This page is for new opening ideas on The Simpsons

new opening ideas

1. Similar to the Season 20 opening, but with a few changes:

Instead of one crow, two crows fly in at the opening credits and hit each other (making the caw! sound). Then, the camera pans quicker and Jimbo and Kearny saw off the head quicker. The head lands on Ralph who drops his ice cream on Martin. Ralph says "It's a unicorn!" Then, the camera pans past the bill board, then into the classroom. Then, when Bart skateboards out he first lands on a trampoline that Milhouse and Lewis are carrying, then, lands on the pile of leaves. When Homer leaves work, Mr. Burns and Smithers are there and Lenny falls on Mr. Burns causing Mr. Burns to be squeezed through and shot off the screen. When Maggie is in the grocery store, right before she gets scanned she picks up a lollipop and puts it into her mouth. Everything else is the same until Homer throughs the uranium bar out the window. When it goes out it lands straight in Otto's mouth, which he then spits out, and Bart catches it. Bart then throws it at Sideshow Bob, who then slices it with the machede. When Bart goes through the people, he hits Comic Book Guy and he spills his drink on the Crazy Cat Lady, who throws her cat at Bart, but misses. When Bart goes off the curb, he jumps and lands on the opening sewer grate with Moleman. Moleman then opens it again and looks injured, which Marge then hits it. Everything is the same in the opening until the driveway when Lisa goes by, she accidentally drops her saxaphone, which then hits Homer before he gets hit by Marge.

2. Kang and Kodos fly by in a UFO watching this episode and laughing.

3. The Simpsons logo zooms in, but Grampa is sleeping on the logo. He then falls off. We cut straight to Springfield Elementary where Bart is writing a random gimmick on the chalkboard. The bell rings, and Bart skateboards out of the classroom super fast. At the plant, Homer is juggling 3 plutonium bars, but 1 gets stuck in his back. Marge is at the supermarket purchasing items, but an obese Maggie is accidentally purchased, and the price says $FAT. Maggie is stuffed into Marge's bag, and, to Marge's curiosity, wondering where Maggie is. She shrugs her shoulders. Then it moves to music class. Lisa is spending detention there. Much to Dewey Largo's dismay, Lisa plays her sax off key and leaves the class. It cuts to Homer driving his car. He notices the plutonium was behind him, and throws it out the car window. The plutonium accidentally lands in Otto's mouth, and Otto glows green. Bart comes buy and skateboards past a yawning Helen Lovejoy, a tired Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak (dressed as Emperor Moe), Barney Gumble (who belches loudly), Mr. Burns (who screams), Jacques (with clothes torn up), Dr. Hibbert (who appears in place of the late Bleeding Gums Murphy), and Chief Wiggum. Marge and Maggie, as usual, toot Marge's car. The camera pans past every character, and Homer finally parks his car. Bart skateboards past, while Lisa walks to the door and opens it. Marge drives and runs Homer over.

4. Skateboarding: Bart passes Helen Lovejoy, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Jacques, Mayor Quimby, and Chief Wiggum.

5. Skateboarding: Bart exits his skateboard, and hops into a car he drives and puts it in. He runs over Helen Lovejoy, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon runs away, Moe Szyslak gets his head smashed into his bar window, Bart runs over Jacques' foot, yelling "Aaargh!", Barney Gumble is flown up into the air, Bart's driving makes Chief Wiggum handcuff himself, followed by Nelson's "Ha-ha!", and bumps into Marge's car saying "Whoa!"

New ckalkboard gags ideas

1. I wont spel Ron on purpis.

2. I will not make fun of my big fat ugly teacher.

3. Autism is not retarded

4. I won't show some parts of my body to the girls.

5. I will not give nerds any more swirles.

6. I will not light any fireworks. But I will light firejobs.

7. All your base are belong to us.

8. sdrawkcab etirw ton lliw I

9. I cannot overthrow hell.

10. Lisa is not a worse student than me.

11. Skateboarding is not in my history book.

12. My friends don't call me Chucky the Killer Doll.

13. Milhouse is not gay.

14. I wish I was older

15. This is getting boring

16. My hand is getting tired from doing this

17. When is the movie coming out

18. Cant someone else do this for a change

19. When is this gonna end?

20. I do give a damn

21. I am not Mr Know It All

22. Nobody does not rock and roll all night and party every day.

23. Who writes sentences on the chalkboard anymore?

24. Shouldn't my hand be cramped up by now?

25. My Mommy thinks I`m Special

26. Does Your Milkshakes Bring all the Boys to the Yard?

27. Don't they have computers for this now

28. The video game/violence debate is not retarded.

29. My hand is not broken, therefore I must continue.

30. This is not an old gag.

31. I will not say 'About time!' near a Spongebob fan.

32. Principal Skinner is not a Mama's Boy.

33. I did not see Mommy kissing Santa Claus.

34. Mrs. Krabopple is not an old, withered hag.

35. Harry Potter is not, was not, and never will be on drugs.

36. Paul is not dead

37. I am not an icon

38. I will graduate someday

39. I will put glue in the microwave

40. They are after "my" lucky charms.

41. The Ghost of Christmas Past wasn't Jesus.

42. Today is not Bart Day!

43. I will not wonder off.

44. I'm not the teacher.

45. School is not Jail.

46. Homer is not a bonehead.

47. The school is not a ice rank.

48. Stop writing on the chalkboard.

49. Nobody is dumb, but me.

50. Stop spray painting the school.

51. Mr. Skinner is not she.

52. This is getting super super super boring.

53. I will not send rats in girls looker rooms.

54. Can't Lisa do this instead?

55. I wish I could stop this...

56. I wanna go home

57. Will this ever end?

58. I did not shoot J.R.

59. When will I grow up?

60. I will not mimic a cartoon character.

61. I will not preach that Life is In Hell.

62. I will not call the teacher Bongo.

63. Until when I´m going to do this?.

64. We are not The Flintstones.

65. I do not own Futurama.

66. I didn't put Fox in the map.

67. I don't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

68. I will chew gum during gym class.

69. My name is not Bort.

70. Family Guy is not rated G in Africa.

71. I was not in the Star Wars trilogy

72. Drawn Together is nothing like Sesame Street.

73. Lisa does not have the I.Q. of 3

74. Mrs.Krabappel's mother is not a llama

75. George Bush's real mother is a monkey

76. I will do my homework

77. The cafeteria is not my kitchen.

78. I will not be responible for my actions.

79. I will not play with fireworks inside.

80. *Lisa, writing the board instead on bart* I will not do Bart's dirty work for him.

81. I will not cover an R rated video with the rating G to watch on a rainy day.

82. I will not go on MySpace.

83. I did not compose the 20th Century Fox fanfare!

84. I will not run naked.

85. South Park is not funny.

86. I will not undress myself with my eyes.

87. Tarzan no teach Bart bad speakness.

88. My nine spikes are still illegal to put in people’s drinks.

89. I will say not after every sentence, not.

90. I will not refer to the chalk as ‘Edward Cullen’s manhood’.

91. Tutankhamen was not a gassy doorbell salesman.

92. I will stop fake walking into doors.

93. Stripping the blackboard with bleach will not make my punishment any less of an effort.

94. Bronies are not gay and pedophiles.

95. G4 My Little Pony is so much better than G1-3 My Little Pony.

96. Mama Mia!

97. I will always go to church.

98. I will not fap.

99. Junk food is bad.

100. I've wrote this 100 times.

101. Stealing is not okay.

102. A stranger is not a friend you've ever met.

103. Am I stupid or what?

104. This is not the last season

105. I will not believe in the Headless Carriage Driver

106. I will not flush Skinner's cellphone down the toilet.

107. I will not hack onto deviantArt

108. I will not slander Nick Wilder for his state of being a predator

109. I will not call Judy Hopps cute.

110. I will not daydream in class

111. I will not tell time

112. I will not setup chair to fall in class

113: I will not predict the Disney/Fox acquisition.

