Night Creek is an American supernatural-thriller comic book series.


In a small town called Night Creek, strange supernatural events have been happening as a shy teenage girl tries to figure out the truth behind the town.



  • Chelsea Morris - a shy and insecure teenage girl who investigates the strange and unnatural.
  • Leo - a playful beagle who is Chelsea's pet.


  • Melissa Jacobson - Chelsea's best friend who is TBD.
  • Neal O'Neil - a cocky teenager who often sneaks out at night with his friends and does random shenanigans.


  • Zoey - a creepy spectral being that hunts after anyone who bears the mythical "Mark of Zoey".
  • The Vessel - a Nazi robot that has been powered off for decades until being reactivated.


  1. Strange Happenings - TBD
  2. Zoey Knows Where You Live - TBD
  3. Children of the Jumbo Tree - TBD
  4. The Red House - TBD
  5. Into the Dark - TBD
  6. Going on the Train - TBD
  7. The Lost City - TBD
  8. Were Bears - TBD
  9. TBD
  10. TBD
  11. TBD
  12. Attack of the Sewer Worms - TBD
  13. The Entity of Night Creek - TBD


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