OK K.O.! Jasper and Me is an upcoming American animated crossover comedy film based on between OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!, Steven Universe, and Mega Celestial Maia. It was released on June 24, TBA.


After meeting up with the Crystal Gem Officers in a different world (and new hero Maia Parker A.K.A. Mega Celestial Maia), K.O. meets a large gem named Jasper who is always very aggressive, powerful, and threatening compared to the other Gems, everyone's afraid of her except K.O., he decides to help her out and learn about friendship.


K.O. wakes up in the morning and gets ready for work, his mother Carol drops him off at work and meets up with Enid and Radicles. However, they told him it is his day off because he didn't notice, so K.O. left the bodega sadly and walked into the street. K.O. met Dendy at the side of the Bodega and spoke to her, then an idea popped out his head, he knew there's one person he must meet again, Garnet. While Dendy is confused, he tells her how he met her a long time ago as he, Garnet, Ben, and Raven battle against Strike with his magic pen. So he orders her to build a dimension machine so K.O. goes to reunite her in the place called CN City, K.O. would rather go alone instead so Dendy gives K.O. a time button to go back to his home, and with that K.O. jumped through the portal and began traveling through a vortex.

In a familiar part of the CN City, a vortex appears right in front of the building and K.O. came out of the portal and went straight to find his old friend Garnet. K.O. notice that the CN City was quiet, all the buildings are closed, the stores are closed, everything is empty, K.O. is thinking that Strike is behind this again. Someone else sees K.O. in confusion and appears, Mega Celestial Maia appears and introduces herself to K.O. and both of them teamed up to help find their friends. While the two walked in an alley, K.O. falls in a hole and Maia goes down to help him get out, all of a sudden they look at a giant footprint as K.O. mentioned from when the enemy stomped the ground making him lose his balance. Maia gets full intel and the photo of the footprint, they safely got out of the hole from the alley. As K.O. and Maia were walking into the street, the police car almost ran over them as Maia grabbed K.O. and evaded the car causing them to scream in cover but it stopped. K.O. fears they might arrest him and Maia, but then he sees a familiar face, it was his old friend Garnet who is the chief of the Crystal Gem Officers. K.O. was very glad to see her, she along with the Crystal Gems including Steven Universe and Maia introduces themselves to them, then Garnet warns them about a large gem name Jasper who's very aggressive and very dangerous which she was the reason why the CN City was so quiet because all the citizens of CN City are afraid of her. Regardless, K.O. can handle it but they told him that he had no idea what he's up against. They describe him that Jasper is very big, strong, gigantic, aggressive, and scary with that Amethyst shows him as she transforms into Jasper as she was showing him what she looks like, which made K.O. jumped in horror, now Garnet orders him to go home and be safe as they left, K.O. and Maia walk in the park. While there, they meet up with Cyborg and Beast Boy who also warn K.O. and Maia about Jasper, claiming she has already attacked poor citizens of CN City. Maia gives K.O. a device to contact each other so she can assist any of the victims, K.O. walks in the dark forest.

As K.O. walked into the darkness, he can sense something on his back. He turns around mentioning that he feels like someone is trying to sell him something. He becomes frightened by the sound of the giant footsteps coming from off in the distance, and he dashed out of the forest as he suddenly saw the scary shadow of Jasper while he screamed and ran and ran out of the forest. As he must find the place to be safe, K.O.'s stomach begins to grumble as he goes to go eat at a restaurant. K.O. went into Kid's Meal restaurant as he went to the register to order a Hamburger, Fries, Chicken, and Coke. K.O. went into the table and ate his lunch. Meanwhile back at the Bodega, a worried Enid rushes to Radicles clarifying that K.O.'s been gone missing. They searched everywhere asking some witnesses what happened to K.O., by the time they went to Dendy if she knew where K.O. is. Dendy tells them she has helped make Enid steam in an infuriating look, they all transport in CN City and look for K.O.. Back in the restaurant while everyone was eating, a wall crashed through and there came a large gigantic gem which everyone's afraid of, K.O. couldn't believe what he saw, he knew that Gem was none other than Jasper. The gem that Garnet and the Crystal Gem officers warn him about, Jasper threatens the cashier to give her a large monster hamburger or else she'll strangle him, so he frighteningly give her a meal and cries in fear, K.O. had never seen a giant aggressive woman like that before in a long time. Then she threatens the cashier even worse, K.O. has had enough he stands up to the giant gem to leave him alone or else, but Jasper laughs at him because he was so small and tiny she even called him a pipsqueak. K.O. wants to challenge her to duel in the streets, then she agrees with a sinister smile and meets her at 3:00 on the dot, as she leaves the restaurant K.O. must get ready for the duel. Maia witnessed the incident between K.O. and Jasper feeling concerned for K.O.'s safety.