New couch gags ideas

1. It starts out that there is nothing in the living room, but suddenly a person sketches the room in and then paints it.

2. The family sits, and then after a few seconds, Homer goes up to the T.V. and turns off the music.

3. The family runs in, but the couch is flipped upside down, but they still sit on the upside down couch, but it then flips back to normal, but the family is crushed.

4. There are two couches, one on the ceiling and one where it usually is, they run in and sit on the couch where it usually is, but then the couch on top falls on them.

5. Similar to another episode, the couch starts moving back, but instead, while it's moving down, the family tries to jump onto it, but fails, and then Maggie ends up making it to the couch and then she waves to them.

6. The family runs in, but it's already occupied by Ned, Rod, and Todd. Maggie and Marge sit down, and then Homer pushes Ned off, Bart pushes Rod off, but Lisa sits down instead.

7. The family runs in, and then Snowball and Santa's little helper pop out of Marge's hair.

8. The couch is vacant until people with their hands dressed up as The Simpsons go onto the couch.

9. The current Simpsons never reach the couch, until the Ullman Simpsons run in instead.

10. The family runs in, but the couch sprouts legs and arms and eyes and runs away from them, and it starts going into town ala Benny Hill throughout the houses, until they jump on at the last part.

11. Everyone runs in except for Bart because he's still on his skateboard and then he runs into the wall in the room.

12. The couch is outside and the family sits, but then it starts raining and all of the color fades away.

13. The family slowly goes in because they are really old and they then have heart attacks and fall on the floor in a pile.

14. The family sits, but then somebody squirts glue on the ceiling, and then the person puts everything in the room on top and they then fall down because they weren't glued.

15. (Halloween couch) the family sits, but someone off en shoots them until all except Maggie are dead. Then Maggie shoots the screen and it shatters. Then she laughs like Kang.

16. The family sits, but then falls asleep on each other.

17. The family sits, but the couch was orange, so then a hand picks up the couch while the family falls off, the hand spray paints the couch brown and throws it back on them.

18. (Christmas Couch) The family sits, and then it pans out to show the whole living room and shows all the décor, and then the camera moves to the living room and shows the tree and stockings.

19. The family is about to sit, but the couch then flings out into a fold-out-bed and the fly back to the wall.

20. The family except Marge and Homer sit, because Homer got stuck in the car and Marge tries to get him out. (Homer is not shown getting out of the car at the beginning)

21. The family runs into the wall because of no couch, and then they lay unconscious, well, except for Maggie who goes up to the T.V. and turns it on.

22. The family sits on the couch, but it's in a bowling alley, and then it (and the family) rolls up into a ball like a bowling ball and they end up getting a strike.

23. Matt Groening is sitting on the couch in Homer's space, so then the rest of the family sits, but Homer angrily walks away.

24. The family sits, but two hands switch the family's heads around: Homer has Bart's head, Marge has Maggie's head, Bart has Marge's head, Lisa has Homer's head, and Maggie has Lisa's head.

25. (Halloween Couch) The family runs in, but the camera pans to the door and Kang and Kodos come through, Kang says "Devour them!" and they then go past and whenever they're gone there are just skeletons of them left, and then Homer's skeleton falls apart.

26. The family is replaced by 5 large marble blocks on the couch, then a person comes in, the person does Maggie, then Lisa, then Bart, then Marge, then Homer, but then Homer's block collapses. Then the person brings in another one of the marble blocks and does Homer again. The person was happy until seconds later, every marble block collapses, and the persons angrily walks away.

27. The family runs in, but they are Spongebob Squarepants characters: Homer is Patrick, Marge is Spongebob, Bart is Squidward, Lisa is Sandy, and Maggie is a baby pearl (the character)

28. The room is vacant, until someone sprays whip cream on the couch and the sprays are shaped like the family.

29. The family sits, but the cat, the dog, and Abe Simpson sits below them, but Homer puts his legs on Abe.

30. The family walks on the ceiling, until they fall on their positions, but upside down.

31. The family sits, but Homer takes off the sailboat picture, and then it zooms in to show that there is a crack in the wall the spreads until it reaches the ceiling, and then everything on the top floor falls on them. (It seems that the picture held up the whole top floor!)

32. Instead of the Simpsons family coming in, all of Springfield Elementary School (staff and students) attempt to sit on the couch, but it falls apart, and even the floor breaks and they fall into the basement.

33. (Halloween Couch) Dracula is already on the couch, and when The Simpsons come in, Dracula drinks there blood until they are dead.

34. The family sits, and again a hand comes down, but this time the hand moves the furniture around, and puts the family in different places.

35. The family is about to sit, but then Marge says "Stop!" and then cleans the chairs on the couch and when she's done the sit.

36. The family cannot sit, because the couch is about to float away. They then jump up and pulled on the strings and they tied it down to the ground and they then sit.

37. The family is opposite genders (similar to what they looked in Treehouse of Horror XIV) and sits down until the actual family comes in and they look confused.

38. The living room and everything in is made of ice and they run in, but they slide into the couch and it brakes into small pieces.

39. The family runs in, but then they fall into sewers and it zooms into the sewers and they end up on a couch in the sewers.

40. The family is 10 years older, Homer is 48, Marge is 48, Bart is 20, Lisa is 18, and Maggie is 10. The differences are: Homer has no hair at all and he is skinnier, Marge's hair is turning gray and is falling back, and she also is skinnier, Bart is much taller, is much heavier, his hair is like it looks at church, and he has small facial hairs, Lisa is not much taller, about a 14 year old height, is much heavier, Maggie looks like Jessica Lovejoy, but her hair is her skin color.

41. The family comes in on stilts, and the sit on a very high up couch. Homer though falls off his stilts and lands on the floor.

42. The family is dressed as states: Homer is Texas, Marge is California, Bart is Minnesota, Lisa is Ohio (because Thomas Edison was born in Ohio) and Maggie is Rhode Island (since she is the smallest).

43. (Halloween Couch) The family sits, and The Scream comes in and stabs them to death.

44. The family runs in, but the couch is just 5 fold out chairs. And everyone but Homer sits, because he again gets his tongue stuck in a fold out chair.

45. The family sits, and then it zooms out to show that it's actually a set for a couch gag, and it also shows audience.

46. The family runs in, but they notice that it's actually the Springfield Retirement Castle, and Grandpa is sleeping in a chair next to them, and they are confused.

47. Only Marge and Homer sit, but then the kids except for Maggie pop out of her hair. Maggie comes through a secret compartment through the floor.

48. The family sits on a couch in a battlefield, then the couch gets shot and they run away.

49. The family sits, but it ends up that they are in Homer's safety inspector room, and then a siren goes off, so they all run away.

50. The family sits, and then the Flanders family sits on top of them, then the Van Houtens, then the Nahasapeemapetilon family (which was difficult with the octuplets), then the Wiggum Family, then the Hibbert Family (they have 3 kids), then the Prince family, then the Lovejoy family, then the Muntz family (with Nelson's dad), then the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant workers (stacked on each other), then a few more springfieldieans get to the top until they fall over into a huge pile. (An unusually long couch gag)

51. A family of dogs sit on the couch. Then they all start barking until a hand comes down with 5 dog bowls and the dogs start eating. Homer is a St. Bernard, Marge is a Lassie, Bart is a Greyhound, Lisa is a Beagle, and Maggie is a Toy Poodle.

