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The Comic Book

Most of the comics will include Spongebob Loud House Cassagrande's Henry Danger and more

TBD original comic

Seen But Not Heard

2019 Issues

2020 Issues

  • Nickelodeon Magazine:Issue 161-A interview with Jim Carrey and his role in Sonic The Hedgehog and find out what Nick characters do to celebrate the Super Bowl Plus Special Valentine Cards for Valentines Day (February Issue)
  • Nickelodeon Magazine:Issue 162-either a look at Onward interviewing Chris Pratt and Tom Holland or a look at the Kids Choice Awards 2020
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 163- Lets be honest we honestly didn't plan for this due to the outbreak and having to stay at home so we decided to plan a Unexpected Issue where who knows what could happen in this. we also have a secretive bonus cover on the back of the issue on what we were originally planning to do.
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 164- We talk with Zac Efron and Will Forte on Scoob!
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 165- We talk to the lead star or should we say new star of Artemis Fowl, Ferdia Shaw on his breakout role as Artemis Fowl and what to expect from the movie, Plus Nickelodeon is kicking off summer with summer comics puzzles pranks and new creative ways on making your summer better than ever.
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 166-We talk with Jay Pharoah and meet the judges on the new Nickelodeon show Unfiltered. Plus Celebrate Christmas In July with us.
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 167-
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 168
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 169
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 170
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 171
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: Issue 172
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