Nintendo's Impossible Game Challenge (also known as Nintendo: Impossible Game Challenge) is a British/Canadian children's video game challenge comedy TV series that was developed by Nintendo. It was presented and narrated by Scottish actor and voice actor Michael E. Rodgers. Fans of a similar British video game series called Gamesmaster critisized this show and called it "a blatant rip-off" and "an impossible version of Gamesmaster". This series aired on The Children's Channel (TCC) and Challenge TV from 1996-1999. It later reaired on Fox Kids UK and Ireland (later Jetix UK and Ireland) from 2001-2004.


In this TV series, kids are usually dared to do an extremely impossible video game challenge on a Nintendo counsle in order to get lots of money. If a kid really needed help and/or they're stuck, the presenter (Michael E. Rodgers) will give the player an easy hint and/or a cheat code, making the challenge easier. If the player refused to do the challenge and/or feels uncomfortable about it, the presenter will usually make sarcastic replies to the player.

Animated Characters

Although, the presenter is not alone. He has a few animated, brightly-coloured, Mini Doraemon-esqe robot cat friends to be with. Those characters are dubbed "the troublesome tanookis" by the presenters, much to the Doraemon-esqe creatures' annoyance. They speak in a Teletubbies-esqe English language and love to bounce around. Here is the information of the characters.


Voiced by: Jillian Michaels

Colour: Light Blue

Gender: Male

Bubbles is the leader of the Troublesome Tanookis. He is more intelligent and smarter than the others, and usually gets made fun of the most. He loves bubbles, hence his name.

Lemon and Lime

Voices: Richard Nicholls (Lemon), Susan Roman (Lime)

Colours: Yellow and Lime Green

Genders: Male

Lemon and Lime are two mischievous, crude robot cats that act similar to Beavis and Butt-Head. They make rude comments to the players (and sometimes the presenter) and act sarcastic. After they say something crude, rude, and sarcastic, they reply with a Beavis and Butt-Head-esqe giggle.


Voiced by: Jennifer Hale

Colour: Red

Gender: Female

Cherries is a kind and sweet female robot cat. The presenter confuses her of being a male, but is actually a female. There is a running gag where every time the presenter opens up a red door, he can see Cherries taking a bath. In surprise, Cherries screams and either throws things or splashes water at him.


Voiced by: Samuel Vincent

Colour: Orange

Gender: Male

Orange is a kind and sweet robot cat. He loves positive things (EX: froliking in the fields, smiling, etc.). He is very sensitive to name calling and innuendos. Every time that the presenter or the other robot cats laugh at him, he cries and runs away.


Voiced by: Matt Winkinston

Colour: Purple

Gender: Male

Purple is a very nervous and very scared robot cat. He always shakes and shivers, and screams in fear. Although, he has a big crush on Cherries and usually either gives her something nice or follows her.


Just like Gamesmaster, Games World, and some other video game shows, this series has gained lots of controversy over it's four-year run. The worst ofenders are the challenges and the presenter's behaviour. There has been many complaints of the sarcastic replies of the presenter and the dialogue he uses, and players, robot cats, and/or the audience usually get angry when Michael either does a sarcastic remark, makes an innuendo/double entende, or swears on camera, which the latter rarely happens. Many parents have prevented or banned their children from watching this programme due to this, and this usually was the reason for decreased ratings before the series finale.

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