52. Everyone except for Homer sits, and then Homer falls through a trap door in the ceiling but falls on the floor.

53. Similar to the earlier gag, The Simpsons family go through tubes, but at first Homer is the only one the same so he stays, the others are: Sherri is in Lisa's place, Ralph is in Bart's place, Helen Lovejoy is in Marge's place, and baby Gerald is in Maggie's place. The second time Maggie and Lisa are there, but Milhouse is in Bart's place, and Mrs. Krabbapel is in Marge's place. The last time Marge and Bart come in.

54. Instead of the family runs in, the family is together and shaped like the couch (they look like they are conjoined), and parts of the couch are shaped like the characters and run in and sit on the family.

55. The family sits, and then the couch starts bouncing around until it hits the screen, and then the screen gets fuzzy.

56. The family crawls in because they are 4 babies that look like them, except Maggie looks like an adult.

57. (Halloween Couch) The family has axes and slices each other until they are in very tiny pieces, and then Maggie's pacifier rolls around.

58. The family sits, but instead of sitting on the couch they sat on a baseball game bench, and then Homer gets hit by a ball and says "D'oh!"

59. The family runs in, but it is already occupied by themselves as elders.

60. Bart is the only one who sits on the couch, and keeps looking back and forth for a few seconds until they come, but Bart is crushed by Homer because he was in Homer's spot.

61. The family except for Maggie sits, Maggie crawls in slowly, and after a few seconds, she reaches the couch.

62. Marge runs in with a laundry basket, and unfolds Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. She then sits after them.

63. The family gives a person a ticket and sit on the couch which is on a roller coaster track. They then start riding around, and you see them going around in the background, and then the person says "Next!"

64. The family sits, then Homer turns on the T.V., but then there heads are changed, and then there heads change again, and after 4 tries, they finally get there heads back.

65. The family sits, but it falls apart, and then is put back together, and did that back and forth 6 times until they sit on the floor.

66. The room is vacant, until Homer runs in and turns on the T.V., but then the family runs in and sits in front of the T.V. and Homer says "Move!" and they don't.

67. The family sits, then duplicates come in, and then they sit on a duplicate couch right next to the other couch.

68. (Halloween Couch) The Simpsons sit, but there is a bomb under there seat, and it then pans out to all of Springfield and showed the exact same thing in Treehouse of Horror XV.

69. The family except Marge sits; Marge then pops out from behind the couch and slips through.

70. The family sits, but the couch is actually tons of greyhounds, then the greyhounds run away and the real couch falls on them.

71. The family sits on thin air, then the couch slides under them just like the other episode only that the couch isn't on top of them.

72. Similar to the earlier gag, the Simpsons run in and there is no couch. They look at each other for a few seconds until a title card says: 3 hours later, and then it is dark and they are still looking at each other, and then the couch finally comes down, they sit and fall asleep.

73. Similar to the earlier gag, the Simpsons slide down a pole to get to the couch. Then Homer gets stuck, but this time part of the ceiling breaks and it falls on the couch and then catapults them through the window, and then Homer says "Oh well," and turns on the T.V.

74. The family runs in, but then right before the sit, in the top right corner it says Pause, and then Rewind, and then rewinds back from the Couch to the driveway to the Pan across Springfield, Marge and Maggie's drive home, Bart's Skateboard through the streets, Homer driving, Lisa's sax solo, Marge checking out Maggie, Homer leaves work, Bart's chalkboard gag, the Springfield Swoop, and then back to the clouds, and then its says Pause and then Play, but it then just does the driveway and they just sit on the couch. Nothing else happens. (A Long Gag)

75. The family sits, and then a magician comes in, throws a black carpet over them and the couch, and they and the couch then disappear. But then a hatch opens up from the ceiling, they then fall onto the ground, and then the couch falls on top.

76. The family runs in, but they have sheets over them and go "Ohhhhhhhh!" like ghosts, they then all sit except Homer, who trips over his sheet, and they then take off there sheets and look at him.

77. The family sits, and then Baby Gerald comes in, Maggie then gets mad, pulls up her sleeve, and starts to punch him. The others then stare at each other.

78. The family runs in, but they are replaced by large scissors, the scissors sit. The actual family runs in, but at the sight of large scissors, they scream and run away. The dad scissors touches the button on the T.V. to turn it on.

79. (Christmas Couch) Instead of the family sits, they are all reindeer and fly in and sit on the couch. Maggie is Rudolph, and then Santa whips the Homer reindeer and then Homer goes "D'oh!" and they fly away.

80. In the earlier part of the sequence, instead of Marge stopping in the driveway, she accidentally destroys the garage wall and then Homer sits on the couch. Then Marge comes in, though, and then Homer screams and runs away. Then the couch gets crushed by Marge's car, and the other family members are already in the car. Then the camera pans out to the front view of the house, shows the destroyed garage, and then the house starts to collapse, but they run out just in time for it to be destroyed to pieces. They except Homer then walk back in, and the go into the car, and try to turn on the T.V., and it still works, but Homer then runs back in and sits in front of the T.V. (an unusually long couch gag).

81. The family is replaced by a golf ball that rolls in, and the couch is replaced by a brown hole. It then zooms up and shows the family playing, and Homer is hitting in the hole. It goes in and he goes "Woo-ho!"

82. The family sits, but the couch is replaced by movie theater seats, and there are very many empty seats, until the Springfieldieans sit in the other seats. And then the movie starts. Then someone goes "Shhhh," like at the ending.

83. (Halloween Couch) The family sits, but then Frankenstein comes and strangles Bart to death, and then does the rest of the family.

84. The family sits, but they are in different places. They stand up, then switch places, but they still aren't in the same places, so they don't care and turn on the T.V., but whenever Homer presses the button, they automatically poof to different places.

85. The family sits, but then Santa's Little Helper and Snowball start attacking Homer, he keeps screaming, falls out a window, and then the camera pans out and shows Homer falling from the top of a building.

86. The room is vacant and uncolored, until someone with a crayon colors the couch and everything else in, then the person draws the family and pencil and then colors them in.

87. The family is replaced by dolls that look just like them that are already on the couch, and then a hand comes down, winds up the Homer doll and the doll puts up its hand and the remote and turns the T.V. on.

88. The family instead of running in is on a train with little carts with them squished in, and then the train stops, and the family jumps out of the train and sits on the couch.

89. The family sits, but then it zooms out and shows people watching them from the front window. Then Homer breaks the glass and yells "Get away, I'm trying to watch T.V.!" then the people run away.

90. The family runs in, but instead of sitting on a couch they sit on 5 toilets, and they then pull down there pants and they hold up newspaper. They all have their names on the paper, but backwards.

91. The family sits, but then the couch gets picked up and they fall off, the couch is then put on a copier, and then there is a copy picture of the couch right next to them, and then the person picks up the family, puts them on the couch, and then sets them down, in sad poses.

92. The family sits, but Maggie doesn't have her pacifier. She then starts crying until Marge gets up and you here footsteps up the stairs, a draw opening, a draw closing, a door being closed (it was open before) then footsteps down the stairs, Marge then comes in, puts in Maggie's pacifier, Marge sits again, and then Maggie yells in happiness and then starts sucking on it again.

