Oliver and Rosie is a 1988 American animated feature film adventure drama romance musical comedy fantasy family produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and released by Universal Pictures.

New Characters



Additional Voices


  1. Oliver and Rosie (Opening Song) - Art Garfunkel and Sharon Campbell
  2. It's a Song About Romance - Oliver
  3. Rosie - Oliver
  4. Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart - Oliver and Robespierre
  5. Tell Me on a Sunday - Rosie
  6. Scarface - Scarface, Azrael and Scarface's henchcats
  7. Need Her Love/Don't Walk Away - Electric Light Orchestra
  8. Beautiful Swans - Rosie
  9. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles - Oliver and Robespierre
  10. Whizzpopping - Oliver (David Jason), Robespierre, Sam and Peter
  11. I Can See a Rainbow - Oliver (David Jason), Robespierre, Sparky, Wayne, Sam, Peter, Zippy, And The Telltale Birds
  12. I'm a Huge Sea Monster - Oliver (David Jason), Eddie the Huge Sea Monster, Sparky, Wayne, Sam, Peter and Zippy
  13. I'm a Super Hero Kitten - Robespierre
  14. Mirror, Mirror - Sharon Campbell
  15. Sometimes, Secretly - Sharon Campbell
  16. Rosie Reprise - Oliver, Rosie, Robespierre, Sparky, Wayne, Sam, Peter, Zippy, Thomas and Percy
  17. Two Worlds - Sharon Campbell and Paul Young (End Credits Song)


  • Rosie is a female white cat with pink ribbon on her head, pink collar on her neck, blue wide eyes, and pink ribbon on her tail.
  • She likes butterfly, flowers, water reflection, Oliver, Robespierre, human ladies, human teenage girls, human little girls, Meet Scarface, Paris, Madame Angela, champagne, milk, cafe, adventure, romance, horse riding, her friends, songs, dancing, ducklings, swans, stars, singing, Thomas and Percy the two kittens, Oliver is a hero, Sparky the mouse, Wayne the blue bird, Sam the ant, Peter the Caterpillar, Zippy, Notre Dame, wedding
  • She dislikes Scarface is evil, Azrael, Wolf Demon, Scarface's henchcats
  • Rosie looked up saw the butterfly on her head. She was a beautiful 15 year young with girl white cat with pink ribbon on her head, pink collar on her neck, blue wide eyes, and pink ribbon on her tail. and looked at her reflection in the pond and smiled and pick the flowers and smell the flowers and she talk to butterfly and fast asleep until woked up she heard someone singing. It was Oliver was singing and his best friend, Robespierre.
  • Madame Angela has two different voice actors because Hermione Baddeley was dead when they were still recording their lines, so, they got Theresa Nelson to Finish her lines.
  • Scarface, Azrael, Henchcats, Wolf Demon and Amanda chases Oliver, Rosie, Robespierre, Sparky, Wayne, Sam, Peter, Zippy, Bulldog, Pauline and The Telltable Birds.
  • Oliver, Robespierre, Sparky, Wayne, Sam, Peter, Zippy, Bulldog, Pauline, The Telltale Birds, Gordon and Eddie charged and fight Scarface, Azrael, Scarface's henchcats, Wolf Demon and Amanda in Paris Farm.
  • Inside the Paris Métro, Azrael and Scarface's Henchcats saw a train like a explosion. and they gets hits by the train.

Media releases

  • The film was first released on VHS by CIC Video and Universal on 28 October 1996 in the United Kingdom.


End Credits Art

  • Rosie giving Oliver a Present
  • Robespierre and Pauline kissing
  • Sam and Peter Painting Madame Angela’s Claws
  • Eddie Eating Wolf Demon for Dinner
  • Amanda in Jail
  • Japs, Jolly, and Jelly being groomed by their owner, Miss Bigg
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