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Xavier Mosley

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On The Way (2020–2029)


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On The Way (2020–2029)


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On The Way: The Ride


  • On The Way: The Animated Adventures: Songs To Dance To & Music To Listen To
  • The On The Way Movie: The Score
On The Way is an American animated comedy franchise focusing on a gang of five teenagers consisting of Lawrence Walters, Jake Miller, Gillan Karen, Flo Richard, and Sherrie MacLayne.

The franchise was created by Xavier Mosley and the characters debuted in the television series of the same name on December 6, 2020. A feature-length film to the television series, The On The Way Movie, was released in 2028.



Xavier Mosley had the idea in 2016 with a live-action film, yet, during fall 2019, he had decided to have his television series that was meant to succeed it be the first thing to start the franchise.

Main characters

The main characters are a gang of five teenagers that live in different parts of Corpus Christi.

OTW main characters image

The main characters. From left to right: Flo, Lawrence, Jake, Gillan, Sherrie.

  • Lawrence Walters, voiced by Xavier Mosley, is the teenage prodigy and inventor who had left his hometown Prescott to make a new life for himself.
  • Jake Miller, also voiced by Xavier Mosley, is one of Lawrence's friends and best friends with Gillan who had lost his family after an incident in his old neighborhood.
  • Flo Richard, voiced by Isabela Moner, is the gluttonous and buffoonish girlfriend of Lawrence and best friend of Sherrie that had dropped out of elementary school and to spend the rest of her fun.
  • Gillan Karen, voiced by Tucker Albrizzi, is Jake's best friend that shares almost everything in common with him.
  • Sherrie MacLayne, voiced by Ariel Winter, is the youngest member of the wealthy MacLayne family whose a former rival of Jake's.


On The Way

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The half-hour series premiered on December 6, 2020 with a Christmas special, entitled "December". On The Way takes place in the fictional version of Corpus Christi, Texas. Stephen Tobolowsky, Jenny Slate, Ty Burrell, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Jacob Hopkins serve as the voices of the supporting characters in addition to the main cast.


The On The Way Movie

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Columbia Pictures and Smashup Productions produce The On The Way Movie, an animated film that is set to release on June 9, 2028. The film will be directed by Rich Moore and written by writers Xavier Mosley, Jon Vitti, John Cohen, and The Simpsons veteran Mike Reiss.

Two Girls and a Hamster

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A short-film entitled Two Girls and a Hamster, focusing on Sherrie and Flo shown in theaters.

Video games

The franchise wasn't apparent on video games, and has only made two video games On The Way: The Game (2028) and On The Way: App-venture (2030). Electronic Arts is responsible for developing both games.


The merchandising business was to help promote the series' media.

Home releases

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On The Way has three CD releases of original songs featured in the series, including the opening theme music with Songs To Dance To & Music To Listen To from On The Way, and the score from and The On The Way Movie. One music video to the show is

Action figures

Both McFarlane Toys and Hasbro released a line of action figures, respectively promoting the 100th episode of the series and the film.



Image as seen on building sets.

In 2029, Lego produces a line of sets based on On The Way, including a collectable series of Lego Minifigures.


Minifigures – On The Way Series 1 16 different minifigures
The Boys' Apartment Lawrence, Jake, Gillan, Flo and Sherrie
Minifigures – On The Way Series 2 16 different minifigures
Lines Convenient Store Lawrence, Jake, Flo, Chalmer
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