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OK K.O.! K.O., Steven, and the White Buffalo is an upcoming 2029 American animated superhero film by Cartoon Network. It was released on August 24, 2029.


K.O. is haunted by his dreams of a gigantic white buffalo. So much he along with his friends Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst travel the West to find the beast. Along the way, they meet Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo whom have seen the White Buffalo and uses them as their guides. Now both K.O. and Steven must work together to kill the elusive buffalo.


One night, K.O. is having a dream that he is trapped on a mysterious black hill, when suddenly a giant monster with thick fur and sharp horns approached him. Soon, it started chasing after him, so K.O. escaped until he was caught up in a dead end and was stabbed in the chest with its horns. K.O. wakes up screaming and crying, when Carol comes in, telling him everything will be ok. The next morning, K.O. has pancakes for breakfast, and then heads off to the Lakewood Plaza Turbo, where he finds a bunch of termites eating down the store and Boxmore. To cheer everyone up, K.O. decides to take his friends and his mother to CN City, along with Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous which they don't trust them at all, cause they're are their enemies. K.O. and his friends arrived at the CN City, they soon discovered the CN Bowling Ally is filled with lights which means there's a great party at the bowling ally. As they go inside, they reunite Steven and the Crystal Gems as he tells them about the crazy nightmare he had last night, but everyone thinks it's just a dream. Chef Hatchet rushes to CN Bowling Ally while shouting and panicking like a maniac, telling everyone of the "Return of the White Buffalo". Everyone ignores him, while K.O. is confused, and Chef Hatchet tells him that the legend of The White Buffalo has returned to this world, with that he shows everyone including K.O. some photos of the White Buffalo. As K.O. looks at the photo, he begins to recognize the creature he saw in his dream as he begins to panic, Chef Hatchet tells them that The White Buffalo lives on the other side of the CN world, The Wild West. Among the others suggestions is that someone should take on the beast, and that someone willing to do the job turns out to be Amethyst. Nearly everyone cheers, but K.O. is terrified and ask Amethyst to reconsider. Amethyst refuse to listen to his pleas and rushes out, so K.O., along with Radicles and Steven go after her. They arrived at the train station and they travel towards west, as they are on the train, Amethyst tells K.O., Radicles, and Steven about The White Buffalo claiming he's already attacking the Indian village, while they're talking about, they did not notice that Lord Boxman and his crew are on the train, they must've escape from Jasper and sneak into the train when they followed them to the Wild West, Shannon's plan is to throw the stink bomb in the train and she did, then they escape the train while no one else sees them. Soon enough, they arrived at Texas and spend the day there until tomorrow, they're search The White Buffalo somewhere in the mountains. During one night, K.O. is having a nightmare again where he is chased by The White Buffalo through the black hills of Dakota, and he was trapped again as the monster stabs him with his horn once again. K.O. then wakes up from his nightmare and start screaming in terror until Radicles throws a bucket of water at him. Radicles states to Amethyst that he told him that would quiet him down. Steven place a towel on the bed and comforts K.O. while stating to him that he must have had a horrible dream again. K.O. states it was and begins to explain how the dream went. Radicles interrupts midway and states that is really wacky, but they go to go. Steven scolds Radicles for saying that as nightmares can have lastings after effects. Steven explains the theory of how nightmares can do that to other people. The next morning K.O. and his friends begin to search for The White Buffalo in the Wild West. While traveling through the desert, K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst notice a wanted poster on a nearby tree. Looking at the wanted poster, Amethyst notice that it has Steven and K.O. displayed on it and the reward for their capture is 10,000 gold pieces. Hearing about the reward money, a creature rises from the bushes, revealing himself to be Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde, desiring the reward, begins to attack K.O. and his friends, only yo be stopped when he has a plunger thrown at and affixed to his face. Overhearing about it, Lord Boxman has a job for his son, Darrell to send him to prison. While trekking up a hill of sand, K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst are suddenly confronted by Lord Boxman's second-in-command, Sheriff Darrell, and his brigade of clones and horses. After hearing Darrell's plan to capture