Enid, Radicles, and Dendy are finding K.O. around the city and bumped into Ed, Edd (Double D), and Eddy. They told them everything about K.O. exploring around the city and wanting to battle Jasper, the three quickly finds K.O.. At the street, Steven and the Crystal Gems with Maia included arrived and sees K.O. getting ready to battle Jasper. They were in shock that K.O. is going to be dead meat, the two made a deal beyond CN City's condition and fights each other. Enid, Radicles, and Dendy heard a loud laugh coming from the street signaling K.O.'s direction, they saw Jasper fighting K.O. and Enid and Radicles pounces on Jasper to protect K.O.. Being claimed defeated, Jasper runs away tearfully and they all cheered for K.O. and the Crystal Gem Officers with Maia were very impressed. However after the fight, K.O. feels sorry for Jasper and is determined to be friends with her. But nobody agrees with K.O. to help Jasper, K.O. takes everyone to Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Mr. Gar, infuriated, confronts his employees of where they have been without their assistance fighting Lord Boxman's army with the help of Carol. The Bodegamen told them everything they had to find K.O. from CN City and mentioning the truth behind Jasper, Carol takes K.O. home after the perplexing explanation. Later that night, K.O. is having a sleepover with some of his other friends. In the morning, K.O. had another bad nightmare about Jasper and decides to go find her himself. K.O. goes back to CN City and everything is fine since the incident before, he asks everyone where Jasper is and everybody becomes terrified of Jasper, leaving K.O. in a distraught state. But the only one who knows about Gems is none other than Steven Universe's dad, Greg Universe, Greg discusses him with other Gems and still thinks Jasper is an evil Gem. The location where the villains are is at Mount Massive Asylum, K.O. proceeds to enter the dangerous zone. The building's inhabited by several monsters and villain residents behind sealed doors screaming to be released, such as the mysterious Violin Girl, who scares away K.O. with a demonic face so she can practice her violin uninterrupted. As he went inside the darkroom escaping from the other villains, he was approached by Jasper preparing herself to get revenge him, as she chases him along with the other villains, as the other villains leave, Jasper continues to chase K.O. until she stops and looks out the window sadly, K.O. begs her to become nice to other people and become his new best friend, but she initially turns him down but changes her mind as she considers the promised about friendship, so K.O. spends the night at Mount Massive Asylum with Jasper as they both fall asleep. Back at K.O.'s house, Carol's shriek woke everyone up discovering K.O.'s been missing after he wrote a letter to head back to CN City. Maia uses her portal watch to zap the household into the city. Cyborg and Beast Boy told them about K.O. in the search for Jasper, the heroes divided into groups to find some answers on K.O.'s whereabouts. At Mount Massive Asylum, the other villains are having breakfast until Trigon burst to the door telling them that the Mount Massive Asylum's Superintendent Darkseid is coming, in the chapel Darkseid declares his intention to eliminate the Mount Massive Asylum. In Administration block, Jasper and her friends discuss Darkseid's modifications to their school, Darkseid and Trigon speak to each other as Trigon shows Darkseid how the villains got their super strength, which he was impressed as they include the villains leaving the scene, K.O. manages to get her to leave Asylum so he can show her the world outside, so they escape Mount Massive Asylum, the villains are in shock to see that their friend leaves with K.O. which they become upset, Darkseid orders Trigon to go out to look for Jasper and K.O. on the streets. Ben and Raven meet K.O.'s friends and help them track down K.O., they encounter Trigon after he crashed and harshly asks him what they do to K.O., he managed to use something to teleport avoiding trouble with them.