93. The family sits, but Homer is a teenager like in "The Way We Was," Marge is a little kid like in "Kill Gil Vol. 1&2," Bart is an adult like in " Lisa's Wedding," Lisa is a baby like in "Lisa's First Word," and Maggie is a kid like in " Future-Drama,"

94. The family runs in, but then they run in again, and again, over and over until they sit. Then it ends up it's an old movie because the screen moves back and forth showing dead space and the black part of the role, and soon the picture falls apart and shows complete dead space.

95. The family sits, and then a trap door which is actually the whole floor and it opens up. Then everything falls down into black nowhere. Then the floor comes back up. Then the ceiling hatches open and everything goes back to its normal place. But the T.V. isn't there. Whenever it's about to show the credits, there is nothing there. Then the T.V. falls down and the credits roll.

96. Everything's dark, and then eyes go in, but then they run into each other, the light somehow turns on and shows the family unconscious on the floor.

97. The room is vacant, until the light turns out and then turns back on, and then it shows the family there. Then the light turns out again, and then turns back on, and no one is there. Then for the last time the light turns out, and then turns back on and they're there.

98. The family sits, but then the couch blasts off like a rocket and then it zooms out to the earth and shows the couch going into space.

99. The family sits, they start looking at each other, then the music stops. Then Bart says "What, do you expect something to happen to us?" Then a person off screen that sounds like Bart says "Don't have a cow, man!"

100. The family sits, and then a balloon person comes in. Then the person puts the end of the air hose in Homer' ear. Then the balloon person turns the valve a little bit, and Homer gets a little bigger, then the person turns it a little more, then Homer gets even bigger. Then the person turns the valve a lot more, and Homer gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until they all run away, then he destroys the roof and then his head pops out, then the camera zooms up in the air, and shows most of Evergreen Terrace (You can even see Springfield Elementary) and shows the rest of the house being destroyed. Then he soon destroys the Flanders's Home, then many other houses, then it shows all of Springfield, and Homer gets to the same size almost and there are many screams heard, then it shows all of North America, then Homer gets as big as the Northern U.S. and Southern Canada, then it shows the whole world, then Homer increases to the size of the whole world, and then he shrinks and then it super zooms in and shows Homer going smaller and smaller until he gets back to normal size. Then somehow the whole entire world gets fixed back to normal. (A very long couch gag)

101. The family sits, but the camera then zooms out and shows that they are actually a design on the actual Homer's pants and it shows the real family.

102. The family runs in, and tries to jump on the couch but a vacuum is attempting to suck them up. They are all holding on to the back of the couch until they get sucked up, and same with the whole room until there is nothing left but the vacant room.

103. The bodies of the family members sit, and their heads are floating above them. They then put there heads on, but instead Homers eyes are still floating, Marge's hair is still up there, Lisa's ears are still up there, Bart's mouth is still up there, and Maggie's pacifier's up there. They all then put there missed body parts except for Homer back on their head. Meanwhile, Homer struggles to find his eyes.

104. The family except for Lisa sits, and there is a door on the floor, then Lisa comes through the door and sits.

105. The family walks on their hands in.

106. The family runs in, but the T.V. is in the place of the couch. Then the camera zooms to where Homer is, Homer notices a button on the floor and then presses the button. The T.V. flies up and the couch falls down, and the T.V. goes to the normal place.

107. The family sits; the couch flies into the air like a bird with the family on it.

108. Bart draws a couch and the family on it on the chalkboard (it had the driveway and showed Homer and the garage but it showed Bart's classroom).

109. The family sits, but it shows that they are actually on the shore. Then it starts raining and thundering and lightning and it gets really windy and giant waves are crashing on to them, then there are palm trees falling down around them. Then cars fly through the air, streetlights are near the ground but fly pass them. They then run away and a house falls on the couch.

110. There are 5 brown classroom seats, and then Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge, and Maggie sit in them as they would look as high school students. A paper air plane flies by, then a teacher passes out a test and they all moan.

111. The family sits; then the couch explodes and same do them. Then the real family runs in, and they look confused because there is no couch.

112. The family sits; but the couch is actually a brown snail. Then the snail wakes up and slithers away with family on it still.

113. A family of bees swarms in and sits on a brown beehive. The Homer bee then squirts honey on the T.V. and the family starts to watch.

114. The family runs in; then a different family runs in; then various other families come in; then they all sit in front of the T.V. and the Simpsons look confused.

115. Someone throws a T.V. guide magazine on the couch which shows a picture of the family.

116. The family sits but as different colors: Homer is Green, Marge is Black, Bart is White, Lisa is Gray, and Maggie is Red. Then Homer starts pressing the remote but the T.V. doesn't turn on. Homer walks up with the remote and starts hitting the T.V. Right then Marge turns regular, next hit Maggie's normal, the Bart, then Lisa, but the last time when Homer hits the T.V. the colors of his body and shirts switch colors. He then frowns and sits.

117. The family drives in race cars and then they reverse there cars until the cars on the couch. Homer then turns on the T.V. and pulls a sandwich from his trunk.

118. The family sits; then the couch destroys from the heavy weight like what would happen if you dropped a vase on concrete. The family sits there in disgust.

119. Marge runs in, then takes off her hair (must be a wig) and then she pulls out Maggie, Lisa and Bart. But when she tries to pull Homer out, he gets stuck and you can only see his legs. He yells "MARGE GET ME OUT OF HERE, IT'S DARK!" and Marge then shrugs her shoulders and sits.

120. A tornado runs through the room and the family flies out of it into their positions. The tornado then passes again and it throws the remote at Homer; but then Homer gets hit by the remote: "D'oh!"

121. The family sits; but they sit on airplane seats, the camera zooms out and it shows they're in a plane. Then a lady hands Homer water. Homer says "Hey, where's the beer?" then the rest of the family look at each other bewilderedly.

122. The family sits; someone with a camera takes a picture. Then it zooms to a picture of the couch in a frame. Then the person tapes the picture of the family to the couch picture. Bart then gets a marker and draws horns and a moustache on Homer, Bart then laughs.

123. The family sits; the couch then springs them into the air, the roof opens up and they fly through the air.

124. A lady comes in with a shopping cart; she then takes up blow up family members. She blows up the person in this order: Bart, Maggie, Lisa, Marge, and then Homer. But after she blows up Homer, it explodes.

125. A person uses a pencil to draw the couch; then the person draws everyone except Homer's head; when the person starts to draw Homer's head, the pencil breaks.

126. There's a road shown; a brown truck then drives up and shows the family. But Marge's driving, Homer has a hat on, Lisa has a bowl of popcorn, and Maggie has the remote. Then the T.V. falls from nowhere in front of the car.

127. The family sits with Maggie absent; but with different hairstyle. Homer has Lisa's hair, Marge has Bart's hair, Bart has Homer's hair, and Lisa has Marge's hair. They then swap hair; then Maggie runs in; and she is wearing a Mohawk (then an electric guitar chord is heard).

128. The family sits; then an identical Homer comes in, then the real Homer starts beating the identical up.

129. The family sits; then the part of the floor where the couch is goes down and then the hatch closes. Then two movers come in with a new couch, and then they drop it in the place. Lastly, a new replica of the family sits.

130. The family sits; but then a little boy (about Lisa's age) comes in, and erases the family. He then looks at the camera and grins.

131. A family of cats sits; then a family of mice sits below them, then the cats chase the mouse family.

132. The family sits; then a real life hand comes down, takes the couch with the family on it, and then puts it in a trophy case with the Flintstones, and the Jetsons sitting next to the Simpsons.