them, K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst begin to run for it, with Darrell and his clones and horses chasing them. Running from Darrell and his clones, K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst come to a dead end: a flowing river. With Darrell approaching quickly, Amethyst decides to use several logs flowing down the river as stepping-stones to cross it. After K.O. crosses the river, Steven and Amethyst does the same, as does Radicles who narrowly makes it. Seeing K.O. and the others cross the river, Sheriff Darrell orders his clones to do the same. Unfortunately, his clones fail to make it across and fall over a waterfall, leaving Darrell to cry and mourn their fate as well as his failures to capture the trio. Later, at a small town Kid Boxman is in the process of reprimanding his son for his failures in capturing K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst. After having several threats thrown at him, Darrell begins trying to calm down his father, saying he will hire every available bounty hunter to track down K.O.'s group. Later that night K.O. and the others arrived at the tavern, while there they meet Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo who claimed that they saw The White Buffalo and they decide to use them as their guides, they went to the room and they all went to sleep, but K.O. couldn't take it anymore, he runs away from his friends and find the monster so he could kill him all by himself with out anyone's help. Steven tries to stop him from finding The White Buffalo, but he keeps running away from him and didn't know where he was going as he falls into a deep chasm, luckily he was caught on a branch and Steven attempts to save him with his jacket and pulls him up, then they realize that they we're lost and they decided to rest under a tree until they come and get them. Back at CN City, K.O.'s mother Carol grew worried about her son's disappearance somewhere in the Wild West, she suggest that they must go there and find her son, along with Enid, Mr. Gar, Dendy, Pearl, Garnet, Peridot, Bismuth, Lapis Lazuli, and Jasper. Soon they arrived at the Wild West town and explored around the Town to find K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst, they discovered a wanted poster that says "Wanted! Dead or Alive? Butch Steven and the K.O. kid" which causes Carol to faint, they couldn't believe that they're wanted criminals. They stopped at the Gold Nugget Restaurant so they can eat there while the gems (except Jasper) do not eat. Jasper pours water at Carol waking her up as Carol eats, they explain to her that K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst are going into a lot of trouble if they could get themselves hurt, they ask the waiter if he/she knows where their kids are, then the Waiter tells them that they were here in a minute ago when they're planning to stop the White Buffalo and Carol and the others rush out of the restaurant to rescue K.O., Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst. The Next Morning Radicles and Amethyst along with Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo found K.O. and Steven resting in the tree and continue their search for the White Buffalo himself. In the desert, K.O., Steven, (now wearing cowboy outfits) Radicles (now wears an American Native outfit) and Amethyst (wearing The Lone Ranger outfit) are on the search for The White Buffalo, come across another wanted poster, this one saying Steven and K.O. are wanted for 30,000 gold pieces. As K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst talk about their unfortunate fate, a nearby Farthing wood Owl, seeing the wanted poster, snickers to herself and flies away. They continue their search through the forest and encounter some squirrels, including Crack, Brush, and Hoppity. Things get worse when they're at the Sudden Death Valley and they didn't bring water, then they meet Rolf and kindly let's them stay in his house for a while until they continue their search for the White Buffalo tomorrow. During one night K.O. had a hideous nightmare for the third time where The White Buffalo chases him and impales K.O.'s face and crashes through the mountain as an explosion, K.O. wakes up screaming causing everyone to wake up and started crying as he told them what happened, They comfort him and telling him that they'll find that monster and kill him once and for all. Somewhere in the desert, Carol and the crew are still searching for K.O. and his three friends, when Lapis Lazuli arrives back telling them that theres another Wild West City on the other side of the desert and they decided to go there. At the small town, everyone went to the tavern and eat there, then they were confronted by Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo who they had seen K.O. and the others to look for the White Buffalo as they told them about it, then they decided to use them as their guides to help them look for K.O. and his friends. They continue their search in the forest, then they spotted a man riding