(Theme Song)


(LazyTown: The Next Generation Logo Appears In the screen)

Stephanie Narrating: “Ninja Time”

(Cuts to the entrance of the NinjaTown Museum)

Ziggy: She said wait right here in this spot!

Stingy: Maybe she’s running late!

Trixie: Let’s go home!

(Pink Smoke bursts)

Stephanie: Sorry I’m Late! I was training! Now, Ready to see the most powerful relic in all of NinjaTown?

Trixie: I’m ready!

(Stephanie opens the museum door)

(Stephanie and the other NinjaTown kids enter the museum and walks to a safe)

Stephanie: Everyone, cover your eyes!

(The NinjaTown kids covers their eyes)

(Stephanie Inputs 0-8-1-6 then the safe opens)

(Stephanie takes out the Golden Yin Yang relic)

Stephanie: The golden yin yang relic!

Stingy: Can I hold it?

Stephanie: No, if it falls into the wrong hands, All of NinjaTown will be damaged! But what you can do is protect it!

Pixel: Like, actually protect it? We need the code to do that!

Stephanie: Not even the code I’m supposed to share the combination with you! You need to learn how to fight! Become warriors! Learn the way of the ninja!

(Stephanie and the NinjaTown Kids exit the Museum)

(Ninja Re Bang Bang is playing, and Stephanie is singing it)

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten)

Robbie Rotten: What are those Neanderthals up to? This is LazyTown! Not NinjaTown! Wait! So, they think they’re ninja? If they’re ninja I’m going to be the villain of the ninja!

Stephanie yelling: Ready to protect The Golden Yin Yang relic from evil?

Robbie Rotten: Wait! The Golden Yin Yang relic? If I touch those, Lazy or NinjaTown will be destroyed forever! Now, what do ninja fight against?

(Robbie Rotten watches a show about ninja)

Robbie Rotten: Samurais! Of course! It’s disguise time!

(Robbie Rotten disguises as a Samurai)

(Cuts to the Training course)

Stephanie: Now, throw a shuriken at an apple!

(The kids of NinjaTown throws a shuriken at the apple)

Stephanie: You all have passed today's session! And the sun is setting! See you at dawn!

(Pink Smoke Bursts)

(Stephanie speeds to her house)

(Robbie Rotten peeks)

Robbie Rotten: Hehehe!

(Cuts to Stephanie’s house)

(Stephanie feeds Sparkles While she purrs)

(Sparkles hisses and runs)

Stephanie: What’s wrong Sparkles?

(Robbie Rotten captures Stephanie)

(Stephanie Screams)

(Cuts to Sportacus’s Bounty)

(Sportacus’s crystal beeps)

Sportacus: Someone’s in trouble! It’s the princess! Door!

(Cuts to Ziggy’s house)

(Ziggy hears a door knocking)

(Ziggy gets of from bed and opens the door)

Ziggy: Sportacus? What are you doing in this time?

Sportacus: The princess has been kidnapped by a samurai! Stephanie! The Pink Ninja!

(Ziggy gasps)

Sportacus: We must rescue her! I’m gathering all the others here!

(Cuts to the Dark Temple)

(Robbie Rotten puts Stephanie in a cage)

Stephanie: I don’t know what you want, but you don’t have the right to lock me in this cage! I am the princess of NinjaTown! And I command you to release me!

(Robbie Rotten Mocks Stephanie)

Robbie Rotten: Only if you tell me where this golden yin yang relic is!

Stephanie: Well, it’s in the museum in a safe but I will never tell you the combination!

Robbie Rotten: Then I guess I will keep you captive until you give me the combination!

Stephanie: Stupid Samurai! The Ninja will find you!

Robbie Rotten: What Ninja?

Stephanie: You know, Stingy, Pixel, Ziggy and Trixie!

Robbie Rotten: Don’t tell me Sportaflippityfloppityflop is part of NinjaTown too!

Stephanie: He is!

Robbie Rotten: Dag nabbit! Well I bet He is not going to make it in time!

(Cuts to Sportacus and the NinjaTown Kids)

Sportacus: Alright! Stephanie is in the dark temple top floor! It’s outside of NinjaTown! The temple is 5 story! If we manage to get to the top, we’ll save the princess! Are you with me?

