One Bloody Night is a 2019 Netflix original horror comedy written and directed by Conor Kelly, the writer/director of Cold Feet.


The film begins with a montage showing Dave and Jenny growing up together. Ten years later, Dave and Jenny are both 11th graders and Dave now mostly ignores Jenny in favor of his friends Calvin, Trey, and Alex. Dave realizes he doesn't have a date for prom, which is the next day, so he goes to Jenny. Jenny turns him down, saying that he has no plans for the future, and breaks up with him, leaving Dave heartbroken. Meanwhile Calvin attempts to go the bathroom and has a conversation with stoner Flint about how the prom is nothing but trouble and it would be wiser to skip it all together, even though Flint himself is still going. Inspired by this and noticing Dave's heartbreak Calvin proposes to skip the prom and just hang out together, which Dave and the others agree to. That night at school Principal Jones is visited by the mysterious Gabriel and his followers Adrian, Emilia, and Drago, who give their demands for prom, which include darkness and a tight lockdown. Principal Jones resists at first, but agrees to their demands once Gabriel threatens to pull his funding.

The next day Dave is visited by Zoey, who tells him that she wants to join his prom plan, since she has similar views on the prom. Dave lets her join. Dave and his friends anxiously wait for the day to end, and they go to Trey's house to hang out. The group is annoyed by Trey's loser brother Bobby but Dave and Zoey bond. At the prom Jenny arrives with jock Doug. As Gabriel, Adrian, Emilia, and Drago stand in the shadows, Gabriel sends Drago over to where Doug and Jenny are dancing. As Doug starts to confront Drago, Drago, revealing himself to be a vampire, bites Doug on the neck, causing him to pass out on the floor. Prom-goers begin to panic, but Doug suddenly rises as a vampire and turns another student into a vampire. The two begin turning more students, causing panic as more and more students become vampires. Flint attempts to escape but is killed by his date. Principal Jones, angered by the bloodbath, goes over to confront Gabriel and his followers, but is killed by Emilia. As most of the students are turned, Gabriel has Adrian knock out Jenny and take her to another room, insisting that Jenny has a special purpose.

Back at Trey's house, the group are playing video games when they hear a knock at the door. Dave, Trey, and Alex go over to the door and see a bloodied man claiming his friends were killed by a vampire. The group thinks he's on drugs and ignores him, until a vampire appears and drains the man of his blood, killing him. The vampire attempts to go in and kill the group, but admits that she can't enter unless they let her. The group celebrates this, until Bobby appears and is tricked by the vampire into letting her in. The vampire begins to attack Trey and Bobby tries to stop her, but she begins drinking Bobby's blood instead. Calvin gets a faulty table leg and stabs the vampire in the heart with it, causing her to explode in a pool of blood. Zoe comes down and begins to break down after seeing the group covered in blood and Bobby unconscious. Dave and Zoe get into an argument until Alex gets everyone to come to the window, where they see that the town is burning and full of vampires. Trey theorizes that the town is being taken over by vampires, which is proven true when Bobby rises and begins displaying vampiric abilities. Dave states that they need to the prom to make sure everyone's ok, and the group reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Jenny regains consciousness and finds herself tied up in a classroom. Gabriel tells her that this night has been planned for her, as she is the prophesied reincarnation of his lover Elizabeth and her true form will be awoken at midnight. Jenny is horrified by this and insists that she won't let Gabriel kill anyone else, but he merely laughs in response.

Dave and his friends go to a church to arm up. The local priest, Father Williams, attempts to attack them, but he calms down when he realizes they're not vampires. Father Williams says he's been planning for this, and gives the group weapons to help them defeat the vampires. As they get in a car and drive to the prom, Bobby's vampire instincts kick in and he attempts to bite Calvin. Dave angrily calls out Bobby for being nothing but a nuisance and attempts to kick him out, but Bobby admits that he's always been jealous of the others for having fun and not letting anything get them down. Touched, Dave allows Bobby to stay. The group arrives at the school, and Dave and Zoey have a talk about relationships. Dave says he doesn't want his breakup to happen again, but Zoey says Jenny was a fool for dumping him. Called back by Calvin, the two join the others and break in to the gym, where they see that is crawling with vampires. Alex tries to get them to plan a strategic attack, but Calvin bursts in and starts blasting vampires with a water gun loaded with holy water. The group springs into action and kill the vampires. After the vampires are defeated, Dave criticizes Calvin for being reckless, to which Calvin replies that Dave is too scared to do anything. The two get into a fight, but it is interrupted when Calvin is stabbed by Drago. Calvin dies in Dave's arms, leaving Dave in tears. As Drago laughs Dave, fueled by rage, brutally attacks and defeats Drago. Dave demands to know where Jenny is, and Drago tells him that she is being held in the math class. Dave kills Drago, horrifying the rest of the group. Dave tells his friends that he's going alone to kill Gabriel. Zoey tells Dave that she loves him, and is heartbroken when he calls her a liar. Dave leaves, and begins to cry. In the hallway Dave is visited by Flint's ghost, who tells Dave to reconcile with his friends.

Dave apologizes to his friends and they agree to defeat Gabriel together. They arrive just ten minutes before midnight. The group manages to kill Emilia and Adrian, but the clock strikes midnight before they can defeat Gabriel. Jenny suddenly clutches to the floor in unbearable pain, and becomes possessed by Elizabeth. Gabriel goes to embrace Jenny, but she kills him. The group fights Jenny, but Dave can't bring himself to kill her. Jenny then incapacitates the others, and calls Dave a spineless worm who doesn't even deserve to live. Dave tells her that she's wrong, and kisses her. Jenny comes back, but tells Dave that she can't hold it in for long, and Dave tearfully kills her. The others regain consciousness and escape the school. As Trey and Alex celebrate having survived Zoey agrees to join the group permanently. The film ends with Dave says that he's ready for anything, and a werewolf is seen in the distance.


Corey Fogelmanis as Dave

Sierra McCormick as Zoey

Thomas Barbusca as Calvin

Brandon Soo Hoo as Trey

Sean Giambrone as Alex

Eduardo Franco as Bobby

Cary Elwes as Gabriel

Peyton List as Jenny

David Tennant as Father Williams

Rebecca Ferguson as Emilia

Calum Worthy as Adrian

Travis Hammer as Drago

Moises Arias as Flint

Kira Kosarin as Stacy

Jimmy Tatro as Doug

Jim Rash as Principal Jones


  • The film features six former Disney Channel stars: Corey Fogelmanis, Sierra McCormick, Logan Miller, Peyton List, Moises Arias, and Calum Worthy.


  • From the sick fuck who brought you Cold Feet and Black Friday.
  • Dances. Dates. And the undead.
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