Nick Jr. The Movie 2: The Midnight Rerun is a 2023 American CGI-Traditionally Animated action-adventure-fantasy-comedy-buddy-quest film produced by 31 different studios, including Nickelodeon Movies, and is a sequel to Nick Jr. The Movie (2020) and the second installment in the Nick Jr. The Movie series. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg, the director of the first film, and all of the crew from the first film came back, including all of the studios, and two more joined, Perfect World Pictures and Good Universe.

The film was released on July 14, 2023, and made $703 million at the box office and received critical acclaim, with critics praising the script, characters, animation, voice acting, plot, humor, and emotional poignancy along with some new elements such as an original villain, and some action scenes.


A new channel for less popular shows called Nick Jr. Too is heading to the USA, when suddenly PAW Patrol loses a lot of its viewers, resulting in them being moved to Nick Jr. Too, separating them from their friends. Will the PAW Patrol squad have the courage to get them back where they call home? Or are they stranded on Nick Jr. Too for life?


Three years after the events on Nick Jr. The Movie, the network is doing great and so is PAW Patrol, despite the negatively-received PAW Patrol movie. A new channel named "Nick Jr. Too", originally exclusive to the UK, arrives in the USA, lead by a cartoon entrepreneur named Zane E. Fellow.

Suddenly, PAW Patrol loses a lot of its viewers for an unknown reason, so their USB (See Nick Jr. The Movie for explanation) is pulled out, much to the pups' shock. But instead of being cancelled, they were just being taken to Nick Jr. Too, because they weren't popular anymore, separating the pups from their friends.

The rest of the characters back on Nick Jr. are devastated when they hear about the news, so they decide they must go to the TV schedule to shift PAW Patrol airings from Nick Jr. Too to Nick Jr.

At the TV schedule office, they break into the schedule map, but Oswald is caught by the guardian of the schedule, Org. Org takes Oswald to the prison and locks him in a cell.

In the schedule map, the rest of the characters are shifting the schedule when Org comes to stop them. They are all caught and arrested.

At the prison, they meet Swiper, The Troublemakers, Copycat and Sweetie. When the characters are being taken to their cells, they pass a cell with a barrier around it. Blaze, curious, asks the guards why it is so. The guards don't reply.



Dora The Explorer - Dora, Boots, Map, Backpack, Swiper, Isa, Tico, Benny, Diego

Blaze And The Monster Machines - Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Crusher, Pickle, Stripes, Darington, Zeg, Watts

PAW Patrol - Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Cap'n Turbot, Mayor Goodway, Chickaletta, Mayor Humdinger, The Kitten Catastrophe Crew, Everest, Tracker, Robo-Dog, Tuck and Ella

Peppa Pig - Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Richard Rabbit, Grampy Rabbit, Miss Rabbit, Candy Cat, Danny Dog, Granddad Dog, Zoe Zebra, Zuzu and Zaza Zebra, Emily Elephant, Edmond Elephant, Freddy Fox, Kylie Kangaroo, Wendy Wolf, Gabriella Goat, Gerald Giraffe, Molly Mole, Delphine Donkey, Peggi and Pandora Panda, Mandy Mouse, Madame Gazelle, Mr. Bull, Mr. Potato, Super Potato

Rusty Rivets - Rusty, Ruby, Frankie, Frankford, Ray, Whirly, Crush, Jack, Botasaur, Botarilla, TigerBot, ElephantBot, Bytes, Kittybot, Robo-Squirrel, Frankfurt

Bubble Guppies - Gill, Molly, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, Zooli, Mr. Grouper, Bubble Puppy

Team Umizoomi - Milli, Geo, Bot, the Troublemakers

Oswald - Oswald, Weenie, Henry the Penguin, Daisy

Zane E. Fellow

Org Man-Torg



In January 2021, due to the massive success of Nick Jr. The Movie, Steven Spielberg announced that they were making a sequel to the film that was due to come out on July 14, 2023, and all of the crew, including the studios, were returning.

In April of that year, it was announced that two new studios, Perfect World Pictures and Good Universe were joining production of the film.

In July, Johnson along with other voice actors were chosen to voice the pups.


The film was released on July 14, 2023 in the United States and United Kingdom and July 21, 2023 in Canada. The film came along with a short film by Pixar named "Pups Save A Theater". It is the first time, excluding the Nick Jr. movies, that Pixar uses Viacom properties.

Release Dates

United Kingdom (Premiere): July 7, 2023

United States (Premiere): July 7, 2023

Canada (Premiere): July 8, 2023

UK: July 14, 2023

USA: July 14, 2023

Ireland: July 14, 2023

Spain: July 14, 2023

Scandinavia: July 14, 2023

Ethiopia: July 15, 2023

Indonesia: July 15, 2023

Guatemala: July 16, 2023

Iran: July 17, 2023

Mexico: July 19, 2023

Vietnam: July 21, 2023

Canada: July 21, 2023

Georgia: July 21, 2023

Germany: July 21, 2023

Jamaica: July 22, 2023

France: July 24, 2023

Russia: July 25, 2023

India: July 26, 2023

Thailand: July 27, 2023

Australia: July 28, 2023

Egypt: July 28, 2023

Kenya: July 28, 2023

Madagascar: July 28, 2023

Peru: July 29, 2023

Romania: July 30, 2023

Nepal: July 31, 2023

Malaysia: August 1, 2023

Turkey: August 2, 2023

Greenland: August 3, 2023

Switzerland: August 4, 2023

Sri Lanka: August 4, 2023

Phillipines: August 11, 2023

Brazil: August 25, 2023

Zimbabwe: September 8, 2023

Ukraine: October 8, 2023

China: January 19, 2024

Italy: February 16, 2024

Greece: March 29, 2024

Argentina: April 26, 2024

Fiji: August 30, 2024

Poland: November 29, 2024

Netherlands: December 26, 2024

Japan: January 29, 2025

Everywhere Else: March 26, 2025


A teaser was released on March 4, 2022.

A teaser trailer was released on October 28, 2022.

An official trailer was released on June 16, 2023.

Home Media

The film was released on digital on October 6, 2023, and on DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D on October 27, 2023.

The film was released on Disney+ on March 29, 2024.

Box Office

The film was a box office success, earning $703 million as opposed to its $250 million budget.

Critical response

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 98% (8.03/10) based on 312 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads: "Undoubtedly clever and boasting professional animation, Nick Jr. The Movie 2: The Midnight Rerun is an unforgettable achievement for all the studios that worked on it." On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 92 out of 100, indicating "universal acclaim". Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film a rare grade of "A+" on A+ to F scale.


A sequel, Nick Jr. The Movie 3: ZERO, was released on July 24, 2026, with Spielberg back to direct. The film received critical acclaim, so a fourth movie was announced shortly afterwards.

Shortly before the third movie was announced, the voice actor for Chase, Dwayne Johnson said that if there were to be a third film, he would want it to be about "Dora, Blaze and the gang going straight down to zero" and he would want it to revolve around Blaze. Spielberg thought that this was a good idea, so he pitched it two months later.

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