133. The family cannot sit; the numbers, 39, 38, 10, 1, and 8 are in there places. (Note, that Homer is 39, Marge is 38, Bart is 10, Maggie is 1, and Lisa is 8)

134. A waiter gives a person a menu for: The Simpson's Restaurant. The person then opens it up, it shows the family on the couch, and the members have numbers on them: Homer is 1, Marge is 2, Lisa is 3, Bart is 4, Maggie is 5, and the couch is 6. The person then asks "May I have # 6" then the waiter comes with the couch in a few seconds and says "Enjoy!"

135. Only Homer arrives because of earlier Bart does not skateboard off of Homer's car, Lisa doesn't ride her bike, and Marge doesn't drive her car. Then later it pans out side and shows the rest doing the driveway scene, except for Bart does skateboards on the driveway instead of on Homer's car. They then sit and Homer just shrugs his shoulders and turns on the T.V.

136. A real-life hand has a CD cover that is brown. It then zooms in and shows that the family is sitting on the couch on the cover.

137. A man pulls out a file out of a file cabinet. The file says "The Simpsons' File," the man then opens it up, and pulls out a picture of the family sitting down.

138. A little girl sits; then the family runs in, and wonder why a little girl is sitting there. They look at each other confused.

139. The family sits; then Homer turns on the T.V., then everything flies up to the ceiling.

140. The family runs in; the couch then sprouts arms and takes them and throws them against the ceiling.

141. Snowball II is on the couch; the family then runs in, and then picks up the cat, push it off, and then sit on the couch. Snowball II then growls and starts attacking the family, they all scream.

142. The family runs in; but then freezes in mid air. Then a hand comes down and presses a button next to Bart's leg; then the family finishes there running in and they sit on the couch.

143. The family sits, and then Homer turns on the T.V.; they then float up into the air except for Maggie, who takes the remote and turns the T.V. on and then they fall to the floor unconscious. Maggie still watches the T.V.

144. The room is vacant until the camera rotates 180 degrees and shows the T.V. the family then pops out of the T.V., it rotates back to normal and they sit on the couch.

145. The family sits; but Marge is bald. Homer then goes up and turns on the T.V. her hair pops on his head instead of Marge's. He then presses it again, it goes to Maggie, then presses again and goes to Bart, then presses it another time and goes to Lisa, then finally he presses it a Marge gets her hair back.

146. A totally different family sits; it then zooms out and shows that it's a set for a different show called "The Smithsons" the camera then pans over to the set of "The Simpsons" and the family then the family sits.

147. The family sits upside down because everything was on the ceiling; then the family falls on the floor. Then the couch falls on them. Then the lamp falls on them, and then the table next to the couch falls on the couch, then the sailboat picture falls down, and finally, the T.V.

148. The family runs in; but right when there about to sit on the couch, they slip to the side and crash into the wall, and when each person hits the wall except Maggie goes D'oh!

149. The living room is outside in the winter and the couch is made of snow. Five kids then come to the couch and make the family.

150. The family sits; yet one problem, they are much taller. Homer is about 10 feet and about to hit the ceiling, Marge is about 9 feet and her hair is touching the ceiling, Bart is 7 feet tall, Lisa is about 6 feet, around Marge's height, and Maggie is about almost 5 feet tall. Then suddenly a person comes in, pokes each member at a time, and they soon return to their normal heights.

151. The family sits; then Homer reaches for the remote and it isn't there. Then he looks for it in Marge's hair. He pulls out a watch, a book, a lamp, the dog, a bed, a car, but no remote. He then lifts up Marge's hair and the remote is right there.

152. There is nothing in the room, not even the painting. Then to robotic hands, one with a hammer and a nail, and one with the painting; they then nail it in. Then, a robotic arm brings down the tall lamp, the table which is next to the couch, the couch, the T.V., then Bart, then Maggie, then Lisa, then Marge, but when the arm is about to put Homer down, it gets stuck. Homer then goes "D'oh!"

153. The family runs in, but some things are in different places (The couch is on the side wall, the lamp is where the T.V. should be, the Table is where the couch should be, and the T.V. is on the ceiling). The family then sits. Right when they sit down, the things move again (now the couch is stuck to the wall where the couch is, then lamp is on the left wall, the T.V. is below the couch, and the table is where the T.V. should be). They then end up in startled positions. Then when Homer reaches for the remote, and turns it on, the things go back to there normal place except for the table, the table is hovering over Homer's head; then the table falls on him.

154. Bart is the very first to arrive, and he lies down and covers Lisa, Maggie, and his spot. Marge arrives next, and then Homer runs in, and Lisa and Maggie comes in last, and they push Bart off and Lisa puts her legs on Bart. Bart sits in an angry pose.

155. Maggie is already on the couch, and it takes a few seconds before the rest of the family sits. Then the actual Maggie walks in (because the other one was stuffed), Maggie pushes the doll off and sits.

156. The family sits; but somehow they get sucked up to the ceiling and stuck at the ceiling. Then the rest of the furniture except the couch goes up, due to that the couch is the heaviest thing in the room. Suddenly, everything falls through the floor (a hole of the each family member is shown, then the table falls, then the lamp, then the T.V., and finally the couch falls through).

157. The room has no couch and the family doesn't run in. Two people with a large box come in. They take out a deflated couch and start blowing it up. Then they take out deflated family members and blow them up one at a time. Then the cat comes in and pops the Homer blow-up.

158. A safe is shown and then a flashlight is turned on. Someone opens up the safe and there is the Simpson's room. The family sits in that room. The person closes the safe and alarms go off.

159. The family sits, but with different colored clothes (Homer's shirt is orange, his pants are green, Marge's dress is purple, Bart's shirt is brown, his pants are yellow, Lisa's dress is black, and Maggie's baggie is red) a person off-screen says "Cut!" Then the family walks out, and about 10 seconds later the person says "Action!" and they go back in and sit with normal clothes.

160. The Simpson's do not reach the couch. After a few seconds, it pans to an elevator with them inside. Homer keeps pressing the Living Room button until it falls out. He then says "D'oh!"

161. The intro is strangely shortened; it goes straight from the "P" in Simpsons and goes straight to the family sitting on the couch. Then in the upper right hand corner, it says "ERROR", then the screen starts to get a little fuzzy, then it goes back to the beginning, through the driveway, and the family then sits, and nothing else happens.

162. The family sits; the floor opens up, the couch lifts up, and tilts the family into the hole.

163. The family sits, but they sit on top of the couch. Then a robotic arm picks up Homer and puts him down, then Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and lastly Bart. Then the cat and dog get added between some of them.

164. The family sits; then the couch tilts back and forth and back and forth until the family falls through the floor in front of them, then the couch falls through it. Then the camera pans to the basement where you hear and ouch from a few, and the lights turn on and show the couch on top of the family.

165. The family comes through secret compartments. Bart and Maggie both come throw a small compartment on the ceiling, Bart then sets Maggie next to her, Lisa shoots up from a small compartment through the floor, Marge comes from the right side of the screen and Lisa, Maggie and Bart duck, and lastly Homer comes through the left side of the screen, but he is upside down sitting.

166. Marge and Maggie are the only one who makes it to the couch; the rest of the family comes through the T.V.

167. The room is vacant until it pans to the sailboat on the picture and there is a couch; the family then sits on the couch there.

168. The family is on different pogo sticks and come in; they then bounce on the couch.

169. The family members are in casts: Homer has a full body and is moving by crutches, Marge's hair is fallen back, her left arm and right leg is in a cast, and a bandage covers most of her face, Bart comes in with two broken arms and his ear is all bandage, and he is on crutches, Maggie comes in with her legs in casts and her eyes are bandaged, and lastly, Lisa is in a wheelchair with a broken arm and leg.

