510! 
                    • Guard: There he is! Get them!
              • Origami Dragon #6 by Jo Nakashima
              • Origami Lion by Robert J Lang
              • Origami Horse by Roman Diza
              • Origami Snake by Jo Nakashima
              • Origami White Dragon
              • Origami Dinosaur by Jo Nakashima
              • Origami Elephant
              • 3D Origami Swan
              • 3D Origami Buildings
              • 3D Origami Dragon
              • 3D Origami Night Fury 
              • 3D Origami Castle
              • 3D Origami Mini Swan
              1. Mr Scissors
              2. Fire Guards 
              3. Fire Monsters 
              4. Get This Party Started


    ​Bouns Features on DVD:

    # Name  About
    1. Short Film: Swan, Build Someting! White Swan and Black and White Swan about what build some 3d origami? Should be? 
    2.  Sneak Peek: Paper Muppets Check out the scene of Paper Muppets Clip out now in theatres! 
    3. Behind the Scenes: Origami: The Movie Origami: The Movie what behind the paper folding animation story was in Austraila. 
    4. Music of Origami: The Movie Joshua Rosal made Behind the Music in Soundtrack in this movie. 
    5. Animatics Origami: The Movie by using storyboard without any sciprts. Here some original storyboards.
    6. Trailers

    Origami: The Movie Teaser Trailer

    Origami: The Movie Trailer#1 

    Origami: The Movie Final Trailer

    Paper Muppets Teaser Trailer 

    3D Origami: The Movie Teaser Trailer

    Early Man Teaser Trailer 

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