Ooober Tube is an American live-action web series created by Spike creator Daniel Hughvan (b. April 1952), it is created for YouTube Red, it premiered in the US on YouTube Red on September 1st, 2017, and [adult swim] in Canada.


Daniel has always been a long time fan of YouTube, so he wondered, what if he can make a YouTube parody series, that's where it all started, production started in 2016, also in that same year, it says that many YouTubers and Celebrities will play the role as other parody "Ooober Toobers", and Jon Heder, Jonah Hill, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Ethan and Hila of H3H3, Kevin Hart, Filthy Frank, PewDiePie, James Rolfe, Vsauce, and Andrew Haung will regularly play as "The Ooober Toobers".


  • TheBossyBeast31 (Ethan Klein) - also known as Shove Upthemass as his real name, BossyBeast is a 26-year-old "Ooober Toober" who makes rant videos on trolls, he hates trolls some much he wants to kill them.
  • H8You (Kevin Hart) - also known as Zane Blakey, H8You is a 17-year-old "Ooober Toober", he makes dangerous challenges and pranks, he also has been on the news for running over a 16-year-old teenager's motorcycle, Zane is also a fan of the books "How To Run Away From A Immature 9-Year-Old Ooober Toober", and "H8 Ga8's"
  • MusicMakerFaker (Andrew Haung) - also known as Tiger Riverman, MusicMakerFaker is a 21-year-old musician who makes music about "The questions of earth" (like how does a man get eaten by a tiger), the creator has also been releasing an album featuring Haung, and it will be released on the same day as Ooober Tube premieres. (the title of the album is "Tiger")


  1. Your Challenge, Your Game - Zane tries a challenge never before seen on Ooober Tube before: jumping though a massive flame of fire.
  2. TBA -
  3. TBA -
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