Ninjala (also known as Ninjala: The Series) is an upcoming Japanese-American action-adventure fantasy comedy-drama television series being produced by GungHo Television Entertainment and Splash Entertainment. Based on the game of the same name, and set to premiere on June 26, 2020, the series focuses on a group of 9 young rookie ninjas, who save the city battling against evildoers across the city with an eye on becoming worthy ninja descendants.


Set in the year of 20XX, the series focuses on a group of 9 young rookie ninjas, called the Ninja Gum Kids, who are descendants of the ninja clans who have mysteriously disappeared. The Ninja Gum Kids want to achieve one goal: to become master ninjas. In doing so, they battle against evildoers all over Eagle City.


Ninja Gum Kids

The Ninja Gum Kids are the main protagonists of the series. They are a group of 9 young rookie ninjas who are descendants of the lost ninja clans. Led by Reiana, they are extraordinary ninjas who chew Ninja-Gum to not only muster their strength, but also create powerful weapons to use (even though they often shout the phrase "Weapons ready" before they make their weapons). They also sing the series' opening theme, "Kickin' the Rules".

  • Reiana Smiley – The leader of the Ninja Gum Kids. She is a friendly and headstrong girl with positivity, although she has a pretty quick temper and doesn't take certain things seriously at times. Despite this, she isn't the one to get ahead of herself, and never resorts to aggression, making her a great leader. She is the sole live-action character in the series, and her main weapon of choice is the Ippon Katana.
  • Van (voiced by Peter von Gomm) – A cheerful boy who once lived with his mother outside from town. After the seperation of his parents, his father's house was lost in a fire. Van became a Ninja Gum Kid upon realizing that he and his father were descendants of a ninja clan. He has a rather outgoing and upbeat nature, and is downright naturally skilled, so his friends call him a genius. His main weapon is the SK8 Hammer.
  • Berecca (voiced by Kate Higgins) – A girl who undertook scientific research, following the example of her father. While working with Burton at the WNA Research Institute, she got rejuvenated just as she ate prototype ninja gum, and thus became a Ninja Gum Kid. Berecca is trustworthy, always caring for her friends, and is initially unsure about being a child. She takes on an easygoing, indulgent, and relaxed personality, which is different to how she acted in the animated CG short. Her main weapon is the Ippon Katana.
  • Ron (voiced by Phil LaMarr) – A former researcher who developed ninja gum at the WNA Research Institute. Ron speaks rather frequently compared to the game, although he's secretive. He was also indeed an intelligence officer for the WNA, who received a top-secret order and went undercover in hopes of the results of the ninja gum research. After being rejuvenated just after eating ninja gum, however, he decides to become a Ninja Gum Kid. He has a very sharp wit, and mostly thinks up strategies in order for the team to defeat foes. His main weapon is the ???.
  • Lucy (voiced by Erica Mendez) – A young girl who has kept her talent a secret for a long while. After locking herself away from the world due to a

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