Oliver and the Magic Road is a 2001 Film. It was meant to be the only Oliver the Kitten film for the 2000s, but it was such a Box Office Success, so they made more from 2002-onwards, Starting with Oliver and the Storm.

Voice Cast


  • Sounds - Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse, and The Children's Choir
  • The Dream Song - Mirabelle
  • TBA


  • Originally, Luna was going to be killed by being ran over by The Freight Cars, but then Katherine Dillon (The Creater of the Character) saw the unfinished scene and said it would scare kids.
  • The Way Berlioz plays the Organ on top of The Coach is similar to How he played the piano in the Original Aristocats.
  • Oliver's Nightmare is Everyone with Thomas's O Face from Season 1.
  • Luna's Spooky Tale was a Hint to warn the Older fans about Seasons 8-12 meanwhile in the Future of Thomas and Friends.
  • Toulouse and Berlioz are the second pair to perform the trick on Boco the Green Diesel, with the First being Bill and Ben. Followed by Raha and Starehe in A The Lion King (franchise) film, Fuli and the Talking Trains.
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