No Place like the House of Mouse is the first episode of Disney+'s House of Mouse.


Mickey and his friends discovered an abandoned dinner theater and start the process of rebuilding it and gather new and old friends.


Songs in the Episode


Act 1

Scene 1: Another Day in ToonTown/A Little Hangout/Walt Disney

(It starts off at ToonTown, a wonderful place where all cartoon characters lived. Mickey was the first to wake up as he opens the window.)

Mickey: (breathes in and out) Good mornin', ToonTown!!

(Mickey runs to get changed and is all ready to go out.)

Mickey: Bye, house! See ya later!

(Mickey runs out of the house as he begins to sing "Another Day in ToonTown")

Mickey: The sun is shining,

The birds are singing,

And the sky is blue as usual

Everything seems swell as well,

Just another great day in ToonTown,

I can't wait to see what we have in store this time,

Can't wait to see the rest,

Can't wait to the clock to chime,

For another great day, In ToonTown,

(As the song goes on, Mickey walks into a bus full of Toons, and as Ruby Johnson took a breath and turns around, only to see Donald Duck. She then turns around and gets out of the bus.)

Donald: As soon as I'm awake, I'm always quackin',

To be fair, I am a duck.

Mickey: Okay, bus driver, do your thing!

I wish ya good luck!

Bus Driver: Sure thing, he-he.

(The bus stops at the location. Mickey gets out of the bus as the bus leaves.)

Mickey: Gee, isn't this so swell?

Isn't it lovely,

Isn't it seems so wonderful,

What a brand new day of ToonTown,

Can't wait for the day to start,

And can't wait for me to...

Goofy: Hey-a, Mick!

Mickey: Mornin', Goofy!

Goofy: What'ya up to?

Mickey: Ah, nothing much... (giggles) just singing 'bout how great Toontown i- (bumps into ???) O-oops, sorry!

???: Ah, no problem-o.

Mickey: Great to hear...

Goofy: Well, since you're here singing. Guess I should too. (clears throat) Boy am I a goofball,

A goofball through 'n through,

But just 'cause I'm a goofball,

Don't let that get to you,

'Cause I still have a heart of gold,

Mickey: Gee, he-he, yes you do.

Goofy: That, and I'm a good friend.

There's that, there's that, too.

(Mickey and Goofy walk to the plaza of ToonTown.)

Mickey: (marching/walking, while humming)

(Then, they walked up to the girls, mostly the Heroettes)

Mickey: (chuckles) Hey there, guys!

Ruby: Oh, hey.

Judy: Hey there! So, do you have any plans for today?

Mickey: Nope. Nothing. Just relaxing.

Judy: Ah, okay.

Minnie: Umm everybody else is singing including me... so want to sing as well?

Ruby: Well, I don't-

Judy: Sure thing!

Ruby: Seriously?

Judy: Now,

We girls usually get into chaos,

But with the (hugs Darlena and Ruby) three of us

We can get through them together,

Darlena: In this town called,

Well, ToonTown,

Ruby: We're strong, independent, but most importantly,

Minnie: We're toons!!!

Daisy: Exactly!

(The gang then joins in together as they sing the last verse)

The gang: What a brand new day of ToonTown,

Grand as it is great,

When it comes to Toontown,

What is it you can hate?

Oh, today's a perfect day,

Mickey: For another day of,

All: What a brand new day,

Minnie: In this amazing town called,

All: What a great new day,

In Toontown!

(the song ends, as all the toons scatter away)

Mickey: Ah. Good morning, ToonTown!

(The gang is relaxing at the cafe.)

Mickey: Great day, ain't it?

Minnie: It sure is, Mickey.

(The waiter arrives)

Waiter: What would you like?

Mickey: ???, please.

Minnie: And I'd like ???

Waiter: Alright... what about the others? What would they like?

Goofy: Oh, I'd like ???

Donald: Me too.

Waiter: Sure thing.

Mickey: Thanks, sir.

Waiter: No problem.

(The waiter hands them their food)

Waiter: (walks away) Enjoy.

Mickey: Okay, guys, dig in.

(They all eat their food)

Goofy: Hey-a, Mick, you ever considered of... I don't know... Like a business or a club business

Mickey: Huh, well,

Goofy: Hm.



Scene 2: Mickey discovers a dinner theater/Friend Meeting/Our Little Dream Club

Scene 3: Meanwhile/???/A Talk with Walt

Scene 4: New Plan/Inside the Abandoned Dinner Theater/Almost There

Act Two

Scene 1: Gathering Crewmembers/???/Convincing Scrooge McDuck

Scene 2: ???/???/When the Curtains Open Up

Scene 3: Shutdown at Last/The Big Day/A Grand Opening Disaster

Scene 4: Aftermath/Zero to Hero/???

Scene 5: A Re-Grand Opening/Finale

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