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Plot Summary

Oggy, Jack, Bob, The Cockroaches, Olivia and Stan, and Zig and Sharko look for CEO Bird to convince them to stay for Christmas while Mario is in charge of Xilam.

Voice Cast

  • Billy West as Oggy/Ren and Stimpy/Sven/Stinky/Elmer Fudd
  • Roger Craig Smith as Jack/Bob/Sharko
    • Mr. Krinkle as Sharko (Singing)
  • Jeff Bergman as Joey/Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Sylvester/Tweety/Yogi Bear
  • Rob Paulsen as Marky/Gordon Quid/Mac
  • Eric Bauza as Dee Dee/Marvin The Martian
  • Sheryl Stone as Olivia/Rabot/Marina
  • Kaycie Chase as Stan
  • Jess Harnell as Zig/Tosh
  • Maurice LaMarche as Etno/Hovis
  • Jeff Bennett as Bud/Raj/Samson/Hubie and Bertie
    • Damon Jones as Bud (Singing)
  • Danny Mann as Gorgious
  • Charlie Adler as Candy/Stereo
  • Pamela Adlon as Lucky
  • Kath Soucie as Cadpig/Rolly/Perdita
  • Tara Strong as Spot/Marie/Olivia (Oggy's Girlfriend)
  • Kevin Schon as Pongo
  • Adam Devine as CEO Bird
  • Charles Martinet as Mario/Luigi
  • Matt L. Jones as Pig
  • Candi Milo as Goat
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Banana
  • Paul Rugg as Cricket
  • Frank Welker as Rapido/Furrball/Garfield
  • Wayne Knight as Mr. Blik
  • Kevin MacDonald as Waffle/Bagel
  • Tom Kenny as Heffer Wolfe/ScoutMaster Lumpus/Slinkman
  • Carlos Alazarqui as Rocko/Spunky/Lazlo/Clam
  • Dawg Lawrence as Filburt/Edward Platypus

French Cast

German Cast

Italian Cast

Spanish Cast

Songs/Ending Songs

  1. Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again - Oggy, Jack, Bob, and The Cockroches
  2. Looking for CEO Bird - Olivia and Stan
  3. Stupid Stupid Dumb Dumb - Characters
  4. Jingle Bells Rock - Stimpy and Bud
  5. Marvin's Lullaby - Marvin The Martian
  6. Yo, We're The Twins (AKA: The Paprika Twins Rap) - TBA
  7. Stupid Stupid Dumb Dumb (Oggy's Version) - Oggy
  8. Days Gone By (MLP) - Male Characters
  9. Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again (Reprise) - Everyone
  10. Humbug (End Credits Song) - Owl City

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  • The Paprika Twins lost intrest on Breadwinners after seeing the Ren and Stimpy pilot.

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