Nora Dershlit is the main antoganist of The Shelby Marx Show. She first appeared in the ICarly episode IPsycho.

Personality and Biography

Nora is a strange and awkward girl who loves her pet chicken, Maurice. At the time of her 16th birthday party, she was alone due to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit, going on a trip to Wyoming that was discounted (the price dropped from $300 to $290). It is implied that Nora is unpopular and a loner in IPsycho. Nora appears to be socially awkward, she openly admitted to the iCarly gang when someone asked her to check something out, that no one's ever asked her that before. She throws up when she gets really excited. She does some odd things such as kissing a popular girl who attends her birthday party. She will reappear in a future episode of The Shelby Marx Show.

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