170. The camera shows somewhere outside in the rural area and there is a trampoline there. The family then comes there and bounces into the air and flies into town. The camera pans to the living room and they crash through the ceiling to their spots on the couch. Part of the roof is shown on the floor.

171. The room is vacant until the family comes up from behind the couch and sits on the top part. They then flip backwards onto their seats, but upside down.

172. The camera shows Homer running up a white flight of stairs; it then pans to Marge and Maggie running down a green flight of stairs; the camera pans to Bart running down a yellow hallway; then the camera pans to Lisa running down an orange hallway; the camera then pans to where the 4 meet, and there is the couch. The family then runs to the couch, but instead of them sitting down, the run into each other.

173. (Halloween Couch) The family comes in, but instead of a couch, there is a guillotine with 5 different head holes. The family puts there head through the holes, a giant slicer comes down and chops their heads into the buckets.

174. The couch is in the middle of nowhere. The family then sits; but then after about 10 seconds they poof into a cloud of air, then it shows the living room with no couch, then the cloud of air is there again and the family ends up there.

175. The family sits; except for a different lady sits in Marge's place. The lady starts screaming "Ahh, ahh, ahh! Run away, run away!" Then the family runs away, then the cameraman, then a lot of other people who work on the set, then the audience. And then Marge comes in with a mask on. She takes off the mask and says "What did I do?"

176. Instead of the family sitting, they shatter, but not into a million pieces, but there heads, arms, etc. Then a hand comes down, and puts them together, but there are some problems: Homer has no head, and Lisa's arms; Marge has no hair on her head, and she's has Maggie's baggie, that her feet are ripped out of the bag. Lisa is two headed, (her and Homer's), and Homer's head has Marge's hair, Lisa has no arms and Bart's legs instead. Maggie has Marge's long dress and has Bart's arms. Lastly, Bart has Maggie's arms, and has Lisa's legs. (This is kind of similar to the Halloween Special 5) They then swap body parts, but Homer's legs are where his arms should be, and Marge has his arms in her hair. Marge screams but Homer doesn’t care.

177. The family attempts to sit on the couch, but when they try to sit, they fall on top of the couch due to that it's only standing up by cardboard and the couch is made of cardboard too.

178. Someone pours a bunch of Simpsons parts on the floor. The person then starts putting the people together (Like their heads, their arms, legs, etc.). But once the person is done, the person put the heads on wrong. The person then swaps the heads back to normal. Homer then turns on the T.V.

179. There is nothing in the room, the family then comes in, and looks confused. Then the things fall where they are supposed to go, the couch the falls down, but Homer is stuck under it.

180. The family sits; but the couch then disappears; they then fall on the floor. Then after that, the couch falls on them from the ceiling.

181. The couch has a giant #9 on it. The family with #9s on them is added by mechanical arms. Well, except for the Homer because it's#8, the Homer is then taken away and the Homer #9 is put down in his place.

182. The room is vacant until a painter comes in with a paint can; he then throws the paint onto the couch and then it turns into the family except for Maggie without he pacifier, and then the person threw a little more paint and then becomes Maggie's pacifier.

183. 5 babies crawl in (like the earlier episode) and they then turn to their normal size, except for Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, they're adults. They then go back down to their normal size.

184. The family sits, but in their night time clothes, they look at each other confused, until a stage person (like it's a TV set) comes in with a cart of clothes, they change into the normal clothes, but they have it mixed up: Homer has Bart's clothes, Marge has Homer's clothes, Lisa has Marge's clothes, Maggie has Lisa's dress, and Bart is in Maggie's baggie, then, the person comes in with the cart again, they change clothes, then they're back to normal.

185. Homer sits; then Maggie squeezes out of the couch cushions onto the couch. Then Bart comes out from the lamp shade of the tall lamp. Then Lisa comes out from one of the drawers on the desk next to Homer. Then the sailboat picture opens up, Marge squeezes out and then sits.

186. The family runs in; but there are 5 holes in the couch, which they go through, and then end up on a couch below that one, then it repeats about 7 times until they finally get on the real, couch and then they sit in a sad pose.

187. The family sits; but then it ends up it's a slingshot which Bart has on the real couch, it then hits Homer, and then he strangles Bart.

188. The family is Pac man characters: Homer's Pac-man, Marge's Ms. Pac-man, Bart's

189. The family sits; but it's actually a Venus Fly Trap and they get swallowed whole.

190. The family sits; but the couch is actually on a plane runway, and then it flies away.

191. There are 5 different couches, the family then runs in, they each go to a different one, then another family, then 3 more until the couches are full.

192. The room is vacant until a person with a black marker draws the family on it.

193. The family sits; then they get flung out of there seats, through the roof, and then a different family flies down and sits; then they get flung out, then it keeps showing that for a few more times, until it zooms out to show that it's happening everywhere.

194. There are 5 molds shown of the family, chocolate gets poured in it, then it zooms over to the living room, which is made of chocolate, they are then thrown down onto the couch, but Homer cracks in half, Marge's hair cracks off, Lisa was put on upside down, Bart's hand cracks off, and Maggie's pacifier cracks off. They then sit in a sad pose.

195. There are 5 couches shown, and each Simpson has their own couch, but then tons of duplicates stack on top of each other (like a pyramid) but then fall over and thousands of Simpson family members are around the house.

196. The couch has already sprung into a fold out bed, and they sit on it. Then a duplicate of them push the first family in the couch and closes it. Then the couch springs out again, and the two families fight, while a third pair of them come in and close the bed, they sit, but then 3 other pairs of the family sits, then the bed is pushed open and lots of the family members are spread around the room.

197. The whole Simpson family sits (that means Grandpa Abe, Aunts Patty and Selma, (adopted) cousin Ling, Grandma Jacqueline, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball 5). The couch gets too crowded and Abe, Patty, Snowball 5, Lisa and Marge are squeezed onto the floor.

198. The family sits; Homer takes the remote, presses the button to turn the T.V. on, but instead, the house explodes.

199. The Simpsons has from the years 1987-2007: 1987-1989 did not have couch gag, but instead has the Ullman Simpsons sit. 1990, the family sits, Bart is squeezed off. 1991, Homer squeezes everyone off, and on to the floor. 1992, the family bounces around to different positions. 1993, they sit; but then the rest of the cast comes in and watches. 1994, The family crashes into each other and explode. 1995, the M. C. Escher's relativity is shown. 1996, the family sits; the camera then zooms into a mouse hole, and they run to a tiny couch. 1997,

200. The couch shows every first couch gag for each season, and then they say "Next Scene" they then go to the next one. The couches are: 1. Bart gets squeezed off the couch, 2. the couch crashes through the floor, 3. the couch tips over and into the back wall, 4. the Flintstones are on the couch, 5. the couch has 3 different takes, 6. the family sits on thin air, then the couch slides up then crushes them,'s like a police lineup, 8. they parachute onto the couch, except for Homer because his parachute malfunctions and falls, 9. they are dressed as the Globetrotters and do basketball moves, 10. the living room is a movie theater, 11. the Ullman Simpsons are on the couch, but when the real ones come in, they scream, 12. Bart puts a whoopee cushion on Homer's seat, 13. A giant sailboat is shown with the family on it, they jump off it, and then they end up on the couch, but the room is very wet (they jump out of the sailboat picture that's always crooked). 14. Homer's on water skis, with the others on him, they then ski jump over sharks, everyone lands on the couch, except Homer has no legs, they are in the sharks' mouths. 15. Everyone grows old and crumbles to dust. 16. The couch is at the end of a catapult, they are then sprung out. 17. The family goes through a metal detector, but Homer has to take is shoes, belt, pants, and shirt off, and it still beeps, the guard then has a hand metal detector, and it beeps all around him. 18. The family does musical chairs, but Homer loses.