At the Zoo, Jasper and K.O. are learning about animals. Jasper is still not interested of nature around her, the two heard K.O.'s friends on what happened to K.O.. Jasper flees quietly, K.O. comes out of the bushes and is reunited with everyone else. They did not notice that K.O. is secretly with Jasper the whole time, he tricks them by going to the bathroom as he runs from the others, they become suspicious that something's up with K.O.. Just then, they notice K.O. is with Jasper the whole time, K.O. was promised to help her with something. Amethyst sees this and throws a large rock at Jasper's head. This infuriates Jasper and she flings the rock back, which ends up hitting Radicles. Rizzo the Rat meanwhile consumes the rat poison, thinking he has immunity, and dies as a result. K.O. and Jasper continue to see all the animals in the zoo, they are suddenly busted by his mother and others looking very angry, then Jasper and K.O. ran away. K.O. continuously insults them thinking they're too slow to catch up, only to soon realize that they're very fast and catching up to them. Carol lassos Johnny and Plank instead of K.O. and Jasper and pulls him to her, and a nuclear explosion is shown in the background as he disappears. K.O. and Jasper still hoping to reach to Prehistoric Park, K.O. begins to screaming as they ran as fast as they could. Carol and the others are catching up, but surrounded by other people, now both K.O. and Jasper got inside the Prehistoric Park as the door shuts completely while Carol screams over her son's captured. K.O. and Jasper are in Prehistoric Park, they explore around the park and learn more about dinosaurs. Meanwhile back in the zoo, a tearful Carol and everyone must find a way to go in the park. Maia uses her powers to track down something to open the door to Prehistoric Park, Ben is relied to find the switch and everyone else goes to the mysterious building when Ben accesses the door. Back in the Prehistoric Park, K.O. and Jasper find a restaurant and eat there. While eating and enjoying themselves, they were introduced by Fred Flintstone and Captain Caveman and explained to them of how they build this place. Meanwhile Ben is searching for the generator so he can open the doors for them when suddenly he is overcrowded by Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Monsters as one of them is trying to eat him, then he goes through a hole and finally finds a generator and attempts to open the door. Meanwhile outside the Prehistoric Park, Carol and the others are greeted by Captain Planet and told him what happened, then the door opens and they discovered that the place is filled with Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures, they find Ben and continue their search for K.O. and Jasper. Meanwhile back at Mount Massive Asylum, Darkseid, infuriated, confronts Trigon that he couldn't find Jasper and K.O. in the streets. Doomsday falls from the ceiling mention something about the zoo, they decided to go there and find Jasper. Back in Prehistoric Park, K.O. and Jasper explores park talking about the history of dinosaurs. Captain Planet and the rest goes inside the door to Prehistoric Park, they found Ben injured and continued their journey. As they were on a search, a Pterodactyl appears and they duck from it, suddenly an angry Stegosaurus started chasing them for his kill. Meanwhile on the other hand, K.O. and Jasper are being chased by a large hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex for his prey. Outside the park and the zoo, Darkseid and his crew arrived and search for Jasper. Back in the park, things get really crazy when Carol and the crew started chasing K.O. and Jasper in the park while Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus battle against each other, Carol and the others chases them around the park, which results in a chase throughout the the hallway. K.O. and Jasper ended up in the other room locking it, but Bismuth knocks down the door, K.O. tries to explain, but nothing work. Jasper runs away tearfully and K.O. chases after her when Garnet orders Lapis to go follow him without noticing her. Somewhere in the park, Jasper sat by the rock crying when K.O. arrives and the two argue a little bit when K.O. told her what really happened about the fight, Jasper now realizes that she almost crushed K.O. after making him dizzy and Enid and Radicles shows up and attack Jasper, she apologize to K.O. and she and K.O. leave all the way through the park. As they were about to leave, they were suddenly fallen into a trap when the other villains arrived and they carried them back to their place, little didn't they know that Lapis saw the whole thing and went straight back to the others and told them that they were captured, now Carol and the others go back to the bodega and get Mr. Gar for their help. Back the bodega, Mr. Gar is shocked about K.O. being kidnapped and Darrell and the robot siblings heard them about the incident. 