a horse in the night, Jasper grabs the man and tide him up while Carol gets on a horse and ride it to get more so they could all go ride on them. Later they arrived at the farm where they found K.O. and his three pals, they became really angry when they realize they've been fooling around for nothing, they decided to ground them for a month not believing that they could catch the White Buffalo, suddenly K.O.yells out saying something to his mother that hurts her feelings, she scolds him for everything and Radicles tries to get them to calm down, but they're still angry at them, Rolf calms them down and they could get a sleep for the night. However while everyone's asleep at Rolf's house, Amethyst leads her friends off in the night, in hope they could find the White Buffalo before they are caught. Reaching the cave above the mountains where it can lead them to Black Hills of South Dakota, only to be surrounded by Sheriff Darrell and his clones. Wielding a gun, Darrell suddenly gets an argument with a Farthing Wood Owl from before, who wants her reward money for telling him of K.O. and his three friends' location. With Darrell distracted, K.O., Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst, after knocking aside several clones, steal their horses and run. Darrell after lighting the fuse of the bomb, throws it at a nearby boulder, releasing it and causing to roll down at K.O.'s group. Running from the boulder, K.O.'s group find themselves in the town, with an army of Darrell clones in front of them. Seeing a nearby building advertising free Italian food, K.O., Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst manage to run for it, dodging the boulder, which bowls over the Darrell clones. Inside the building K.O., Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst are horrified to find Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous in it. A taunting Boxman proceeds to force them into a nearby prison cell and crushes the cell key in his hand. Coming up with a plan, Amethyst yells that she's dying of thirst. Amethyst's cries eventually attract an annoyed Sheriff Darrell, who proceeds drinking a glass of water in front of them, trying to be cruel. As Darrell finishes his drink ,he notices that Radicles and Amethyst are playing a game of Patty Cake. Wanting to know what they're doing, Darrell is shoved by Amethyst and has his hat knocked off, which K.O. quickly hides himself under. Claiming to be delusional of thirst, they are left off with a warning by Darrell, who leaves the building and enters a nearby, bar. Darrell, after setting his hat and K.O. down on a table, goes to get a drink. With Darrell gone, K.O. sees a bag of bombs, which he grabs then quickly leaves the bar. Outside, K.O. light the Fuse of a bomb and sends it into the bar, where it blows up. K.O. runs to the prison cell that Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst are held and blasts the wall down, freeing, as well as dazing them. Seeing that they're are free, Sheriff Darrell some of his clones out to capture them. K.O., Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst manage to evade the robots and, taking some nearby horses, travel to the cave that it can lead them to Black Hills of South Dakota where The White Buffalo. Traveling into the cave, they bumped into wall; using some bombs to knock down that wall, K.O. blows up the wall, with Radicles caught in the blast. Amethyst, after happily seeing that Radicles survived the blast, rushes him outside for some fresh air, Radicles having inhaled a large amount of dust. Outside, they find themselves surrounded by Lord Boxman and the crew. Lord Boxman suddenly challenges K.O. to a duel, with a nearby Farthing Wood Weasel's cheep acting the countdown. Suddenly, Lord Boxman pulls out a gun before the countdown is done and has it shoot as pistol at K.O.'s group. Dodging the pistol, Radicles pulls out a gun and begins shooting at Lord Boxman's crew. When everyone fighting against each other, the roar of the might White Buffalo is heard as the rock slide begins to collapse and everyone begin to panic, Lord Boxman's crew has retreated while K.O.'s group entered the cave and were sealed in by the rock slide, now that there's a passage in a cave, they begin to traveled through the dark cave. As everyone are in the cave, they were confronted by a huge bear who begins to chase after them for his lunch, they ended up to a dead end, then Amethyst has an idea, she drew a circle around them just as the Bear appears and notice they're now in circle and growls at them in a warning for now being safe, before leaving the area. K.O. and his three friends are relieved the creature is finally gone and notice another tunnel on the other side of the cave and go through to see where it takes them. Meanwhile in the Wild West, Lord Boxman and the crew are confronted by Carol and the crew who are out still looking for K.O., Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst, Darrell has said something which has revealed to them that K.O. and