In today's episode, the gang find out that the 70s were really cool, so The Critic reviews one of the most underrated film series based on a TV series, The Brady Bunch. With groovy guest star appearances with Lila DiMartino as Jan Brady, Christine Taylor as Marcia, and even the man himself, Gary Cole as Mike Brady.

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<<The Channel Awesome logo plays, but is a 70s sitcom like opening.>>

(After the logo plays, Malcolm, Tamara, Heather, Walter, and Rob are seen watching TV)

  • Tamara: (sighs) This show sucks ass, who the actual fuck thought this show would be funny?
  • Rob: I know right, The Archie Show is garbage.
  • Malcolm: What else are we gonna watch, Fat Albert?
  • Walter: (imitating Fat Albert) Hey, hey, hey!
  • Heather: (digging through a box) Hey, guys! I found something in here.
  • Everyone: Let's see!

(Heather gets the floral print DVD from the box reading "The Brady Bunch")

  • Heather: I remember this show. I saw it on Nickelodeon back in the day.

(Heather turns on an episode of the TV series, and the intro plays only for a second until the tape explodes)

  • Malcolm: Holy shit....What happened?
  • Critic: The Brady-pocalypse happened.
  • Rob: Why are animated like characters from Hanna-Barbera?
  • ???: Except, this isn't Hanna-Barbera. It's Filmation.
  • Tamara: God, is it that you?
  • God: Yes, my child.
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