At Boxmore, Lord Boxman and his friend Professor Venomous are discussing planning to destroy the Bodega of Mr. Gar, until suddenly Darrell and the robots burst through the doors to tell them about K.O. being captured by someone else. Back at Mount Massive Asylum, Darkseid attempts to make K.O. a sacrifice, but Jasper breaks out of prison and saves K.O. and the other villains begin to chase after them, they fall into a sewer underneath Mount Massive Asylum and they attempt to find a way out of the sewer. As they go through several chambers, enter a pipe and spot The Walrider as it passes through a tunnel. As they move throughout the region, they find Father Martian singing on the other side of a pile of rocks, not knowing that K.O. and Jasper are there. They enter the room and find a non-violent Variant, who informs them that Dr. Wernicke is dead. As they make their escape by climbing down the ladder, the villains enter the room and chase them down and K.O. and Jasper go up to the other room and Jasper locks and blocks the door so they couldn't enter the room. As they continue traveling, they find a kitchen, where they witness a variant eating the organs of a man whose head is being cooked in a microwave; upon moving closer, the microwave head explodes covering K.O. in blood splatter. They go outside the courtyard and are chased by the villains once again, they go back inside and go to the room and close the door. While they were relaxing on a couch, Trigon ambushed them and they were taken to Underground Lab. Somewhere in CN City, Lord Boxman and the crew arrived and search for K.O., then they went straight towards Mount Massive Asylum after they leave CN City and they were greeted by villains, Lord Boxman introduces himself and the crew to Darkseid and explain about their archenemy K.O. and decides to come work for Darkseid and his crew, Darkseid accept his actions and welcomes Lord Boxman and his gang to the villain club.

Mr. Gar and the heroes are still searching for K.O. in the city and they encounter an injured variant, he tells them about Mount Massive Asylum. They enlist Cyborg and Beast Boy's help and they took them to a place that has all the heroes in the world. At the Hall of heroes, they were greeted by Superman, leader of the Justice League and Cyborg explains to him about K.O. being captured and he and the others promised to go and rescue the child. Carol reminds Batman who says Jasper "doesn't look so tough" about her son. Afterwards, she tells Batman to take them to Mount Massive Asylum.

