Nigel Jones is the brother of Andrew Jones in Glimpse.



Physical Appearances

Nigel has dark brown hair, purple eyes, wears light blue suit, light red tie, and black dress shoes.



Events of Glimpse



  • Nigel is based on Tito Lopez from Turbo (2013), Percy Hastings from We Happy Few, Franco Rivera from Coco, Alex from Madagascar, Junkrat from Overwatch, Roddy St. James from Flushed Away,
    • Unlike Franco Rivera, Nigel is not old but is young and easygoing.
    • Unlike Alex, Nigel is not a lion and coward but is a human and brave.
    • Unlike Percy, Nigel actually loved chocolate.
  • According to his diary, Nigel has a pet parrot named Crackers.
  • He is shown to play with Aimée Durand whenever she plays with Nigel's favorite games such as hide and seek, and go fish.
  • Nigel speaks with a Brooklyn accent due to being a New Yorker.
  • Like his father, Nigel is shown his knowledge to everyone include Joseph Allard.
  • He loves to playing the bubbles with Aimee at outside of his house.
  • Nigel
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