Office Number 2 is an upcoming 2020 hand-drawn animated comedy-adventure featurette directed, written, and produced by Cillian Darcy. It stars Chloë Grace Mortez as the lead. The film is set to be released on January 3, 2020.


Office worker Sophie is asked by her colleagues to work a bit late tonight, a request that she accepts because she needs the extra time to write a report. One night, Sophie feels her stomach rumbling and slowly growing while working and tries to avoid it, but she farts a little as the pressure in her is released.

She walks to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee to help her work hard. While working on her report with her coffee on her desk, Sophie feels her stomach rumbling again and desperately needs to use the toilet. She runs to the bathroom to go, but it's out of order. She decides to rush to the first floor of the building to get to the bathroom. She holds onto her butt and stomach as she desperately needs to go.

When the elevator arrives at the first floor, Sophie rushes into the bathroom, enters the stall, pulls down her pants, and sits on the toilet. After using the toilet, she flushes it, exits the stall, and washes her hands. Unfortunately, the flushing had awakened a monster living in the toilet. Its tentacles come out of the toilet and strip Sophie down to her underwear. The tentacles go back into the toilet, taking Sophie's shirt, pants, socks, and shoes with them. Embarrassed and scared, she runs around inside the building, trying to find a place to hide from everyone who was still inside the building during late shifts.

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