Tied up and suspended upside down, Both K.O. and Jasper awakens to find Trigon is attempting to kill them both. When they asked why Trigon replies that Jasper ruined his life and vows to make sure it never happens again. Jasper claims that she can't remember the lives of everyone she ruined, but she eventually comes to remember her past with Trigon. They then have a flashback to Graduation Day for Heroes and Villains high school, Jasper gets an A+ for spelling, Trigon gets an F- and Jasper tells Trigon to go back in his gay. Trigon is just getting his revenge. Enid, Radicles, Carol, Mr. Gar, and Dendy, arrived with Ben Tennyson, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Steven Universe, the Crystal Gems, Maia, and the Justice League who informs who tells Carol that she has to commit incest, which Bane laughs at. The two of them are then informed that Trigon has indeed usurped the operation. After battling the villains, Superman asks Goro of where has Darkseid taken K.O. and Jasper to and he answered them Underground Lab. After further navigation, they entered a small room with a dead guards, and a wall of glass diving them and Rudolf Wernicke. Wernicke explains that Billy Hope must die, as he's the current host of the Walrider, and killing him would end the Walrider. They decided that they will carry out Wernicke's wishes and murder Billy. While they search for K.O. and Jasper, they were chase by The Walrider and Frank Manera through the hallway. Trigon is torturing Jasper and K.O., then Bane shows up and informs him that somebody must've break into Mount Massive Asylum as he and Trigon left, Jasper manage to break free so K.O. can escape and search for his family. As he escapes, he enters the room with several variants, who are stabbing the police officer on a table; they offer to let K.O. stab him as well. When he expresses reluctance, the lead Variant gives K.O. the chance to leave, so he does. As he exits the room, he's confronted by another variant, and runs through a few rooms to escape through an air vent; as he's crawling through the vent, he hears some other villains about the plan building 2 giant robots with Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous, K.O. was in shock to hear the news, as the villains left, he goes outside the recreation area. As he continue his journey to find his family, he encounters the twins, mysterious variants, standing on the other side of the fence. They discuss the idea of killing K.O. and taking his tongue and liver, but decide not to do so yet, believing it to be impolite towards Darkseid, who told them not to touch K.O. There he continues into the basketball court and is harassed by a hostile inmate who tries to assault him for interrupting the basketball game. Several other inmates are also there, one in a straitjacket, one comforting another, and the two guarding the exit to the basket ball court. The Twins also catch up to K.O.. When K.O. escapes (one shoving K.O. on the way out), the inmates don't follow him. K.O. climbs up the ladder and makes his way to an empty guard post and across the adjoining walkway. While walking, he can hear an unseen calling for help, and briefly encounters another inmate running past him from the opposite direction. He keeps walking and spots another inmate leaning against the railing and speaking cryptically about how "Billy understood" about how "they'll tell you it's science but it's not". K.O. eventually finds a door and enters the prison. While he travels through prison, he was pursued by Bebop and Rocksteady. Jasper manages to rescue him, fighting off the vicious monsters. Jasper helps K.O. looks for his family, he and Jasper soon come across the other heroes as they reunited his family as he tells them everything and about the plotting, they investigate everything that they're building mysterious robots, suddenly Sparking Quake and Icy Charm, Maia's friends show up out of nowhere as they go reunited with her as she introduces her friends to some other heroes, suddenly the Walrider appears out of nowhere and starts attacking the other heroes, Maia remembers what Dr. Werneckie had told them, is to kill Billy Hope, the Walrider's host. K.O. and Steven reaches to the top and kills Billy, everyone left the lab before there is more danger awaiting for them. After all the hard work in the lab, everyone is recovering and is still wondering about the scene of the crime. They started to get prepared, then they're having dinner and K.O. is telling everyone a story of how he and Jasper became friends and Jasper becomes a hero and friend to all the other heroes, they finally accept Jasper to be part of them.

On the next day, everyone in CN City gets prepared for war to battle the villains and variants. The heroes arrived at Mount Massive Asylum and battle against the villains and the variants, K.O. and Jasper on the other hand go into the Underground Lab and battle against Darkseid, but Jasper wants to battle Darkseid alone without K.O.'s help, so she orders him to stay put as she goes to investigate. Darkseid arrives, and the two powerful giants battle. K.O. watch as Jasper is still battling against Darkseid without his help, when suddenly Chris Walker appears along with Robot Jasper and started chasing K.O. once again, only to be surrounded by the angry villains and the notable variants. Carol and the other heroes show up to his rescue and battle against all the villains and the variants, they rush to where Jasper is battling Darkseid. The only possibility to defeat Darkseid is too find a powerful crystal to end Darkseid's rampage. Maia and Steven goes out quickly to find the crystal while the other heroes battle Darkseid, but more bad news occurred saying there is a bomb set to explode soon. Steven and Maia tosses the crystal to Jasper, everyone rushed out Mount Massive Asylum before it explodes. The war is over and the heroes cheered, but bittersweet for a tearful K.O. to lose his only best friend and the heroes consoles him. Instead of him feeling sorrow about Jasper, Amethyst is tearfully upset the heroes misjudged her by her rights. However, Jasper survived the explosion and everyone hugged with her. Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous appears in the scene and Jasper sends them away.

