The Olympic MascotZords are part of the Voltron Project, which all the heroes forge giant robotic versions of the Olympic Mascots.


  • SchussZord: A zord modeled after Schuss, the first mascot of the Olympics. Hidden in Grenoble.
  • WaldiZord: A zord modeled after Waldi. Hidden in Munich.
  • SchneemanZord: A zord modeled after Schneeman. Hidden in Innsbruck.
  • AmikZord: A zord modeled after Amik. Hidden in Montreal.
  • RoniZord: A zord modeled after Roni. Hidden in Lake Placid.
  • MishaZord: A zord modeled after Misha. Hidden in Moscow.
  • VuchkoZord: A zord modeled after Vuchko. Hidden in Sarajevo.
  • SamZord: A zord modeled after Sam the Olympic Eagle. Hidden in Los Angeles.
  • HowdyZord and HidyZord: Zords modeled after Howdy and Hidy. Hidden in Calgary.
  • HodoriZord: A zord modeled after Hodori. Hidden in Seoul.
  • MagiqueZord: A zord modeled after Magique. Hidden in Albertville.
  • CobiZord: A zord modeled after Cobi. Hidden in Barcelona.
  • HaakonZord and KristenZord: Zords modeled after Haakon and Kristen. Hidden in Lillehammer.
  • IzzyZord: A zord modeled after Izzy the Whatzit. Hidden in Atlanta.
  • SnowletZords: Zords modeled after the Snowlets. Hidden in Nagano.
  • SydZord, OllyZord, and MillieZord: Zords modeled after Syd, Olly, and Millie. Hidden in Sydney.
  • CoalZord, CopperZord, and PowderZord: Zords modeled after Coal, Copper, and Powder. Hidden in Salt Lake City.
  • AthenaZord and PhevosZord: Zords modeled after Athena and Phevos. Hidden in Athens.
  • NeveZord and GlizZord: Zords modeled after Neve and Gliz. Hidden in Torino.
  • FuwaZords: Five zords modeled after the Fuwa. Hidden in Beijing.
  • LyoZord and MerlyZord: Zords modeled after Lyo and Merly. Hidden in Singapore.
  • SumiZord, QuatchiZord, MigaZord, and MukmukZord: Zords modeled after Sumi, Quatchi, Miga, and Mukmuk. Hidden in Vancouver.
  • YogglZord: A zord modeled after Yoggl. Hidden in a location near Innsbruck.
  • WenlockZord and MandevilleZord: Zords modeled after Wenlock and Mandeville. Hidden in London.
  • NanjingLeleZord: A zord modeled after NanjingLele. Hidden in Nanjing.
  • SochiZords: Three zords modeled after the mascots Leopard, Zaika, and Bely Mishka. Hidden in Sochi.
  • ViniciusZord and TomZord: Zords modeled after Vinicius and Tom. Hidden in Rio de Janeiro.
  • SoohorangZord and BandabiZord: Zords modeled after Soohorang and Bandabi. Hidden in Pyongchang.
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