Steven are wanted criminals which make Carol really angry, she ask them where her son and the others are, Lord Boxman points to the cave that they entered to look for the White Buffalo, Carol and the others decided to go enter the cave while Lord Boxman and the crew are sent to prison cell for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile K.O. and his three friends made it to Black Hills of South Dakota and go straight to the White Buffalo's lair while the night falls. As K.O. and his three friends made it, K.O. begins to recognize the place from his nightmare where he was being chased by The White Buffalo, K.O. suddenly falls down into the forest where he lands on the creature with white fur and sharp horns, he was paralyzed in fear when he recognize.... The White Buffalo, the same creature he saw in his dream and Amethyst's story flashback. The White Buffalo sees him and started chasing after him along with Steven, Radicles, and Amethyst through the dark forest. Meanwhile at prison cell, Darrell plans to escape by knocking out the sheriff and grabs the key so they can get outta here and make their way to the cave to find K.O. and his three friends and the White Buffalo himself. Back in Black Hills of South Dakota, K.O. and his three friends have formulate a plan, K.O. and Steven takes a stand to kill the beast with their rifle guns while Radicles and Amethyst are hiding in the bushes, The White Buffalo charges through the trees and attacks K.O. and the others after they messed up their guns and the White Buffalo himself begins to chase them through the dark woods. Unaware to them that Carol and the crew finally arrived at Black Hills of South Dakota and find K.O. and his three friends trapped by the White Buffalo when Carol breaths her blue-like fire at the White Buffalo against the trees unconsciously. Carol is now really angry at her son and decides to ground him for two years, while Enid scolds Radicles for being stupidity and the Crystal Gems scolding Steven for being stupidity as well and Jasper scolds her sister for everything she has lead to. While K.O., Radicles, Steven, and Amethyst are being scold at, The White Buffalo reappears after Carol beams her fire at the creature and start attacking K.O. and the others. K.O. tries to shoot the White Buffalo, but he was too powerful to resist, Carol tries to stop him, The White Buffalo knocks her out and tries to kill her, but K.O. saves her and lead him to the cliff where he attempts to sacrifice to save his friends as he and the White Buffalo fall into a edge of a cliff, The White Buffalo mauls him to death and gives him a scar in his right eye, he was caught on a cliff while his horns were stuck as the White Buffalo falls and roars for one last time before he dies. K.O. survives and Rolf shows up to help him to get to the other side, Amethyst morphs into a bridge making everyone walked through the bridge. They all went into a Saloon celebrating their victory after the White Buffalo's death, Amethyst makes a speech in front of everyone and they ungrounded them since K.O. has saved everyone's life and Enid gives Radicles another chance if they can be friends again. Amethyst morphs into a giant horse and they road back home where they discovered that both stores are fixed, all because of Punching Judy and other Heroes of Lakewood Plaza Turbo and K.O. tells them everything about his biggest adventure yet. K.O. and his three pals decided to go back to Texas for a vacation while Carol and the others waved goodbye for their vacation at Texas.


  • Courtenay Taylor as K.O.
  • Ashly Burch as Enid, Mrs. Mummy, Gladys, Rippy Roo
  • Ian Jones-Quartey as Radicles, Crinkly Wrinkly, Darrell
  • David Herman as Mr. Gar, Brandon, Jethro
  • Melissa Fan as Dendy
  • Jim Cummings as Lord Boxman
  • Kate Flannery as Carol
  • Kari Wahlgren as Shannon
  • Robbie Daymond as Raymond
  • Cole Sanchez as Colewort
  • Melissa Villaseñor as Punching Judy, Potato, Drupe, Mega Football Baby
  • Kali Hawk as Red Action
  • Ben Jones as A Real Magic Skeleton
  • Andrés du Bouchet as Joe Cuppa
  • Chris Niosi as Ernesto, Nick Army, Pird, Neil
  • James Urbaniak as Joff the Shaolin Monk, Mr. Logic
  • Deven Mack as Chef Hatchet
  • Zach Callison as Steven Universe
  • Estelle as Garnet
  • Michaela Dietz as Amethyst
  • Deedee Magno-Hall as Pearl
  • Shelby Rabara as Peridot
  • Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli
  • Miriam Hyman as Bismuth
  • Kimberly Brooks as Jasper
  • Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo
  • Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers
  • Peter Kelamis as Rolf





  • This is the fourth OK K.O.! crossover with other Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. universes (Steven Universe in particular) but the third one to be the movie.
  • This film marks the first appearance of The White Buffalo since 1977 movie of the same name.
  • The film is followed by a miniseries named K.O.'s Wild West Adventures.


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