Nightcore Virus is an upcoming web series similar to RWBY. It is based on a wattpad story with the same name, made by Gail Duran. This is the first book adaption that the animation adaption was made by MMD. (MikuMikuDance). It was 1480 HD and it never been air to TV due to the copyright of music.

Their license is from Dark Neonworks Productions, Deadskull Inc. and Team Pastel, a group who made MMDs.



In the year 27XX, the planet earth has been attacked by loud music; brainwashing people minds to die. Creativity is evil, music is illegal, dancing is insane, the lyrics murder, writing is a deadly drug, entertainment is massacre, rhythm, is violence, dynamics making ears hurt  and melody kill everyone. No one dares to argue the rules after incident.                                       

There is the first virus came from the music.... NIGHTCORE VIRUS. It happens when children infected by nightcore music in the internet and radios. They ARE  CONTROLLED and BRAINWASHED inside the music and the vocals. They can't stop it.  All Nightcore CDs are burned and its Videos are deleted because of the virus affected by people. There will be no cure for this virus.                                      

It starts when 9 rebels are the first in the beginning of 27XX , all they loved nightcore. They have their ability to sing NIGHTCORE. They liked to force their dreams do come true. They were the biggest fans to ever exist and they wanted to perform as true intergalactic idols and they're on the peak of fame. They own aliks and stuck of super powers.


Many concepts coming from deviantart and requesting to make models for nightcore virus series. It was done for 1 week to upload on youtube.

Nightcore Virus is the first web animation to have a super duper HD, catchy fast voices and active releasing at once. the background is very unique and it always to be dark with a neon color light. The characters are very cool and having rave design crossed with fantasy and anime character references.





The beginning - is based on the prologue to research and experiment.


- This is the very first web series focusing on rave music.

- The voice actors are so amateur and the credits where been credited to the original song.

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