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The Nicktoons Cinematic Series (NCS) is an American animated media franchise that is centered on computer-animated films based on the Nicktoons television series by Nickelodeon, produced by Paramount Animation[N 1] and Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The franchise starts out with its first film Danny Phantom Returns and ending with its last film The Chalk Zone.



Rather than going with traditionally hand-drawn animation from the shows, the NCS relies on various computer-animation companies for its films such as Bardel Entertainment; Reel FX Creative Studios; Mikros Image; Blur Studio; Marza Animation Planet; and Rainmaker Studios.


The film series has a variety of Nickelodeon's old Nicktoons series from the 1990s to the mid-2000s. However, its exceptions are SpongeBob SquarePants; Rugrats; Hey Arnold!; and The Wild Thornberrys, due to already receiving their own films (even though Doug already had its own film which was produced during its Disney-era, The Fairly OddParents already had several TV films and Invader Zim has its own film on Netflix); and Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, due to being considered as more of adult-animated shows.

The films of the NCS were not allowed to have sequels, while its exceptions were Barnyard Moo and Jimmy Neutron 2.0, as their predecessors have never been part of the NCS to begin with.


The films have their scores composed by well-known composers such as Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer, Mychael and Jeff Danna, Michael Giacchino, John Debney, and Tyler Bates; while a composer to a Nicktoons series is a music supervisor.

Feature films


Director(s) Screenwriter(s) Producer(s)
Danny Phantom Returns Steve Marmel Amy Keating Rogers, David Silverman and Steve Marmel Karen Malach and Butch Hartman
Zim Steve Ressel Eric Trueheart and Ed Scharlach Karen Malach
Jimmy Neutron 2.0 John A. Davis John A. Davis Karen Malach and Steve Oedekerk
The Fairly Odd Movie Sarah Frost Zac Moncrief, Steve Marmel, Mike Bell Karen Malach, Bob Boyle and Steve Marmel
Teenage Robot Reborn Rob Renzetti Alex Kirwan, Rob Renzetti, Chris Mitchell and Amy Keating Rogers Karen Malach and Fred Seibert
Barnyard Moo Steve Oedekerk Adam Cohen, Tom Sheppard and Steve Oedekerk Karen Malach, Steve Oedekerk and Paul Marshal
Aang Dave Filoni and Michael Dante DiMartino Joshua Hamilton, May Chan and Tim Hedrick Karen Malach
The Rise of El Tigre Jorge R. Gutierrez Scott Kreamer, Scott M. Gimple and Scott M. Gimple Karen Malach and Jorge R. Gutierrez
Team Rocket Power Michael Bloom J.T. Fenn, Andrew McElfresh, Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and David Rosenberg Karen Malach, Arlene Klasky and Gábor Csupó
Doug[N 2] Joe Aaron Jim Jinkins and Ken Scarborough Karen Malach and Jim Jinkins
The X's Rise Again Dave Marshall Vincent Waller and Doug Langdale Karen Malach
Tak Nick Jennings Myles McLeod and Randolph Heard Karen Malach and Nick Jennings
T.U.F.F. Gary Conrad and John McIntyre Steve Marmel Karen Malach and Dave Thomas
The Mighty Bessie Erik Wiese Alex Kirwan Karen Malach and Amy Poehler
The Chalk Zone Bill Burnett and Larry Huber Bill Burnett and Larry Huber Karen Malach, Fred Seibert and Larry Leichliter

Short films


Director Screenwriter Producer Film release
Goddard John A. Davis John A. Davis Karen Malach and Steve Oedekerk Danny Phantom Returns
Family Outing Dave Marshall Doug Langdale and Vincent Waller Karen Malach Barnyard Moo

In other media

Theme park attractions

After the release of Teenage Robot Reborn, a theme-park ride based on the film is made after production of the film finished. Entitled Teenage Robot: Escape From Contraxis, the ride depicts the film's character Garr bringing theme park attendees to Contraxis to rescue his Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon from the Contraxians. The ride has no connection to the film, nor is it a follow-up.

Video games

Tie-in games


Publisher Developer Console Mobile
Danny Phantom Returns: Rise of the Destructor Paramount Digital Entertainment Heavy Iron Studios PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One None
Barnyard Moo Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Avalanche Software PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch None
Teenage Robot: Battle Mode Paramount Digital Entertainment Grumpyface Studios None Android, iOS

Other games


Publisher Developer Console Mobile
Paramount Heroes Paramount Digital Entertainment
PerBlue Entertainment
PerBlue Android, iOS
Paramount-Nickelodeon: Alliance Paramount Digital Entertainment
Behaviour Interactive PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


  1. While Paramount Animation is behind co-producing the films, its logo does not appear in the trailers and promotional material, nor does it appear in the opening logos of the films.
  2. Due to The Walt Disney Company now owning the rights to Doug, Paramount was only allowed to produce the film alongside Nickelodeon while Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributes the film.


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