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Onua (オヌア Onua) is a fictional character appearing in the CGI animated series Star Fox: Toa Sauria, derived from the video game franchise Star Fox. He is one of the six main protagonists and the main hero of the serie.


Onua is a brutal Toa, because of his elemental power, he is rather calm, because of brute force, he has a weak mind, he is among the strongest of the six Toa Sauria, he has when even a polite relationship to the Earthwalker Tribe (especially Tricky).

But Onua does not like being called black or gorilla (because of his color and his appearance), when Onua gets upset (for example if he is insulted by his enemies) or if he is happy (if he succeeds his goal), he hits his chest with his fists (like the gorillas).

He has the ability to see in dark places with his dark green-bright eyes.


Onua has a black body, he has black feet, he has two very big but black with three fingers clawed on both hands, he has a black head with big green eyes with on his neck in the middle of his head, he has a black heart hidden in his body, and his arms and legs are gray in color.


  • Currently, his appearance is strangely similar to Onua in his Toa Mata's version from Bionicle franchise.
  • Onua means "earth" in dinosaur language.
  • Onua has a pair of three large claws on both hands, they can also dig the earth, and especially the rock to create gallery in case he has to rest.
  • Onua is the only main character to have three fingers without thumbs on each hand, while others Toa tend to only have two fingers without thumbs (excepted Gali).
  • Onua is one of the strongest protagonists of the Starfox franchise.
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