Ziggy: Yes!

(Sportacus and the NinjaTown Kids travels to the Dark Temple)

(Sportacus and the NinjaTown Kids arrive at the Dark Temple)

(Sportacus tries to open the door but fails)

Sportacus: Only someone with bad personality can open it!

Stingy: Out of my way!

(Stingy pushes Sportacus and the kids)

(Stingy opens the door and it works)

(Sportacus and the NinjaTown kids enters the temple)

Sportacus: It sure it dark in here!

Trixie: You Bring a Light?

Pixel: I have!

(Pixel turns on his light)

(Cuts to Robbie and Stephanie)

(Stephanie Meditates)

Stephanie: The NinjaTown Kids have entered! They will find me in no time!

Robbie Rotten: Oh yeah?

(Robbie Rotten calls Roboticus)

Robbie Rotten: Roboticus! I need your assistance!

(Cuts to the 4th floor)

Ziggy: That was easy! We past the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor!

Roboticus: But have you passed the 4th!

Stingy: What was that?

(Pixel points his light at Roboticus)

Sportacus: Roboticus! How did you get here?

Roboticus: That is not important! You have trespassed this property and you must be punished!

Sportacus: Get your stuff ready!

(The NinjaTown kids get their weapons out)

(Stingy tries to attack Roboticus but fails)

Pixel: I’ll handle this!

(Pixel uses Super Cyclone on Roboticus)

Pixel: NinjaTown!

Trixie: Whoa! That was awesome! Where did you learn that?

Pixel: Easy! Ninja shows, Ninja Training, And Stephanie!

Sportacus: Air Power!

Wings: Air Power Activated!

Roboticus: Okay okay! You can pass!

(Sportacus and the NinjaTown kids goes to the top floor)

(Cuts to Stephanie in a cage)

(Stephanie sees an apple roll towards her)

Stephanie: Yes!

(Stephanie touches the apple)

(Robbie Rotten stops her)

Robbie Rotten: Uh uh uh!

(Stephanie Knocks Robbie Rotten Out by pulling him hardly into a cage and steals the key to free herself)

Stephanie: That was easy! I should have done that a long time!

(Stephanie walks out of the cage)

Stephanie: When there’s apples, there’s Sportacus!

Robbie Rotten: Wait just one second! Your going to have to get through me!

(Stephanie drops her pink smoke bomb and transforms into a pink ninja)

(Stephanie summons her electric staff)

(Stephanie fights Robbie Rotten)

(Cuts to Sportacus)

Sportacus: Win this battle! And stop the samurai!

(Stephanie uses her electric powers on Robbie Rotten which cracked his helmet open)

(Everyone gasps)

Everyone: Robbie Rotten!

Robbie Rotten: How many times to you have to reveal my disguise and say my name!

(Robbie Rotten Angrily uses his magic to make Stephanie float and force choke her)

Stephanie: Help Me! Robbie is hurting me, and I can’t move!

Sporticus: On It! Air Power!

Wings: Air Power Activated!

(Sportacus impacts Robbie Rotten with his wings)

(Robbie flies back to NinjaTown)

(When Everyone exits the dark temple)

Stephanie: Look! The Sunrise!

Stingy: Thanks a lot! We missed our sleep!

Sportacus: But we did something important, saving the Princess, Stephanie!

Stephanie: Also, The Passcode is 0-8-1-6.

(Bing Bang starts)

Stephanie: “Bing Bang Digerigerdong!私が踊っているときに私が言う変な言葉! Bing Bang Digerigerdong!なんでもいい愚かな言葉!さあ、ダンスをする時間です。足で起きるのはとても楽しいです!だから、私たちは上へ、上へ、ジャンプをしなさい!動き回って一緒に手をたたいてください!ダウン、ダウン振り向く!楽しんでることがすべてのポイントです。”

(Cuts to Robbie Rotten’s lair)

Robbie Rotten: Can’t I just go one year without Sportacus and Stephanie? Who else could possibly be a hero?

(The Green Ninja appears)

(Robbie Rotten Looks behind him and runs around his lair)

(The Green Ninja Chases Him)

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