Later that night, somewhere in CN City, Everyone is having a blast in Prehistoric Park filled with lights, K.O. promises Jasper that she'll never be a jerk to anyone and never be with the other villains. She makes new friends with K.O., his Mother Carol, Enid, Radicles, and Mega Celestial Maia. Yumi and Ami performed a song for K.O. and Jasper's victory as everyone dances around the Prehistoric Park, so does the Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals. The movie ends with K.O. deserving to be the hero with Garnet, Ben, Raven, Maia, Jasper and (eventually) Robin? Although, Jasper kicks him out of the ending scene.

In the mid-credits scene, Jasper and K.O. chill with Enid, Radicles, Carol, and Mr. Gar. After the credits, Maya returned to her hometown of Warlington, Pennsylvania doing an artwork that she embarked with K.O. and the rest of the characters and places it on her wall to remember the new friends she made.


Home Media

It was released on theaters on June TBA and on DVD on September TBA.


Mortal Kombat series and other Midway Video Games

  • Caricatures of Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Li Mei, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs, Johnny Cage, and Cassie Cage are among the people in the crowd who are afraid of Jasper.
    • In addition, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion is mentioned in the form of Mr. Hasashi's Cooking Bar in which is seen as a newspaper advertisement.
  • A car from Spy Hunter is seen.

DC Universe

  • Metropolis, the setting for the Superman comics is mentioned.
    • In addition, lookalikes of various Superboys also appear as one of the people who are afraid of Jasper.
  • Gotham, Blüdhaven and St. Roch, the settings for the Bat-Family related comics are mentioned and a Skyline of Gotham is seen in a Newspaper.
    • In addition, some of the Batmobiles as seen in the comics and the Adaptations are also seen, albeit in modified forms.
  • Central City and Keystone City, the neighboring cities in the Flash comics are mentioned and Skylines of them are seen in postcards.
    • In addition, Jay Garrick aka the Golden Age Flash also makes a cameo appearance.
  • Star City, the setting for the Green Arrow comics makes an appearance in a Newspaper.
    • Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is also mentioned.
  • Themyscira, the setting for the Wonder Woman comics makes an appearance in a postcard.
  • Coast City, the setting for the Silver Age Green Lantern comics makes an appearance in a postcard.

Wizarding World (Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts)

  • Hogwarts is seen in a postcard.
  • A caricature of Lord Voldemort is seen in a wanted Poster.
  • A lookalike of Newt Scamander is seen as one of the people who report the Carnage that Jasper made in the film.


  • Gandalf's clothes are seen in a Clothing Store.
    • In addition, his Hat is seen in the dump.
  • A caricature of Frodo is seen reporting the Carnage that Jasper made.
  • Thu's Island Fortress is seen in a postcard.

The Matrix

  • A lookalike of Neo is seen.


  • Scooby-Doo is seen in one of the Animals in the crowd who are afraid of Jasper.


  • This is the second OK K.O.! crossover with other Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. universes (Steven Universe in particular) but the first one to be a movie.
  • Kermit the Frog from The Muppets makes a cameo in this movie.
    • In addition to him appearing, other lookalikes of Muppet characters are seen as well.
  • King Ghidorah, one of the most famous kaiju in the Godzilla franchise, was one of the monsters and villains living in the apartment building. This could be a reference on how typically Asian people (Japanese ones in particular) live in foreign (American ones) apartments at Metropolitan areas like those in New York City (especially with Brooklyn and Manhattan), Tampa, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Detroit, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Seattle, Boston, Honolulu, Cambridge, and Philadelphia.
    • In addition, a lookalike of Camera makes an appearance. Caricatures of Goro and Sheeva are also seen, albeit with them being more Human looking appearances.
  • There are some soundtracks from SpongeBob SquarePants of the funny parts.
  • Unlike the series Steven Universe, Jasper finally becomes a protagonist in the movie instead of an antagonist.
  • The roar Jasper makes has the roar from the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.
  • Mega Celestial Maia first appears in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes! crossover.
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