201. The weight of the Simpsons make them fall through the floor in front of the couch.

202. While going in, Homer gets hit by one of the off-screen lights/ second time, after sitting down, the microphone comes on-screen and pushes Maggie off the couch/ third time, Homer runs into the "wall" and makes the whole set collapse.

203. The Simpsons are baked into cookies; they are put into the living room, which is made out of cookie; Homer eats Bart and Lisa, Marge and Maggie run away.

204. The family runs in with socks on and slip there way on the floor onto the couch (Marge ends up upside down, Bart ends up slipping onto the side lamp and his weight causes it to fall, Lisa ends up sideways, Maggie lands on top of Lisa, and Homer crashes into the side of the wall).

205. A person carves the family into an ice sculpture.

206. Milhouse makes the family out of snow along with the living room; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie come down on a sled and crash into it; Milhouse sighs as Nelson comes out from a pile of snow and laughs at him.

207. (Halloween Episode) Homer, with missing the bottom half of his body (because Marge slices half of his body off with her car) goes on to the couch, along with Marge come in with her spine coming out of her side (when she hit homer she flew out of the windshield), Maggie with her carring her head (it came off after crashing through the windshield), Lisa comes in with severed body parts

208. (Halloween Episode) The family sits; a person comes in with a bunch of bricks and covers up the family, which when he puts the last brick in he says "Rest in Peace", similar to The Cask of Amontillado.

209. The couch is turned into brown DNA, the Simpsons are Nitrogen bases and click onto the couch; homer tries to reach for the remote, which causes the DNA model to fall and break apart.

210. (Halloween Episode) The Simpsons walk in and sit down on the couch, then three red dots apear on Homer's head and his head is blown off by a predator, an alien cuts off Marges head with it's tail, a predalien spits acid on Barts face and melts it off, a facehugger jumps onto Lisa's face and she falls off the couch while another facehugger comes in, and a chestburster comes out of Maggie and all of them sit on the couch instead of the Simpsons. The predator then turns on the TV, but a countdown starts on the TV as the predator laughs and then all of Springfield is blown up.

211. The family runs in and sits down on the couch with swapped genders: Homer and Bart are now female, while Marge, Lisa, and Maggie are male.

212. The family runs in and sits down on the couch, dressed in sports gear. Homer is a football player, Marge is a cheerleader, Bart is a basketball player, Lisa is a skateboard chick, and Maggie is a mascot in an otter costume.

213. Santa's Little Helper is sitting on the couch. Suddenly, the Simpsons run in as dogs and join SLH on the couch, and he sniffs Homer's butt.

214. The family runs in to find Phineas, Ferb, and Perry from Disney's Phineas and Ferb sitting on the couch. Once Phineas sees the Simpsons, he presses a button on the side of the couch, causing it to become wider, and the Simpsons sit down with them.

215. The couch is sitting somewhere in Japan. Suddenly, the family rampages through the town as famous Japanese movie monsters: Homer is Godzilla, Marge is Biollante, Bart is Anguirus, Lisa is Rodan, and Maggie is Kamaracus. The monster-Simpsons sit down on the couch, which is crushed under their weight.

216. A yellow-skinned Griffin family runs in and sits down on the couch instead of the Simpsons.

217. The family is depicted as aliens of the same species as Kang and Kodos who slither across the floor to the couch and turn on the T.V by zapping it with a ray gun.

218. The family runs in to find the Turners family from Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents have sat down instead of the Simpsons family.

219. The Simpsons come in and the room is full of smoke and Patty and Selma are on the couch smoking.

220. Everybody comes in as 8-bit characters

221. Everybody comes in then, Homer takes off his face to reveal Peter Griffin's face

222. Everybody comes in including Flanders. Homer grabs back of the shirt collor and pants and puts him outside.

223. Everybody come in to be paused then rewind then played to be happened again and again.

224. In a Pink Panther-parody, the PP theme plays as we see everything is so pink and then when the family all of them wearing their color attire but their skin is pink instead of yellow they sit on the couch as everything from a typical couch gag is normal but Homer notices something funny and he says "Why is there so much pink?" and everyone else ponders too and we then we see the Pink Panther popping up and then the Inspector totally confusing the family then the PP theme turns back to the Simpsons theme.

225. The family takes the X-Jet to the couch, and sit down dressed as members of the X-Men. Homer is Wolverine, Marge is Jean Gray, Bart is Cyclops, Lisa is Rogue, and Maggie is Nightcrawler.

226. The family run towards the couch, but it starts to growl and bark and the Simpsons back off.

227. The family run in with the lights off.

228. (Halloween Episode) The Simpsons run in as famous horror film characters.

229. Near the 742 Evergreen Terrace an American Airlines airliner is blown up. Maggie falls down to the couch, using her diaper as a parachute. Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa, however die. Their corpses then fall down on the couch. Maggie then sucks the pacifier, being happy that she survived.

230. The family enters the room in a RPG style were marge is zelda, bart is mario, lisa is samus, maggie is sonic and homer is Ryu from street fighter. They battle the couch who in the end, eats homer.

231. The Marge squirrel, from the episode Itchy And Scratchy And Marge is sitting on the couch. The Simpsons run in to the living room. The squirrel tells Homer that she loves him. Homer screams and runs away.

232. The Simpson family runs to the couch, but sees a family of 5 and Homer wants them out, but the father of the family pointed to a house that look like The Simpsons's house outside, so the Simpson family runs to that house but guess what: another family lives in that house, so The Simpsons look outside and saw other houses in the neighborhood that look exactly the same as their original house, now they have no home to rest in for now, LOL funny as The Simpsons got mad.

233. Homer runs in knowing that he's late. There is a puddle on the floor and he slips on it. He falls in the couch and keeps falling until he hits a concrete floor. He looks up and he sees the chinese versions of the Simpsons.

234. The Simpsons sit on the couch, and the whole living room turns into a stage in a large theatre, with all of the Characters on the Simpsons in the last 400 episodes, appear and say Congraduations Simpsons! and confetti falls from the roof. It reveals that it was Homer's imagination, and the Simpsons sit normally on the couch.

235. Simpsons jump on to couch, then all turn into bobble heads, the camera zooms out to reveal they are on the dashboard of Homer's car as he's driving into the driveway. Distracted by the Homer bobble head, Homer crashes the car and is flung through the lounge room wall his legs dangling on the couch as the rest of the family sits on the couch and watches TV as usual

236. When The Simpsons family come to their house, they see the Hill family (King of the Hill) sitting on the couch.

237. The Simpsons run in and the Griffin family (Family guy) are sitting on the couch. Homer says "What the hell are you doing?" and they get in a big fight. (Of course The Simpsons win.) Then it shows Homer roasting Peter and he says "Mmmmm Fata*s."

238. They come in wihtout looking and jump on the couch without looking to see the couch isnt there and they fall on the ground sitting against the wall. Then the couch comes in and jumps on them.

239. The family runs in popping some gum into their mouths and they blow huge bubbles as they levitate and the bubbles pop as the family falls down to the couch.

240. The Simpsons family ( Eveyone but Bart.) runs in Homer, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie lookto the side to see Bart fly in a wave of water. The water goes down to see the living room, the couch is emtpy with little water left.

241. The Simpsons run to the couch then stop half way there then a Disco Ball comes downs and Simpsons Disco Dance.

242. The Simpsons run in to the couch then the camera zooms out to far a way angle then a weacking ball hits the Simpsons.

243. The Simpsons are sitting on an invisible couch, and the couch pieces come in, and sit on the Simpsons.

244. The Simpsons run in, see Bender aslepp on the couch with an empty beer can. Homer proceeds to beat him up, yelling "I told you to stay out of my Duff!"

245. The family is seated on the couch, but Homer drives the others away with a huge fart.

246. A Simpsons version of that "Dogs Playing Poker" picture.

247. They all come in dressed as mimes and sit on an imaginary couch.

248. They run in and find that Apu, Manjula and their 8 babies are on the couch. Obviously, theres no room for them, so they just roll their eyes and sit on the floor.

249. They run in and find Matt Groening on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV. Matt then gets up, looks at them as if to say sorry for ruining the opening scene, goes off and then they sit down. Homer gives him a dirty look.

250. They run in and find that the couch is replaced by a weighing scale. Homer sees it, screams and runs off.

251. They all enter wearing pink and sit in the couch a la Pink Panther, then the white guy appears and Homer gets him out

252. They all enter and sit in the couch, then the floor under them falls and they remain in the air. When they look down, they fall, a la Looney Tunes classic cartoons.

253. The Simpsons rush to the couch, but the couch is just painted on the wall, and they run into it and pass out on the floor.

254. The Simpsons slide down a brontosaurus’ neck and land in the mouth of a pterodactyl, whose tongue is in the shape of a couch. It then closes its mouth and you can hear the family struggle to escape inside.

255. The Simpsons rush in and sit on the couch, which flattens. They hop off and notice that the couch begins to cry. The camera zooms out and shows three other, much larger couches rush onto the scene and beat The Simpsons up.

256. Marge is lying on the couch in a footballer’s top and skimpy underwear. Far off, she hears Lisa and Bart scream for help. Marge sits up, but then something pulls her down, ala Poltergeist. She then slowly rolls onto the wall, then up onto the ceiling. Suddenly, Homer walks into the room and falls onto the ceiling, smashing through it. Then when gravity corrects itself, Marge falls to the couch, while Homer and the kids fall back through the hole in the ceiling and land perfectly on the couch as well.

257. The Simpsons run to the couch but a line of wire cuts them all straight down the middle. Their legs continue running and sit down, while their top halves crawl and struggle up it.

258. The Simpsons have wheels for legs, and roll towards the couch, but then the ground surrounding it suddenly grows into a hill and the family rolls backwards, out of sight. There is a terrible crash.

259. A piece of paper is folded and hands with scissors come and cut out the shape of Homer. It is then unfolded and strung out and the rest of the family’s shapes unfold. The hands then scrunch it up and throw it on the couch.

260. The Simpsons are rats and they rush in to find a gigantic brown pellet where the couch should be. They gnaw at it until it is in the shape of the couch, and then sit on it. They then keel over, for the pellet was poison.

261. Homer, Marge and Bart sit on the couch while Lisa (who is wearing a Luigi hat) and Maggie (who is wearing a Mario hat) play a Mario game for the Nintendo Zii.

262. The family enters the room only to find Thok the white piraka on the couch then he sees them he raise up his freezing gun/ice peg and zamor sphere launcher then the family sees them they slowly walk alway offscreen when they are offscreen he turn on the tv with the remote with his ice peg.

263. Everyone sits on the couch, but Bart sits on a chair.

264. The Simpsons' couch is floating in the ocean, and there all dressed fancy. All of the sudden, an ice-berg hits the couch and Marge, Lisa, and Maggie jump on a life-boat and float away, while Bart and Homer sink. Homer manages to swim to Marges lifeboat, and Marge says "I'll never let go". However, she's talking about the life-boat, not Homer, who falls off into the water and is eaten alive by sharks.

265. Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer are about to sit on the sofa, but Zelda and Link (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D) are sitting there.

266. In the new version of the theme-song, Bart is in his apartment drinking Duff, when he looks at the clock then jumps out of the apartment building on a motorcycle and drives past Ralph Wiggum, the new sherif, and someone holding a container with a hole in the bottom leaking out ashes with the name "Bleeding Gums Murphy" on it. Then we see Lisa at work writing something down, then she looks at her wrist-watch and walks out humming a catchy tune. Next we see Marge shopping at the store with grown-up Maggie, then at the check-out, Maggie slips on the wet floor and lands on the check-out. The cashier scans her with the price scanner and puts her into the paper bag, then the cashier throws the paper-bag into Marge's cart, and Maggie is sitting in the paper-bag, frustrated. Then we see Homer land in the Simpsons drive-way
Note:Homer is in a flying-car, when Bart jumps over the top of Homers flying car on his motorcycle, and Homer grunts. Then Lisa drives by and scratches Homers car, and finally, Marge flies by, but bumps into Homer, and when she lands, Homer falls backward through the open door. Then Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge jump on the couch, and Maggie jumps onto Marge's lap. Finally, Homer and Marge's grand-children jump onto the couch, and Bart slips off the end of couch.

267. Marge sits on the couch but the rest of the family is missing. Then they all pop out of Marge's hair.

268. The family sits on the couch, with Nelson looking at them.

269. Marge hears that the Simpsons are playing music on the couch so she sings, “Where is Thumbkin”. Marge wants to sing everything. Tickety asks a question about Homer’s favorite color. Marge sings, “It is red”. Lisa tells Marge that Franko and Maria are coming from Italy, and wants to know if Marge knows any Italian Songs. Marge doesn’t, so Homer recommends she call Professor Singalottasonga. Marge calls him up and the professor gives her a song to sing in Italian. The doorbell rings, and Franko and Maria arrive. Marge sings her newly learned song and the two guests sing along too. Tickety and Prof. Singalottasonga join in and the Simpsons all sing Balla, Balla Bambina. Homer then turns on the TV using the remote.

270. The family (except Bart) sit on the couch. Bart arrives and lies down on the Simpsons' laps.

271. The living room is a stage. 2 ducks and a goose waddle in. They think about a game they want to play. The goose suggests they want to play the duckity Duck Duck with a Goose Game. The ducks disagree of the goose's opinion. They kept thinking. Just then, one duck has a idea. He wants the others to play Duck, Duck, Goose. Then the ducks and the goose play the game until they smash into the couch and sit on it. One duck pulls out a remote and turns on the TV.

272. The family sit on the couch but it becomes a time travel machine and goes to the Jurassic area where the Simpsons turn into dinosaurs.

272. Tickety, Slippery, Periwinkle and Blue enter the living room with tape and wrapping paper. Periwinkle puts the wrapping paper on the spot where the couch is. Slippery puts the couch itself on the wrapping paper. As Blue folds the wrapping paper, Tickety tapes it all up. Slippery puts the top of a present over the couch. As the Simpsons enter, Tickety asks them, "Will you put the bow on?". Marge smiles, and Tickety gives her the bow, saying "Here it is.". "OK. Stick the bow on." She said happily. Marge gently puts the bow on the couch. "We did it!" says Tickety excitedly. Homer's only response to the couch in wrapping paper is "D'oh!".

273: The Simpsons run in and turn into gooey liquids upon contact.

274: Similar to the couch gags from Marge vs. The Monorail and The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace, the living room is filled with characters. Unlike the two couch gags, however, this couch gag features characters from The Critic, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, and Bob's Burgers. The living room is a movie theater, and the Simpsons are shuffling their way through to find a seat.